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On The Road Again!

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They begin there journey with a long, tiring drive to North Carolina. thats when one bad picture of Gerard and Roxy on the front page news, could ruin The Band for getting a girl involved

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"On the road again, yes we are on the road again!"
Mikey started to sing, his own rendition to 'on the road again'
Mikey and Gerard decided to give Roxy some company on the road while Ray, Frank and Bob were on the bus.
"you know you didnt have to ride with me. you have that really comfy bus."
Roxy said feeling kind of guilty that they were stuck in her small mustang.
"no its cool, id rather be here than in there with Franks pancake high."
Mikey said, sticking his head between the two front seats where Gerard and Roxy were.
"ah, hes just being Frank."
Gerard said defending Frank.
"im just following the bus the whole time right?"
Roxy asked kind of nervously, as her fingers tapped rapidly on the stearing wheel, something she does when shes worried about something.
"is....anything wrong?"
Gerard asked.
"nope, im fine." she answered
"now, whenever a women says that shes fine, i know shes not."
"but im telling the truth. just excited thats all. so where are we going first?" She asked again trying to change the subject. she was really kind of nervous about being cought. Frank told her that she'd be doing everything with them, and mabey even interviews. Not that she wouldnt be thrilled to do that, but she had to remember that her mom thinks she is in a new country. And what was supposed to happen to her when her 'plane' gets back. she'll have to go home.
All this was swarming her mind, until she just pushed it out.
'ill have fun while im here' she thought

"well first we have a show in....two days in North Carolina, then in Jersey, then we go all the way to california then, the fun part, England, Germany, France and Italy. then Canada and we're doen."
Gerard said reading the schedual. Roxy fixed the air so that it blow on her sweating hands, and all she could do at this point was drive.


Hours and Hours went by and it started to get dark. Her eyes began to shut but she forced herself to stay awake.
'only a bit further' she kept telling herself.
Mikey was in the Back snoring away, all sprawled out in the back seat.
"uh, Mikey!" Gerard raised his voice a little and took off his shoe and sock, and stuck his dirty sock in Mikey's mouth to stop the snoring.
Mikey woke up with a jolt as if he was being gagged to death, coughing and pulling the sock out of his mouth.
" absolutely disgusting." Mikey pointed out and Gerard laughed.
He looked over at Roxy, who wasnt really paying any attention to anything, and saw how worn out she was.
"you want me to drive so you can get some sleep? you know we want you at our show, you have to be awake for that."
He asked, really wanting her to pull over.
"if you dont mind. i think that would be best."
She said, so willing to go to sleep. she pulled over and without getting out just scooted over to the passenger seat and fell right to sleep.
Gerard got in and suddenly got a call.
"hello?" he answered.
"yo, what was that about? why'd you pull over?"
Frank asked on the other line.
"we just had to change places so she can sleep. how did you see us?" He asked.
"i just saw you in the mirror."
"you mean your not sleeping?"
"pffff, no i got tons of sleep already in these comfy beds and no more of Mikey's snorrin'" Frank bragged laying down on his bed again with his arm under his head.
"so thats why you made Mikey ride with us?" Gerard asked laughing and looked over to make sure he didnt wake Roxy up.
"huh? your not mad? awww Gerard your no fun! i was trying to frustrate you."
Frank said, so dissapointed that he failed.
Gerard laughed again and then there was a wierd silence.
"shes cute when shes sleeping right?" Frank asked. Gerard hessitated, but decided not to lie.
"yeah, she is. but i better go, its not to safe to talk on the phone and drive." Gerard requested.
"okay, but i can talk for hours you know, im not driving, i guess ill talk to Ray and Bob. there playing cards and drinkin'!" Frank added in another attempt to make him annoyed.
"okay, now your getting to me." He confessed
"YES!" Frank yelled and then hung up the phone.
Gerard smiled and hung up, then glanced at Roxy who was curled up in the seat, arms covered in goose-bumps from the air blowing right on her. (Gerard liked it cold when he was sitting there)
He took of his black leather-looking jacket off and layed it across her. she subconsciously grabbed a corner of it and pulled it close to her. Gerard smiled and pet her head a bit and before he knew it they were in North Carolina.
They parked the bus and her car at the spot where the the concert was being held along with 50 other buses of other bands.
Gerard woke Mikey up so he can head to the bus to get a better sleep, while he picked Roxy up out of the front seat to bring her in too.
"aaaaaaaah, now why couldnt you carry me in big bro?" Mike asked flopping his head on Gerards shoulder, then walking onto the bus. As he carried her in, a light flashed across the field.
Gerard stopped but didnt think to much of it and kept going.
He layed her down gentaly on a bed and went to go sleep in Franks room. when he went to go lay down himself, Frank moved his arm to where his head would go.
Gerard stopped and stared at Frank for a minute, then moved down to get out of the way of his arm when Frank then moved his leg in the way.
"Frank, c'mon im tired please."
"shh, im sleeping. dont talk." Frank requested, placing one finger over Gerards lips. "Besides, you know where to sleep." he hinted.
"you are cruel." Gerard said and slowly got up to leave.
"nope, but you can call me cupid."
Frank said and rolled over.
Gerard crept back into the room where he put Roxy and layed down, as far over as he could go and with his back towards her.
'what am i doing, this is so wrong.'
he said to himself, and went to sleep.


the next morning, Gerard woke up to a delicious smell. He got up.
"oh oh oh, Gerard you have to try her cooking, its amazing!"
Frank said jumping up and down in his seat, holding out his plate for more.
"haha its just belgium waffels." she said modestly, Giving Ray his plate, as the others sat around eating.
"good morning." She announced cheerfully to Gerard offering him some waffels.
then there was a knock at the door.
"ill get it." Gerard said placing his plate down.
when he opened the door, almost every band was out there.
He didnt know what to say
"hey,uh...we smelt real food."
Pete wentz from fall out boy told him, and every other band member agreed and hinted that they wanted some.
"we have more people?" Roxy asked joyfully as if it were not a problem.
soon enough, every band had a plate and was enhoying every bite of there heaven.
"Dude, where did you get this one? i need one too." Billie Joe Armstrong asked taking another bite.
Ray and Gerard laughed and continued eating.
"who knew that we had the ingrediants to make all these waffels!" Ray pointed out.
Bob yelled from the bus.
Gerard dropped his plate and ran inside thinking it was serious.
"what? what happened." He asked, out of breath.
Bob just looked at him for a bit and then handed him the paper.
On the front page of the entertainment section was Gearad carrying Roxy into the bus with the headline "Gerard Way From My Chemical Romance Takes his Girlfriend In To Sleep After A Wild Night Out!"

Gerard could not believe his eyes!
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