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Show Of My Life

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there first show. Roxy has the time of her life but the photographer strikes again, she learns some new moves and waits for a wanted message.

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"Whats going on? i heard yelling." Roxy questioned peeking into the front door.
"uh......okay, im not gonna lie to you." Gerard said and unwillingly handed her the paper.
"wh-whos that?" she asked about the girl he was carrying.
both the boys sat up right away and looked at each other.
"your kidding right?" Bob asked hoping that she was joking.
she shook her head, feeling confused.
"thats you! when Gerard brought you in last night." Bob said showing her again. she looked a bit harder.
"really? wow i have and amazing profile!" she added smiling then checking herself out in the reflection from the toaster.
"so, you really didnt know that was you?" Gerard asked again.
"nope. no idea." she said, as if it was no big deal. she had no idea the importants of the situation.
Gerard grabbed Bob by the shoulders.
"Do you know what that means? we're safe! no one has to know. i can always say that i was carrying Frank in because he feel asleep in the car." Gerard shouted excitedly.
"right, Frank wearing girl pant- you know this may work!" Bob said noticing that was actually right.
"God bless the social acceptance of guys in girls pants!" Gerard yelled and both the guys enjoyed a mini celebration.
"Roxy laughed at their sillyness and Gerard jumped around and gave Roxy a big hug.
"alright guys, people are starting to get here, time to put on a show!!" Frank said reporting the news the Bob Gerard and Roxy.
"alright lets go, just follow us and we'll show you where to go without being noticed." Gerard said and grabbed her hand a ran out of the bus.
she started to blush again and wonder if he really knew what he was doing.
'why do you tease me' she thought but still, was happy with what she was getting.
so she got to go back stage and see all the bands that she fed that morning and they were all very appriciative of it too!
"alright, we're gonna get you front row so we know where you are. oh, and herers a backstage pass so you can get to us later." Mikey said giving her the pass and she smiled and right away, got in a bouncey mood. Mikey giggled
"excited much?" he asked and she just smiled and they sent her on her way.
she ran off to the main arena where there were 5 other stages all being worked on and small crowd coming in. she sat near the stage they would be on but they were going to be the last to play. First up was fall out boy then atreyu then MCR.


the place was full you wernt standing you were floating, because your feet couldnt even touch the ground, the music was blaring from evey stage, screams filled the area and croud surfers gluided above everyone and Roxy was having the time of her life!
As soon a Gerard And the others entered the stage, the crowd went wild! when the music started all Roxy could do was dance, she was never like this infront of complete stangers but she couldnt help herself.

Gerard said closing the show and the crowd slowly began to clear out and Gerard, Bob, Mikey Frank ans Ray all walked off stage for a little bit to pray and thank for a good show and then they came back out to sign autographs. and all the girls went wild.
Roxy just sat aside and waited for an hour and a half for it to calm down again and she walked up with a pen.
"you guys were great, can i get an autograph?"
she asked sexualy and the guys agreed without knowing it was her and when they looked up and saw it was her they all gretaed her by grabbing her and pulling her up on stage with them.
she giggled and they all wreslted around a little bit and they all layed on the stage looking up at the stars.
"so you liked it huh?" Ray asked
she didnt no how to explain how she felt
"oh my God you guys .....were amazing! i cant even describe."
she said and then got up and started to look at the amps and guitars.
the guys sat up and watche her.
"is this yours Frank?" she asked lightly touching the guitar.
"yeah."Frank said getting up and showing her. he put the strap over her shoulder and started to teach her how to play.

"Ha, shes adorable." Mikey said to Gerard and then watched her to try to strum the string he told her to and get her finger placing right.
"i swear you guys are like in high school." Gerard said also getting up to help her.
Frank and Mikey both tought her how to do jumping tricks and other guitar moves and when she finally got it, she was so excited and they both praised her, when again, a flash appeared and they all looked up.
"Paparazzi." Gerard said and knew that he couldnt do anything about it. so he let it go.


when they settled back into there busses all the bands spent one more night and the event spot and celebrated with a fire and drinking.
Roxy knew that she couldnt really partake in any of it so she stayed inside, watching the computer screen to see if she got any messages from Candy on her Myspace. Frank came in, a little tipsy but still sober.
"what are you doing come to the party." Frank said and sat next to her on the computer.
"no i shouldnt, im waiting for my friend, Candy to talk to me."
she said continuing to stare at the screen.
"oh, the spoon girl?"
"yeah." she laughed.
"well dont strees, she'll talk to you. how can she stay mad at you?" Frank said grabbing her cheeks and she playfully pulled away.
"now c'mon, have some fun with us."
Frank said and she went out with him and everyone welcomed her.
she WAS one of the only girls in pajama shorts and tank top.

inside, she just reseved a message from Candy.

[hey, sorry i didnt respond so quickly but im at my dads house in Jersey, im really sorry about the other night, i do love you, your my best friend. please answer quickly, i wanna know we're okay. :Candy]
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