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Back Off!

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there welcome home show is here! Frank makes a promise no one theinks he can keep, a new girl gets "pysically" involved with Gerard on stage and the rain is the best thing that can happen for a gir...

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they were silent for a few seconds. Gerard and Roxy both became uncomfortable.
"first of all you look great!" he said and she smiled modestly.
"but, i really wanted to thank you for.....what you did there today. the guys always say everything will be okay to me and my brother but i know thats a lie, not EVERYTHING can be okay and hearing you say that, it doesnt always have to be okay, you were right. but, why did you say that?" he asked knowing that there had to be a reason. but all she did was put her finger over his lips and whispered "im fine, we're here to have fun, remember?" she said and gave him a small smooch on the cheek and headed on the bus.
'thats not Roxy, i know shes not fine' he thought and hopped on the bus too.

thunder rumbled across the area but no one expected rain so the show went on.

they walked in on there already going conversation.
"no Frank, you really have a problem." Ray said being totlly serious
"okay i know, but heres the deal whispers to group ill quit pancakes when Gerard decides to make a move." he whispered knowing that wouldnt happen any time soon, and then stopped when they came near.

"so did you do this yourself? its amazing!" Ray asked flicking a bit of Roxys hair.
"yeah, i did. i guess step moms are good for something. she owns a hair salon and ever sense my dad and her have been together, my dad found it a good idea to work at her salon with her to "bond" all it did was make us fight more."
Candy said and laughed.
"so do you like it Roxy?" Candy asked not really asking her to begin with.
"are you crazy, i love it! its so awesome. i think i found my new look." Roxy said giggling, and they all talked about how long they were planning on staying in Jersey, which was untill after Thanksgiving so they can spend it with family. Gerard and Mikey's mom was planning to see them all tomorrow, and also for Thanksgiving.
at the show, Rain began to drizzle, but that didnt stop hundreds of fans from sticking around, rain or shine.
they were the only band playing and Roxy and Candy both got staff passes that allowed them back stage and in there dressed room. even though they were pretty much dressed, they still touched up on eyeliner and other makeup.

Candy And Roxy were on the front row of seating.
"you sure your okay?" Candy shouted over the roar of the crowd.
"yes! i already told you im fine now lets forgett it. you and Gerard are both acting wierd about it." she shouted back, and a half and hour later, They came out, and Roxy was back to normal. she was singing along and dancing with Candy like two girls would normally do.

"Alright!"Gerard announced before they sang the last song.
"Alright everyone! because we're in the most kickass town in the universe, i think i need some people on stage with us!" he shouted and the screaming got louder then ever. people began to swarm the stage, crushing everyone in front of then. Roxy and Candy at least tryed to keep there heads above the crowd.
Gerard picked Roxy and Candy of course and one other guy and girl.
as they started their last song, everyone started dancing and crowd surfing and the people on stage were the most energetic out there! Roxy and Candy could do nothing but laugh and jump around the whole time, the other guy was off to the side and stayed on for a while and then jumped into the crowd himself, while the other girl sensually worked her way over to Gerard and started crudely grinding on him.
Roxy saw this and the worst part was, he went along with ever bit of it.
her heart dropped, she felt like she couldnt breath. she didnt know what was happening to her, when she realized, she had gotten to attatched. she kept dancing but tears started to stream down her face.
"Candy, i cant do this, i have to go." Roxy shouted and ran off stage.
"wait!" Candy yelled and finally saw what made her so upset. the song ended he thanked his "dancers" and let them down.
Candy angrily marched her way over to Gerard while he was still on stage and eveyone was watching
"you asshole!"
she shouted and shoved him out of her way and walked off to find Roxy.
Gerard was clueless and the arena was full of shocked gasps.
"uh. Goodnight everyone. and dont get too wet" he ended and dropped the mic.
Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey all followed behind.
"Roxy!" Candy shouted through the dressing room trying to find her.
"what is going on?! how could you pull something like that?!" Gerard instigated getting alittle frustrated with Candy at this point.
"how could you do that to her?!"
"well, how can i tell you when i dont even know what the fuck i did!" Gerard yelled back, completely losing his temper.
"that girl was all over you! she was practically in your pants and you did nothing to stop her! how do you think Roxy felt seeing that?!" she screamed.
Gerard didnt know what to say.
"why would she get upset seeing that?" he asked calming down
"oh my God! are you kidding me, really are you freaking kidding me!? she likes you! you have to be blind not to see that." she said also calming down herself and heading in the opposite direction.
Gerard was upset but just had to smile.
"Candy wait!" Gerard called her back. "could you at least tell me what was wrong with her today?" he asked and she stopped walking and turned around.
"yoooou dont know?" she asked thinking that that was what they were talking about before they got on the bus. he shock his head. she sighed and began.
"two years ago.....her father committed suicide. she was reminded of it by talking about how she didnt want to see you upset and how she knew how it felt. by that point i knew exactly who she was talking about. her dad was an amazing guy. and her mother is only her stepmother so.. she really has nothing left. so when she sees someone she really likes or loves with someone else, she feels like shes loseing another one. you have to forgive her if she over reacts about somethings but now you know. thats why."
Candy said and a loud sniff filled the room.
"Thats..(" Frank said trying to catch his breath. Ray smacked him on the back of the head. "idiot"
"what! cant a guy be sensitive?"
Frank asked and sucked back the phlegm in his throat.
"thats digusting"
Ray added again but by that point, Gerard was already gone.
"Roxy!" Gerard shouted out by the buss getting soaking wet.
"the doors locked" Roxy said in a muffled voice sitting on the ground in the mud, in front of the door.
"Roxy, why are you-" he began to ask.
"can we go? i just wanna go home."
"but, why"
"Gerard, i dont belong here" she cried." i now know the reason why i convinced myself to come and i was stupid for even think anything would happen. i came here for you, think there was.....something, how could i let myself believe that a guy like you would fall for me. i was just-" she cried and Gerard quickly picked her up off the ground by the shoulders and finally did what he wanted to do for a while. he finaly kissed her.
a nice long kiss in the rain and then he brought her into an intense hug.
"mabey everything can be okay." he said and the thunder roared again.
she gentaly layed her head on his shoulder and whispered into his hear.
"Gerard?...i love you"
he pulled away to look at her, grabbed her face and kissed her again.

all the others were watching from the doorway of the backstage. Frank way crying again.
"aww Frank? giggle i know, its sweet." Candy said hugging and petting his head.
"no (sniff) its not that (sniff) now......gah. i have to give up pancakes." he got all choked up and layed his head on her shoulder and cryed. all she could do was laugh and comfort him.
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