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One Blond Moment By Frank

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the surprise her mother promised her before she left is figured out and Roxy is almost sure about how everyone is feeling, Frank embrasses his self in one stupid moment and Roxy just about saves he...

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The rain came down hard that night and they stopped by at Candy's house to drop her off.
"thanks guys, i had fun. sorry i...did what i did out there. could you tell Gerard im sorry, and tell Roxy i said goodnight."
Candy whispered quietly, knowing that Gerard was inside with Roxy while she fell asleep.
"dont worry, hes okay now i think. he'll just have to take it like a man." Mikey assuered her.
"wow, that souded kinds' wrong." Frank pointed out, thinking to much into Mikey's last statement.
"you're such a perv."Mike responded by pushing him playfully.
"okay well goodnight guys." Candy said quietly and happily walked to her door.
"Goodnight!"Frank yelled and jumped on her back before she reached her door and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.
"Shhhh!" the other boys hushed angrily, Frank smiled sheepishly and ran back in. Candy walked faster into her house and muffled a scream to herself of pure joy!

Gerard sat on the side of Roxy's bed and sang her a soft song to sleep, stroking her hair gentaly. he had so much sympathy for her after what she had been through, and for all this time, she had it bottled up.
when he knew she was asleep, he went to go to bed his self. he picked up her wet clothes that she threw ontop of her open bag and a small box fell out. he picked it up and read the note/card.

it read "dear My Roxy Girl, i have raised you sence you were five years old and i had the honor to watch you grow, go through school and to develop into the beautiful young woman you are. i am so proud of everything you have done and i cant wait until you come home. i hope you like your gift, i thought you would. dont forgett me when your gone.
love you, mom.
p.s i told you it was a surprise"
Gerard smile and looked in the box. it was a Tiffany's chain necklace with silver heart at the bottem.
Gerard walked out with it to show the guys.
"whats that?" Mikey asked getting up to see, followed by the others. they all huddled around Gerard who took the necklace out of the box to get a closer look. all the boys at one time ooooo'd.
"pfff thats stupid!" Frank blurted out.
"what are you talking about? it's beautiful." Mikey asked
"sure its really nice, but the stupid place spelt her name wrong. i cant believe her mom didnt catch that! i mean, how is Tiffany anything at all like Roxy. thats Gay!" Frank protested and laughed to him self.
"thats the name of the company, idiot! you know? Tiffany & Co?" Gerard said smacking him softly in the head again.
"Okay! why do people keep hitting me?!"Frank asked angrily and Gerard put the necklace back in the box and put it on the table so she'd find it in the morning.
"Fine ill go sleep with someone who appreciates me, Roxy." Frank said smuggly grabbing a pillow that looked like a pack of twizzlers and headed towards Roxy's room.
"iiiiiii dont think so" Gerard said grabbing him the back of the shirt and pulling him back.
"Fine, ill sleep with you." Frank answered and ran his finger down Gerards chest.
then Frank Jumped on Gerards bed and fell asleep.
the rest followed to bed, they had to get up at least at nine so they could head over to Mikey and Gerards mom's house for a visit.


the next day, Roxy woke up with a sniffle from being in the rain last night. she got up, put her hair up and shuffled her feet out the door to get a glass of water for her soar throat when something cold touched her neck and she thought she was trying to be choked. she flinched and noticed that it was a necklace. she looked at it and then at Gerard who put it on her.
"it was from your mom. it was on the floor last night, i hope you dont mind that i opened it?" he asked fastening the clasp at the end.
"no, of course not." she answered still holding the charm in her fingers. she looked so innocent
"Ha, you know what?" she asked smiling, something Gerard hasnt seen her do in a while.
"what?" ha asked he getting alittle closer, thinking she wanted a kiss.
"i just saved my self from a stupid moment. i was about to say, my names not Tiffany. Ha im glad i saved my self from that one." she said laughing at her self.
"at least you did" he murrmered under his breath.
"nothing" he answered and gave her a kiss.
"good morning" he told her and went to take a shower. she blushed and touched her burning lips.

'so it wasnt a dream'

her smile couldnt be helped, today was gonna be a good day.
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