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Meet The Parent

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Roxy finally meets Gerards Mother and the go for a nice walk on the beach, learning about Franks more gental side. she thinks she is doing something wrong when Bob makes a statement about how they...

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they pulled up to a house and Roxy just got out of the shower and was dring her hair with a towel.
"where are we?" she asked, not really to anyone in general.
"My Moms place." Mikey said walking past her to head out. Roxy dropped her towel she was using.
'your moms?' she thought, petrified. how could she meet there mother? what was she supposed to say? 'hi, im Roxy. i illegaly made out with your son!' she blushed at the thought but knew it was so wrong.
"Nervous?" Gerard asked placing his hand on her shoulder. she jumped and turned around. "i take that as a yes." he laughed. she didnt know what to do. she knew that she had to meet her so she went into the bathroom and brushed her hair at rappid speed and tryed to make herself presentable.
"dont worry, you look fine. just be yourself." he told her and they walked out together.
this was all moving to fast for her. shes not an expert at dating or anything, but they kissed and now she meets the parents. she didnt even know if they were dating, which made her calm down a little bit.
they didnt even have to knock on the door, there mother came right out to meet them.
"hi Donna." Bob, Ray and Frank said giving her a small hug and small kiss on the cheek.
"hey mom" the other two boys said and gave there mom a hug. Roxy stood in the back wondering what she should do now.
"and this is?" Donna asked looking at Roxy with a warm smile and all of a sudden everything didnt seem so scary to her.
"mom this is Roxy" Gerard introduced her, putting his arm around her and pulling her close.
"yeah thats his girlfriend!" Frank said leaning over Ray.
they both looked terrified now.
"really?! oh, well then come in." she said showing her the way to the door and they both sighed in relief of acceptance.
they all sat down in the living room.
"do any of you guys want something to eat or drink?" Donna asked.
no one wanted anything, and everything got akward.
"so are you planning to do anything today?" Donna asked again and they thought about it. Ray Bob and Mikey decided that they wanted to relax and stay at home for a while. and Gerard asked if Roxy wanted to do anything.
"i dont care. whatever you want to do." she said shrugging.
" have you ever been to New York?" he asked and suggested that they go, but then realized they wouldnt really be able to do anything without getting noticed, so they decided to go over to the Jersey shore.
Frank, Roxy and Gerard took Donna's car and went a short distance over to the shore which was dead because it was fall.
Frank chose to walk a little bit ahead of them to give them privacy.
they walked down the beach as normal friends would do, just talking and joking about things. its not exactly what she wanted but it was the most fun she had had at the beach.
she turned her head slightly to the side and snezzed quietly.
"bless you you getting sick?" he asked and she nodded. when she caught her breath Gerard bumped into her hand...then again....then just finally went for it and grabbed her hand.
Roxy felt a tingle in her arm and she blushed, then to let him know how she felf to, she scooted closer to him and layed her head on he shoulder.
he looked at her and smiled and put his arm over her and pulled her closer, and when she was least expecting it, he spun her around into the water.
she laughed and tightened up at how cold the water was.
"oh, you jerk!" she said and chaced him down the beach when she finally grabbed onto his arm and swun him on the ground right were the water was coming up.
she landed partly on top of him and she layed her head on his chest and laughed. she looked further down the beach at Frank who just bent down to pick up a shell and then kept walking.
"you know, its funny how he can be so different sometimes, but in a good way." Roxy said watching how graceful he was when a huge wave came and knocked him off his feet.
"okay never mind" she took back her last statement.
Randomly, Gerard just took her chin and kissed her, still on the ground, when a shadow came over them.
"sorry if im interupting but, can we go back now? im wet and uncomfortable."
Frank said covered in sand and seaweed.
Gerard laughed "okay." he said, kissed Roxy once more and they got up to go
'okay, so i guess its official then' she thought to herself and smiled.


after dinner at the house, all the guys just got up from the table to go sit down but when Gerard went to get up Roxy pulled him back.
"dont you think you should help your mother with the dishes?" she asked him being totally obvious about what his answer should be.
"yeah...okay, but you dont have to." he said taking her plate.
"i'll feel bad if i dont." she said again taking her plate back and bringing it to the kitchen.
"wow! you actually got one of my boys to help? i like this one." Donna said and Roxy giggled. she now felt that she was on the good side now. she wanted to do anything she could to help.
"no honey, you dont have to help, your like the guest of honor here. go sit out with the others and i'll get Mikey in here to do this." she said and then screamed for Mikey to "get his skinny little butt in here". Roxy went out in the living room with the rest.
"so what happened today?" Ray asked.
"nothing we just went to the beach." she said shyly
"well we have to ask you not to get attatched to much because we cant have him being taken away from us, nothing perdonal but, i just dont want him to turn away from the band."
Bob pointed out, laying down the law with the way it had to be.
Roxy understood but she all of a sudden didnt feel to happy anymore.
'was i being to clingy?' 'should i back off?' she thought. they had to have said this for a reason

'am i dong something im not supposed to....well duh but...'
she didnt know what else to do except stop the kissing and hanging out by there selves. she was slightly dissapointed, its only been happening for two days.

'how am i gonna tell him that?'
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