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Dance Of The Drunk

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Katie comes to ruin the moments and steal Gerard back for herself. Roxy get angry and drinks herself silly, and the rest.....well you have to read.

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"Katie?" Gerard asked, not believing that it was really her.
"oh my God, its been forever!" He said, a little bit to happily for Roxy's liking and she automaticaly felt threatened.
Gerard ran over to Katie and spun her around in an embrace
when her feet touched the ground again, she straightened out her shirt and said. "well Mr.Way you havent changed a bit"

Gerard smiled. "you look great, how have you been?" he asked. he hasnt seen her in months, sense they broke up.
"ive been great! iv gotten into journalism, what about you?how have you been?" she asked with a smile.
"we've been working on a new cd that will soon release after our tour and im happily with someone now." He added.

Roxy quickly looked up. she was finally being recognized again after being pushed away.
"this is my girlfriend, Roxy." Gerard introduced her.
"oh hi, im Katie." she said with way to much enthusiasm, that it was obvious she was being fake

"so you wanna go grab a beer?" Katie asked hinting to the open bar. Gerard glanced at Roxy as if to ask if she wanted to go.
"oh, no, you two go ahead i'll just be with Candy" Roxy said while walking towards Frank and Candy.
Gerard hesitated but then headed to the ber.

Roxy angrily, in a determined way, walked right up to the bartender and demanded a vodka tonic. when her drink came, within seconds, she downed it and asked for another and a beer,

"whoa partner, take it easy. did you forget to tell us you were a raging alcoholic?"Frank said pulling her beer bottel away
she took a second top breath and then just stared off blankly. Candy and Frank comfortingly placed their hands on her shoulder.
"what happened?" Candy asked, wondering where this behavior was coming from.
"it seems like everytime something good happens between me and Gerard, immediately fallowing comes something ten times worse." she sadly exclaimed.
"well what happened?" Frank asked
Roxy turned around facing the opposite bar and pointed.
"THAT happened" she pointed at Katie

Frank knew exactly who that was.
"oh hell no!" he said through his teeth and marched off towards them.

"Gerard we need to talk." Frank demanded strenly, not taking no for an answer.
Gerard tride to hold in his laughter but couldnt.
"im sorry Frank but, do you know how hard it is to take you seriously in that bunny costume?"
Frank didnt look amused.
"oh Frank, you look so funny. how are you..." Katie began to say and tryed to hug him.
"Dont touch me" he told her and she backed off. ""
Frank grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

"wow Frank, that was incredibly rude of you." he said putting his beer down to talk
"ME? rude of me?! Gerard you just dissed your girlfriend for you ex. she got so upset the first thing she did was go drink! i dont want her to get used to doing that everytime you make a boneheaded move.
you're my best friend Gerard, but Roxy doesnt deserve to feel like she's been replaced, especially by..her." Frank preached.
he never really at all liked Katie.

"does she really feel replaced?" he asked now knowing that what he was doing was wrong.
"take a look for yourdelf." Frank told him, pointing to Roxy who was a bit more than tipsy at this point. she was practically drunk.
"oh no." Gerard said and sprinted over to Roxy who was dancing with the other drunks.

"what are you doing?" he asked her trying to yell over the music.
"im havin' fun. what are you doing? drinkin with katie?" she said and pushed her way, dizzily, through the crowd and out into an open area.
"Roxy." Gerard shouted grabbing her arm. she didnt fight back.
"Gerard, please let me out side. i just need some air."
he let her go but fallowed her out. she sat on the ground against the wall and closed her eyes. Gerard took a seat next to her.
"are you okay?." he asked her and she didnt respond right away.
"did you invite her here?"
"no i didnt. i had no idea she would even show up or how she found out about the party. we're still friends and i havent seen her for a while and, yeah, i can say i over reacted but i want you to know, i dont care about her anymore. my life now is the band" he assuered her and she looked up and smiled.
then sheturned around quickly and threw up. it made Gerard really queezy, but he stuck around. he held her hair and rubbed her back.
after she was finished she started to cry and threw her arms around Gerards neck.
"you okay now?" he asked stroking her hair.
"i hate throwing up" she cryed and he laughed.
"im so sorry Gerard, it was stupid of me to just start drinking, but..." she turned around and looked at where she puked.
"i think i got it out of my system."
she got up from her spot holding her head.
"im gonna go lay down, tell Candy im sorry." she said walking away to the bus.

Roxy got changed, brushed her teeth and layed down when Gerard came into the room. Roxy felt the wieght on the bed when he sat down and she sat up.
"i want you to go have fun, dont stay with me." she said, knowing she would feel guilty if she had him stay with her.
"if your not in there, i dont want to be either."he told her and layed his head down next to hers.
Gerard noticed the necklacehe gave her resting on her chest and he picked it up and played with it in his fingers
"you like it?" he asked her quietly
"i love it"
they got quiet for a moment.
"i love you." he said and she looked at him with expressive eyes
she leaned her head forward and kissed his fingers. he kissed her head and gentaly grabbed her face and began to passionately kiss her. he rolled over and climbed on top of her and she pulled away.
"what are you doing?" she asked thinking he wanted something to happen.
"you dont want too?" he asked breathing rather hard and his heart trembling.
"its not that i dont want to but im just not ready to do that" she said and Gerard got up. he ran his fingers through his hair.
"that was stupid of me, or sorry." he sat at the edge of the bed and buried his face in his hands.
Roxy crawled up and embraced him.
"do you think you can still sleep in here?" she asked and he turned around
"of course."
they bothed layed down together and he held her hand tight

"bow chicka bow wow!" Frank jokingly exclaimed from behind the door.

"Frank? were you listening?" Gerard asked as they both sat up, startled.
"yeah but you guys didnt do anything! God, ruin my night." Frank said sarcasticaly dissapointed.

"hey, you cant talk! you're the one who ruined the moment." he yelled back angrily

"hey man, hey. i dont ruin moments. i enhance them!" he argued back and the two were still seperated by the door.
"yeah yeah, your all talk. go eat a pancake and have an orgasim." he said laying back down to go to sleep.

Frank busted through the door like the hulk staring angrily at Gerard.

"ive been off pancakes for a MONTH! harsh dude, harsh." he said walked out.
Gerard laughed and layed his head back down. even through the yelling, Roxy still fell asleep. he leaned over and kissed her eyelids.
'good night, i love you.' he whispered an feel asleep himself.
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