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The Best Kisses Ever!

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Gerard And Frank Go To Pick Up Roxy To Go, When The Most Unbelievably Thing Happens. A Kiss! Then A Nice Breakfast At The Ihop, Just For Franks Pancakes,

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Even with all her excitement, Roxy slept soundly that night only to be waken up early the next morning by her mother gentaly shaking her.
"honey? wake up." She whispered into her ear.
Roxy grunted and rolled to her side.
"what the hell mom, its four in the morning." she said opening her phone to check the clock.
"well we have to be at the airport 3 hours ahead for international flights." her mother whispered again.
Roxy just layed there, not moving, not really hearing what her mother was saying.
"get UP!"
her mother yelled and shoved her to get her up and accidentally pushed a little to hard and knocked her to the floor.
" gasp i am so sorry!" she cried but it still didnt seem to have any effect at all on Roxy's sleep.
"im goin' im goin'" she said and, still rolled up in her blankets, rolled her self over to her mirror and then stood up to take a look at her self and thats when it hit her,
"im leaving today!"
a burst of energy ran through her entire body adn she was suddenly syked.
she grabbed her phone and sent a text to Gerard telling him which airport her mom was taking her to, and to tell him good morning.
as she sent the message she blushed a giggled a little, then got dressed in record time and ran down stairs to get her mom.


Back in the hotel room, all the guys were still sleeping.
Gerard was sharing his bed with Frank now, and he happened to be laying on his stomach with his phone under him on vibrate.
when he recived Roxy's message, his phone vibrated rapidly under him and he freaked out. jumping off of the bed and landing on top of Frank.
When it sunk in where he was, he found himself staring down at Frank who was also staring up at him, shocked.
"well Gerard, this is an unexpected, yet always welcomed surprise."
Frank said and then kissed the tip of Gerards nose.
"Cut the crap, i got a text."
He stated and then checked his phone.
he smiled big when he saw Roxy's name next to it.
"okay guys, im going to go pick up Roxy from the airport, anyone wanna come with me?"
He asked and no one answered, just a room full of groans.
"i'll stop for pancakes."
he biribed, and you can only guess who was the first and only to answer.
"Im up, Im coming!"
Frank said stumbling out of bed and putting a pair of pants on over the boxers he wore to bed and they headed out.

"damn its 5 in the morning how early did she have to be there?"
Frank asked yawning and scratching himself.
"well her mom thinks she is going on an international flight so they had to be there early, and please, dont scratch yourself in the car. the windows arent tinted."
Gerard said coming to a stop light.
"there not huh?" Frank said and formed a sinister smirk across his face. he looked out Gerards window and saw a car of guys blaring rap music staring at the fact that Gerard and Frank were wearing eyeliner, and then Frank looked at Gerard.
"wha-" He tried to ask but thats when Frank grabbed his face and gave Gerard a big, wet kiss and the car of guys looked disgusted.
"Queers!" the guys yelled and speed off in their little car.
Frank stared at Gerard with a smile and Gerard just stared ahead and moved with the traffic.
"i hate you." Gerard said blushing at what just happened.
"awww you know you liked it!" Frank argued and they pulled up to the airport.
"hey! i thought we were getting pancakes? i was promised pancakes!" Frank demanded and got out of the car.
"chill out spaz, we'll go when we pick her up. you got your hat and glasses?" Gerars asked putting his on so no one would recognise them. Frank pulled his out and they walked in the front and started to look when Gerard got another text message.

[Hey are you guys here yet? my mom just left. im near the food court. :Roxy]
"this way." Gerard led the way to the food court.
Roxy saw the two before they saw her and she went to go sneak up on them.
Roxy crept up and covered both of their eys.
"IM NOT WHO YOU TINK I AM!" they both yelled out of reflex, when fans attack them at restuaunts and places.
"i think you are" Roxy said uncovered their eyes with a sweet smile and the boys exhaled to relax.
"come on, lets get out of here. AND GET SOME PANNNCAKES!" Franck yelled and threw his arm around her and lead her out.
"wait! what about your car?" Gerard asked knowing that she was going to take it with her.
"dont worry, i left it at my dads house. hes not home so we can get it later." She said, still being drug by Frank. Gerard laughed and joined the chain, also throwing his arm around her.


when they left the airport, Gerard made Frank wait a little bit longer for breakfast and they went to go get Roxy's car. Frank decided to ride with her as they went to the ihop, his new favorite resturaunt.
"im so happy your coming with us. we need all the help we can get on the road." Frank thanked her.
"im glad you asked me! but why didnt you just get a cleaner or nanny?" she asked
"we're not kids! and plus, you know us. it'll be fun! you can get into our shows, parties, everything with us." he told her. everything sounded so wonderful to her now she couldnt wait to go.
"so, what do you think about everyone?" Fanked asked,
"you guys are great! i love being with you, its like a dream come true." she answered honestly with a smile.
"you know WHO i meant." Frank hinted as he was really talking about Gerard.
"uh, i dont know what youy mean?" she answered, blushing again and pulling to the ihop. Frank smiled, that was enough for him, it was the answer he needed.
Gerard meet her at her car and noticed she was blushing as well.
"your face is red. what did you-" he began to ask and then angrily looked at Frank.
"Frank you didnt!?" He questioned thinking Frank did to her what he did to him earlier in the car.
"pfff no i would never." Frank answered totally appauled that he would think that
"do what?" Roxy asked confused about everything at this point.
"nothing." Gerard answered and started to walk towards the entrance.
"oh it was great! when we were coming to get you, i-" "Shut Up!"Gerard interrupted, and they both argueed back and fourth. Roxy laughed
'im going to enjoy this trip'
she tought to herself.
Bob, Mikey, and Ray all showed up for breakfast and they had a nice, before trip, meal
they all had fun laughing and joking and she finally figured out what Frank was trying to tell her earlier and she laughed. she could tell it was something Gerard didnt want her to know by the way he looked away, so she layed her head on his shoulder and said i think its cute.
Gerard looked at her shocked! he tought she'd think it was gross. and for the reat of breakfast, Gerard and Roxy linked pinkies under the tabel. she didnt know if Gerard realized he was doing this but she was pretty happy about it anyway.
and from there, the trip had finally begun.
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