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Chew Your Food

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Roxy and Gerard run into an extrem misunderstanding and Mikey doesnt belive him. although Gerard would rather have the misunderstanding be true and questions Roxy about it and she has no idea how ...

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That night, Roxy was rather wrestless in her sleep, to the point where Gerard would almost rather sleep on the couch.
she started making strange noises and Gerard was getting freaked out he rolled over and watched her.
she was all bundled up in blankets and Gerard smiled, moving the hair out of her face.
Roxy giggled and Gerard thought he woke her and quickly moved his hand away.
she giggled and and mumbled something but he couldnt make it out.
'oh my God, this is so funny. she talks in her sleep.' he said to himself and listened closer.
she squirmed around and then settled down.

"mmmmmm, hehe money? in your eye? pffff okay!"
she said sarcastically and drifted away in her dream.
Gerard laughed quietly again and sat up on his elbow and watched her, wanting her to say something else.
then, suddenly her eyes opened wide and she punched her arm out and stood up on the bed screaming.
"Gerard! dont leave me here!" and puching Gerard in the face in the process and he fell to the floor.
Roxy finally snapped out of it and remembered where she was and held her head with a throbing hangover. she looked around and gasped at the sight of Gerard on the floor, stunded that he was just punched in the face!
"oh my God!" she yelled and jumped of the bed to Gerard and helped him up. "let me get you some ice." she said and got up to leave.
"no, no im fine." he said doing a quick check on his nose to make sure it wasnt bleeding. it wasnt.
Roxy walked out to the kitchen area and opened the freezer door and scooped ice out into a baggy, completely unaware of what she was wearing and the fact that there were other people on the bus.
she was wearing blue boy shorts underwear and a short white top.
she closed the freezer door and saw a half asleep Mikey staring at her with an empty cup in his hand.
Roxy was horrified! she quickly opened the refrigerator door to hide her half naked bdoy from Mikey.
Mikey looked down, to tired to deal with this and said "im just here to get a glass of water."

Back in the room, Gerard went to grab hold of the chair near the bed but instead, accidently grabbed a strap of Roxys bag and it was pulled off the chair and landed right on his groin.
Gerard wanted to scream but kept his mouth shut. he was about to cry. 'why is this happening?' he asked himself and pulled his self up from the ground and walked, hunched over, to the door.
"Roxy do you have the ice yet?" He asked, and looked up to see where she was, holding himself.
Mikey spit out his water, which he finally got with Roxy still behind the door.

"Oh dear God!"
he said wiping his mouth. "im to tired to deal with this." he said and took his cup with him back in his room.
"Mikey wait! its not what you think i swear." Gerard tryed to tell Mikey because it was true.

"Gerard, "Mikey started to say and turned around slowly. "I heard screaming, your girlfriend is standing in the kichen in her underwear, YOUR standing in the kichen in your underwear holding yourself and asking for ice. so Please!....dont tell me my eyes are lieing to me." he said and slowly turned to Roxy.
"girly." he said and Roxy was so embarrased at this point. "from what it looks like,you're a freak! you cant be so rough, hes a softy" Mikey finshed tapping her shoulder a few times and went back to bed.
They watched him as he walked into his room and slowly closed the door.

"dude, did you figuer out if they were getting busy?" they heard Frank say before their door was shut.
they both looked at each other and laughed, she closed the door to the refigerater.
Gerard walked over to her, he seemed to be okay now, and held her close.
"what now?" she asked
"well..." he said and picked her up and ran her into the bedroom and layed her on the bed.
"now i already told you that i dont want to do this." Roxy said smiling, sitting up on her arms.
"i know" Gerard said closing the door and crawling towards her. " first, because we dont have to be up for another 3 hours or so, i'll kiss you" he said kissing her between every few words. "until im stisfied, and hold you, until you fall asleep again and in the morning,"he said and leand in for a long kiss. "you owe me breakfast for making my brother and Frank think i banged you." Gerard said with all seriousness.
"dont i make you kids breakfast every morning?" she asked and he thought about it.
"well yeah but after your amazing cooking i want something different."he said and scooted on her a bit further.
"i want you." he added.
she tightened up tryed to swallow but she was too nervous.
"i know you said you're not ready for that and we've only been together for like a month but, i know right now that i love you and i wanted this to be special and i understand that you not ready, i want it to be special for you too. but do me a favor?" he asked and she nodded her head "anything." she replied.
"think about it." he said and kissed her one last time and they snuggled close and feel asleep in each others arms.


the next morning, Gerard woke up again to a delicious smell. he got up and walked to the kitchen. Mikey saw him and immediately looked away. Gerard grabbed Roxy around the waist and kissed her neck. "morning" she said and handed him the plate he requested.
he sat down when Ray, Bob and Mikey were getting up to put their dishes in the sink.
Gerard sat down and poured some juice and Roxy left to go give a plate to the driver. (to be polite)
Gerard put the juice down and saw Frank staring at him, with his chin being propped up by this hands.
"well good morning my sunshine. busy night huh?" he asked and Gerard took a bite of his food.
"dude, you have no idea. i could barely walk this morning. i mean..." he said and whiped his mouth and looked over both his shoulders to make sure that no one was there.
"she even suggested.." he started and leaned over to whisper in his ear.
as the hushed word were being said Franks face erupted with all sorts of shocked expressions.
".........dude............AWESOME!" he shouted and went to high-five him.
"dont get carried away, it was a joke." Gerard said, breaking his spirits.
"awwww foo!" Frank pouted and left his dish in the sink and sat back down to finish his juice.

Roxy came in and sat down, to eat now her self and when she took a bite, she glanced at Gerard and he smiled at her.
thats when she noticed, she couldnt swallow again. she had a mouth full of food and every time she tryed, it refused to go down. she sort of stuffed it to the side in her cheek and went to get a drink. then, the worst, no more juice.
"mmm i'll be right back." Gerard said and walked into the other room.
"Fwonk?" she asked with her mouth full of food trying not to spit it out and pointed to his glass.
"whats wrong" he asked sliding the glass over to her. then to show him whats wrong, she oppened her mouth.
"ewww." he said and looked away to give her the glass.
she drank his juice and gasped.
"thanks. i dont know whats wrong with me. i just....cant eat in front of him anymore." she said and dumped her breakfast out knowing that she couldnt eat it.
"you're nervous. no one can eat in front the one they love." he told her.
"but he said he loved me, why can he eat?"
"trust me, he does."
"you know." she stated." you can be very insitefull sometimes."
"yeah,im the one who knows all. you can just call me Oprah." he said and then thought about it. "you know what, dont call me that." he told her and they both laughed.
"Gerard came out and sat back down.
"finished already?" he asked her and she nodded
Gerard went to take a bite.

he couldnt swallow either
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