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The New And The Improved

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Roxy finally straighened everything out with Candy and told her everything she wanted to know. but breaks down when a repressed memory comes back to haunt her and she, herself, breaks down. Then fo...

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Candy was all about going to the concert.
Roxy and herself decided to go back to her house to go get ready.
"okay,okay tell me everything!" Candy said hopping down the street.
"okay, remember that day that Caron gave us the day off and i fought for it?" she asked and Candy's jaw dropped.
"you mean that was the day this started?! awww man!" she whined dissapointedly.
"see! and you thought i was wierd!" Roxy said back and the laughed. "well anyway they came to eat and after that we just started talking and the wanted me to come with them to clean and cook and what not." she told her in a shorter version.
"wow! you are so lucky. wait Untill people at school here this!"
she said wanting revenge on all the people who didnt like them.
"NO! Candy, you cant tell anyone okay? no one can know im with them. it can ruin their status and mine. my mom doesnt even know im even here, she thinks im on that exchange program. which reminds me......that was kind of a lie to. im sorry but i couldnt tell you at the time."
Roxy apologized. she was ashamed that she had to lie to her.
"ah, thats okay, i dont think i would have told you either....dont take that personaly!"
she said trying to save herself and they were both mostly silent the rest of the way home.
when they got to her dads house they went straight to her room.
"daddy! im home! im going out tonight with Roxy!" She yelled and they ran upstairs.
even though they just had a show the night before Roxy was still excited. she knew she could never get tired of this.
she watched Candy get ready frantically trying to decide what to wear.
"hey, do you think Frank will like this shirt or...this one." asked placing two shirts against her, striking two very dramatic poses.
Roxy laughed and picked the first shirt.
"so i take it you have a thing for Frank then."Roxy pointed out.
"hehe yeah hes so sweet. but what about you and Gerard? i saw you two today." Candy said and nudged her when she walked by.
"no nothings going on, i just.......for some reason couldnt stop myself. i never want to see him upset. ......i know exactly how it feels to........." Roxy started to say and and then just stopped. Candy poked her head out of her bathroom and saw her looking down shaking. she walked towards her and gave her a hug.
"i know it may not really be the time but, from what your saying, i think you in serious like with him. you would do anything to see him happy, and that so sweet." She said warmly. Roxy looked up and smiled and tried to remember that she was here to have fun and she didnt want to ruin it for Candy.
"are you okay?" she asked and Roxy nodded. Candy continued to get ready, then, she ended up getting a briliant idea.
"hey! i know what lets do."she said sinisterly and Roxy looked up at the way she formed that sentence, she knew it had to be big.


back at the hotel the guys headed down stairs to the bus all dressed in black wearing their arm bands, fighting through a crowd of girls.
"oh, hold up" Frank said and searched his pocket for his phone.
he looked at the screen that said 1 new text and opened it.

[come out side, you wont believe it! :Roxy and Candy]

"yo, their out there already." Frank said and started to walk faster.
"what the rush dude?" Bob asked trying to catch up.
"i feel like i havent seen my little buddy in forever. im gonna jump on her faster that Ihop butter disinegrates through its pancakes." Frank said and started to gracefully jump out the door humming to himself. when he got outside he stopped and looked around.
"where are they?" he asked the others and they all looked around too, when they saw Candy walking to them.
" clears throat may i introduce you fine boys to the new, sexy, Roxanne Alexis Dasher." she announced making a gesture to show her out....but nothing.
"Roxy, come ON!" she beckond but still nothing. she groaned and went behind the bus and grabbed her arm and drug her out.

She went from dull average brown hair, to blond layers with all black underneath. she sort of tryed to cover her head because she didnt know if anyone would like it.
"whoa." they all said at once, too shocked to think of anything else to say.
"oh em gee! you look uber hot babe!" Frank said and gave her a hug while wrapping his leg around her and licking her face.
"what the hell was that for?! your so wierd." Roxy told him and then gave him what was coming, a lick on the face himself.
" ohhhhhhhh! kinky! thats hot." he told her and Roxy had a wierd look and licked the roof of her mouth.
"is that strawberry syrup?" she asked him and he paused for a second and smiled.
"you have a problem" Ray said and they all went onto the bus.
"well i did this to help, see now no one will recognize her!" Candy said not so modestly.
"Thats awesome!" Bob said and Candy smiled.
"c'mon people, lets get going." Ray said and everyone followed

"oh wow! this is amazing!"Candy said as if it were her first time to disney world.
Gerard stopped Roxy before she got on the bus.
"hey,can we talk?"
she got nervous, but decided to wait with him.
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