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I So Sorry

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alittle more dramatic stage hits the group as they head back to Jersey. on there first day, tention fills anyroom they enter but soon there big homecoming show will fix that, especially when Roxy's...

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Later that evening, or should i say morning, they all decided that they should get some rest. They were only in North Carolina fro a short time because they wanted to be home for a while in Jersey.
They all stumbled though the door and settled down. Roxy only had one drink being on the safe side, while the others were more than a little tipsy but now to the point of wasted.
Roxy hopped right on the computer seeing that she had a new message.
"its from Candy!" she yelled getting excited and opened the message.
"see sweetie, i told ya' she couldnt stay mad." Frank assured her, slummpily placing his arm over her shoulder and talking extremly close to her face. "MmmmmmmmWHA!" Frank exclaimed as he gave her a big kiss on the cheek and then headed of to bed.
"oh Frank, wait! Candy happens to be in Jersey with her dad. Newark actually and i was wondering if i could go see her?"
she asked as if she was asking her mother.
"Pfffff! i dont care, im not your mom! Do what you know it would be pretty awesome if i was your mom. i would be the coolest mom ever. Id be the sexy xoccer mom that all the divorced fathers would wanna bang! and id be all like.....SUPER MOM!" Frank yelled pretending like he was flying onto his bed.
Roxy laughed then redponded to Candy's message by telling her that she would be in Jersey in two days to visit "family" and that they should meet up somewhere.
then she logged out and went to go to bed. everyone was already passed out so she decided to sleep on a small couch near the computer.


when she woke up the next morning she felt a little car sick and she sat up realizing that they were moving. all the guys sat arounf the table either reading the paper or eating cerial.
Frank was still in his pajamas whitch were of jack skeliton and Gerard was just in his boxers, the others were fully dressed except for Ray, she didnt know where he was.
She got up and poured herself some coffee like this was an everyday morning and then sat down at the computer.

"Wait! wheres my car!?" she yelled out and everyone jumped.
"relax, you didnt think we'de forget it did you?" Bob asked when he was passing by and rubbed her head. she sighed in relief and sat with the others.
"i thought we were staying one more day?" she asked taking a sip og coffee.
"well, theres kind of something me and Mikey want to do today." Gerard said and smiled. but this wasnt a normal smile, it was kind of sad.
Roxy didnt know what to say so she just went to take a shower.
when she was in the shower she tends to think about everything, Candy, what was wrong with Gerard, Why Frank like pancakes so much and many other things. when she got out, it was around noon and they were an hour away from Newark. she had slept alot longer then she thought. when she got out of the bathroom, the tention in the room happened to be intense, but they have stopped. they were infront of buildings and hotel, The Hilton, that they would stay in untill after Halloween and then head to cali. Everyone grabbed there bags but no one was talking. she felt really uncomfrotable untill they were going through the lobby and Frank jumped on her back.
"excuse me lacky girl, but i demand a piggy back ride to my room." Frank announced to her in a smug voice and then clapped twice in front of her as if to say chop chop. they both laughed and he jumped off.
"thanks Franky, i can always count on you to break the tention." she said with her first smile this morning.
"what do you mean?" hes asked as they walked with there arms around each other.
"its just that, everyone seems so sad this morning." she said, hoping she wasnt interfering with anything.
"yeah i know, but i promise that tonight we will all have fun again! we have a quick show of just us at a giant theater!" he said with extrem arm gestures and then turned to her.
"now... smile my precious pancake." he said smoshing her lips up to force a smile, and they got settled in there room.
Candy and Roxy talked for a while online and they figured out a meeting place.
"okay well guys, if you dont mind, im going to go meet up with Candy so ill catch up with yous later." she said to them and Mikey and Gerard were getting ready to go somewhere as well. when Roxy was walking out she ran her fingers across Mikey and Gerards backs and walked out.
they both dimmly smiled and coninued.

Roxy met up with candy in a park.
"im so sorry." they both said at the same time, laughed and then gave each ohter hugs.
"so i didnt know you had family here? who are you with? mabey you can stay with me one night."she suggested.
"actually i think i should stay with them while im here but what are you doing here dont you have school?" Roxy asked as they just walked around.
"well yeah but im required to see my dad now so for a little while ill be attending school here. its really messed up." Candy laughed and then asked her the same thing.
"well im here to see some family and then im going to an student program so imleaving when i get back." she confessed. she felt horrible just making up and then having to lie to her best friend. Candy couldnt believe it but she was happy for her. they spent the entire afternoon together but Roxy made sure she kept a close eye on time because of the show.
they where heading back to Candy'd dads house when they passed a cemetery.
"creepy! you live near here?!" Roxy asked kind of scared walking past it.
"yeah i know it scares me too." Candy added and then Roxy stopped. She say her car across the street with Frank Ray And Bob leaning against it lookinh toward the cemetery. she walked over to them.
"whats going on?" she asked and then realized that she had Candy with her. she turned around and saw her smiling, which was a surprise!
"this...this is what you wanted to tell me at work wasnt it?" she asked and there was a silence.
"i knew it! well i didnt know it but i do now! wow how did you," Candy couldnt even finish her sentence she was to shocked.
Roxy was listening but she was glaring at the cemetery where Gerard and Mikey were and have been for an hour.
she almost started to cry because she knew exactly why they were there.
she slowly began to walk toward them and Frank went to stop her and then pulled back.
"hey Candy," he started to keep her preoccupied. "why dont you come with us to the show while your here with Roxy, you wanna?" he asked and she was speechles at first and then began to jump up and down at the fact that she was talking to Frank Iero himself!
Rxoy contiued to walk over and Mikey started to walk away. he saw Roxy walking snd stopped to watch where she was going.
she walked past him and walked over to Gerard. she saw him look down and could see one little drop of water hit the ground and she wrapped her arms around his waist and held him from behind.
he knew who it was and he flinched, then grabbed her arms and they just held each other
"im sorry Gerard, im so sorry." she said starting to cry a little herself.

Gerard slowly turned around to look at her.
he giggled alittle. "now why are you crying." he asked and whiped away her tear.
"because i dont want to see you upset, that makes me upset." she said alittle shakey but okay.
"im fine, now lets go! we're here to have fun right!" Gerard said as if nothing happened and began to walk away.
"Gerard," she said pulling his sleve. "it doesnt always have to be okay okay," she said looking down. Gerard looked at her and knelt down.
"but right now it is." he said pushing her chin up.
they both smiled and waslked to the car.


meanwhile, hours before the show, a woman was rolling a new role of film in the camera while the others were being developed. the recent one of Gerard and Frank teaching Roxy her new moves would soon hit news stands as soon as she could come up with a catchty title for it.
and who was this mistery woman...?
his ex-girl, katey

"if i cant have him, no one will."
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