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Be My Penguin?

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Roxy is convinced, after Bob's remarks that she is getting in the way of the band, so she goes to Frank for advice. a month goes by and a Halloween party is planned that Roxy and Candy show up for...

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that day went by insanely fast to Roxy. they spent longer at the beach than she thought.
she brought her small bag into the house where they would stay, finally not constantly moving. she thought she would be in a room with Gerard, where she would tell him that they shouldnt really be together, because she might get in the way.
she always seemed to put herself down in these kinds of positions by saying she gets in the way.
"oh yes! a slumber party!" Frank said gleefully jumping on the bed where Roxy was with a pillow and a bag of twizzlers.
she thought she was supposed to be with Gerard but this was good to.
"heh, nice P.J's." she complimented.
he was wearing spongebob boxers and a black t-shirt.
"thanks" he answerd stuffing his wouth with a twizzler.
"won one?" he asked, barely able to talk.
she laughed and took one.
"Frank, can i ask you something?" she asked.
"you just did." he said in a smart ass tone swallowing his candy.
"can i ask you something else?" she asked again laughing.
"of course hun. whats up?" he asked trying to be serious now.
"do you think i'll get in the way while im here?" she asked. Frank stared at her for a second before he answered.
"is this about what Bob said to you earlier?"
she nodded.
"listen, dont worry about that. your not going to get in the way,Gerard would never let himself do that. i know him, hes my best friend and no matter how much he likes a girl he would never let her come betwwen the band. i actually think that yuor one of the best things to happen to us. you cook for us and clean up after yourself and, well we havent been on the road enough to clean up after us but im sure you will." he told her and she laughed to herself, taking a bite of her twizzler.
"i mean,c'mon i told you he wanted to get to know you. he knows what hes doing, hes a big boy. IF you know what i mean." he said raising an eyebrow. Roxy was shocked that he even said that.
"Ewww! you such a Perv!" she yelled and smacked him in the face with a pillow.
"What! i was kidding." he was barely able to say, because he was laughing to hard.
"goodnight you guys." Gerard said passing by with a glass of water.
"Goodnight."Roxy answered gettign up to give him a hug, almost tackeling him.
"oh, well thats different." he said. not that it bothered him. he liked it.
she went back in the room with Frank
"uh oh uh oh! he was liking that on your myspace. Bow Chick Bow wow!" Frank exclaimedbeing immature about a hug.
she trew another pillow at him and they stayed up talking almost all night.


For the next few day, it was just like being at home.
the boys used this time to catch up on sleep and relax, and Roxy helped Donna witht he cleaning and cooking and bonding.
Donna did eventually ask her how old she was and odd questions like that. Roxy even felt uncomfortable telling her she was 18, let alone lieing to her in general. but their mother didnt seem to mind.
Finally halloweennight was aproaching and they were planning a halloween party.
"Really?! a party?! that sounds awesome! oh, do you think Candy could come?" she saked getting excited
"of course. she just cant bring anyone." Ray said, making sure that a whole fan club doesnt show up.
"oh of course! if you dont kind im going to go meet her." Roxy said grabbing a jacket and heading out.
"awww what i cant come with?" Gerard said wrapping his arms around her before she went out. over the last few days they have gotten really close but not too serious, just more comfortable.
"no. i have to go get a costume. its a surprise." she said and gace him one quick kiss and went out. she called Candy from her and let her know she was on her way. Roxy pulled up to her house and honked the horn to get her to come out, and Candy came bouncing down the stairs at got in.
"hey" they both said and Roxy asked how to get to the mall.
"hey, so i got a question. what are you doing this weekend?" Roxy asked with a smile, knowing she would love it.
"nothing......why?" she asked also knowing that she was going to love it by the way Roxy was smiling.
"wanna go to a holloween party?" she asked and Candy squeeled with joy.
"i knew youd wanna go!" Roxy laughed and Candy showed her where to go.
"so what do you want to go as?" Candy asked, thinking she already had something in mind. "cuz i was thinking that we could both do something togther"
"you know i was thinking that too." Roxy said and thought about it.
"well........what do you think Gerard would like?"
"i dont need to impredd him anymore. we're kinda......"she started to say and stopped.
"get out! for real? so did you do it?" Candy asked wanting details.
"What?! no, we didnt! sorry to disapoint." she said, surprised Candy would even ask that.
"okay okay," she laughed. "but, i have an idea that'll make him wanna." Candy suggested, and they both glasnced at each other and laughed.
"what is it?" she asked, curious on what it could possible be.
"we could shop at hot topic and dress up as sexy vampires. Gerard once said he'd rather be a creature of the night." Candy pointed out, which was true, so it was a rathed good idea.
"okay, but not TOO sexy." Roxy told her.
"let me handel it, trust me." candy told Roxy
when they got to the mall they headed into hot topic and Candy picked out an arm full of clothes and told Roxy to go into the dressing room to try them on. when Roxy came out Candy gasped, like she was staring at a brand new person.
"i LOVE it!" she said and Roxy decided to buy it.
Candy had already picked out hers, they both knew that it was going to cost them a pretty penny, but it was worth it for the occation.
when they brought the clothes to the counter, the cashier looked at Roxy funny.
"you look familiar, have i seen you around?" he asked scanning the tags.
"no, i doubt it." she said and glanced over at the other counter where there was a news paper with her and Gerard kissing the other night in the rain.
she gasped and, without thinking, jumped the counter and snatched the paper. the guy was to wiered out to ask so he just stared at her like she was insane.
"what, i-i LOVE the news paper. theres something about the ink thats just....orgasmic." she told him and they took there clothes to leave.
"AHAHAHAH! orgasmic?! dude,you just totally made the biggest ass of yourself in there!" Candy laughed hysterically as they waled back to the car.
Roxy was so embarassed but she had to do something. that guy would have known who she was if she didnt and the last thing she wanted to do was ruin Gerard.
"alright alright enough." Roxy said getting a little frustrated.


that night, the party was held in the same indoors area as the homecoming show they did almost a month ago.
by the time the guys got there, about 50 people were already there.
Ray was a clown. ( not that he liked it but it was Franks idea because of his hair)
Bob was a stereotypical cop (couldnt think of anything better to do)
Mikey was a gothic vampier along with Gerard, with very well made fangs. (there mom thought it would be cute if they matched, she took pictures)
and Frank was a giant blue bunny. (dont ask, the costume shop didnt either)

"we'll be inside ladies, join us when your ready" Mikey said knocking on the bedroom door they were chaging in on the bus.
"okay we'll be right out!" they said and from the room there was laughing and "girl" talk.
"i wonder what there doing in there? why does it always seem to take girls so long to get ready?" Ray asked listening in.
"i wounder what they ARE doing?" Frank asked and then tweaked his bunny ears thinking.
his perverted mind pictured two girls in their bras and underwear, helping each other into clothes.
without the others knowing what he was thinking, he stood by the door with his mouth gaping open as Homer Simpson would do when he saw doughnuts.
"get your mind out of the gutter" Bob told him and grabbed Frank by the ears and drug him outside.

when the girls were ready they walked into the place, very confident about how they looked in there costumes.
Bob and Greard were both talking with beers in there hands when Roxy and Candy came in
"whoa!" Bob said nearly spitting out his beer. Gerard turned around except he did spit his out.
he looked back up at her and whiped his mouth.
She was wearing thigh high black ugg boots with the fluff at the top, candy-cane striped black and whight stalkings with a pink and black plaid skirt and studded belt, black low cut top with a collar like necklace, and random other accessories and a long black, fitted coat
"you look beautiful" he told Roxy and gave her a kiss which made her completely weak at the knees. Candy smiled and walked away
"how do you do that?" she asked him quietly.
"do what?" he questioned swaying back ad forth with her in his arms.
"make me weak, but never let me fall." she said and they both smiled.
"speaking of ,you, i have something for you." he said reaching in the pocket of the trench coat he was wearing.
"what?" she asked, wondering what the occation was.
"for our one month. i know its kind of cheesy buti thought, for you, why not." and he took out a small box
"no, Gerard please. i didnt even get you anything, i'll feel bad." she told him, even though she really did want to know what it was.
"no i wanted to. i wasnt expecting anything in return, although it would have been nice."
Roxy felt bad now and looked down in shame.
"hey, i was kidding." he assured her and handed her the box.
she looked at his sweet smile and, biting her lower lip, opened the box.
she tried to catch her breath looking at a beautiful silver necklace in the shape of a small penguin. and in the penguin was three stones.
"if you dont get what it means, the green birth stone is for May, your birthday, i found out from myspace. the white diamond is for my birthday month, April and the pink is for October, when we first got together. and for the penguin, its said that when a penguin finds its mate, they never leave eachother." he explained and then Gerard got down on one knee and Roxy laughed.
"Roxy, will you be my penguin?" he asked her and, without thought, she said yes and picked him up from the collar and kissed him. he turned her around to put the necklace on.

"Gerard?" a girl said next to them. he turned to see who was calling him.
his worst nightmare right now.
his ex, Katie,
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