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Its Out!

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Things Get A Bit Awkward Between Gerard and Roxy After Last Night And The Other Band Members Get To See Gerard And Mikey NAKED!! o.o GaSp! Donna Goes To Get Roxy From The Bus As She Was Talking...

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After, somewhat, finishing his breakfast, Gerard and the rest of the boys decided to go visit His mother again.
Roxy was in the bedroom changing when they arived. Gerard knocked on the door for her to hurry up.
"c'mon Roxy. i told you, you dont need to impress my mom." He told her again, which was true because his mother already adored her.
"Gerard im not going, go ahead though." she yelled, thumping around with her clothes.
"what? why not? he asked.
"because..." she started to say and then busted through the door with sweet pants, a tank-top her old converse and a head band. "im cleaning today!" she yelled and Gerard was confused.
"you WANT to clean?" he asked and looked her up and down
"no, i dont want to, but its my jod right? so i figured i'd get started today. it IS what im here for." she said, grabing her bucket and mop.
"well join us inside when you want to come in, or when your finished or something." Gerard said and left, without a hug or a kiss. nothing. Roxy felt wierd about that for some reason, she felt a little down. then thinking about it, which she does way to much, she started to think it was her fault. that Because she didnt want to have sex with him the other night, he didnt want her anymore.
she looked out the window and watched him walk into the house. she sighed and searched for her phone.
she dialed Candy's number and rested the phone on her shoulder while filling the bucket with water and ammonia.
"hello?" there was an answer.
"hey! its Roxy"

"hey Rox, whats up how did you hold up last night? you were pretty tanked."

"yeah i know, sorry about that but i was just.....upset. UGHH!" Roxy gasped for breath and covered her mouth.

"what? what happened?"

"ammonia" she said and lifted up the bucket to start washing the floors.

"you're cleaning?"

"yeah its kind of my job so i thought i would get started."

"oh so, what about last night? you were okay right?"

"yeah and thats sort of what i wanted to talk to you about......"


meanwhile, back in the house, they all sat in the kitchen and Donna was showing off naked baby pictures of the boys and Ray Bob and Frank could not contain their laughter
"ahaha im about to piss myself!"
Bob yelled barely able to catch his breath and ran off to the bathroom before he really did.

Gerard helped himself to an asortment of mixed nuts his mother left out on the counter.
"ahh, see my boys are so cute." Donna said pinching both Mikey and Gerards cheeks, and they both smiled.
"thanks mom."
Gerard said and gave his mom a kiss on the cheek.
"whos that one?" Ray asked pointing to a picture of the Boys with another child.
" oh that was their child hood friend, Bryan......(sigh) his mother was always a bitch." she said looking at the picture bringing back memories. Gerard almost choked.
"mom!" he said, not expecting his mother to talk like that
"what?! she always bragged about her son beieng a 'lawer'" she said with a hint of sarcasim. "well my sons are rock stars! beat that!" she yelled at the picture.
"first, i dont think the picture is listening, and second, you brag about us too." he said and she smiled.
"so wheres Roxy? Gerard, she is complete sweetheart! where did you find her? i have to say, i do like her a bit more then Katie." she said,
"oh well mom, shes still in the bus cleaning, see, we wernt really gonna get together, we hired her to work and we just sort of.....fell for each other." he said and smiled.
"awwww thats sweet, but she shouldnt be working, she should be in here." her mother said and went out front to the bus.
she knocked on the door but no answer.
"Roxy?" she questiond, peeking in and she heard talking. she went in a bit more.

"so anyway," Roxy continued saying, still in the middle of her conversation with candy. she was in the other room and didnt know anyone was there. Donna didnt say anything and just listened in.

"so last night after the whole incident with Mikey, we went back to bed and um.........Gerard sort of.........asked me to.........uh, 'make love' to him" she tried to put into other words, sort of uncomfrotable with using the word sex infront of Candy.
"no way! oh my God, so.....what did you do?"

" i just told him i wasnt ready and he accepted it and told me to let him know when im ready."
she said kind of ashamed even though she didnt do anything.

"pffff are you kiding! i would have banged em' " Candy said as if it was nothing.

"Candy! this is serious, im really scared, i mean i didnt want to dissapoint him."
Donna was listening the whole time and covered her mouth.
"why would you dissapoint him?" candy asked, now being serious.
" because, after all this he hasnt hugged me or even attempted to kiss me after breakfast. i.....i think i let him down." she said and almost started to cry but held it in. Donna was about to walk out.
" i mean, if he knew i was only sixteen, he wouldnt be doing this."
Donna stopped and her eyes widend.
'shes sixteen!'
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