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Dance Dance Anyone?

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Donna heres Gerard out and gives him her own motherly advice. Roxy ends up Challenging Him to a game-off and something HUGE happens so you have to read......or die! muhahaha dieee of not knowing w...

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Donna walked back in the house, still surprised at what she heard.
"Did you get Roxy mom?"
Gerard asked and she looked at him, and he got a weired expression on his face.
"no, she was on the phone with her friend, can i speak to you Gerard?" she asked and walked into the other room which was a signal for him to fallow.
"now, i know im your mother and this may be a.....sensitive subject but, have you ever done....anything, with Roxy?"
Gerard turned red.
"MIKEY!" he yelled. "why, what did you hear?!" he asked nervously, that she already her Mikey's side of the stroy.
"wha?!" Mikey said now getting involved and sitting down with them.
"no no, not form Mikey, i was just wondering. i mean you guys live pretty much alone in that thing and," she said fidgeting with her fingers, not knowing what else yo say.
"no mom, take my word for it." he said getting serious. he also thought this was nothing to joke about.
"and....did you ever, try, anything with her?"

Gerard tightend up. He couldnt lie to his mother with something like this. he looked slightly away in shame.
"yes. i did. but.....she said she wasnt ready, and I Totally understand!!! im not pressuring her! i mean, mom, i have to tell you, i really love this girl., like...whoa! its unreal. and i would never do anything to hurt her. i'll wait as long as it takes." he freaked out and Donna put her hand on his shoulder. she could tell how much he loved her and didnt want to tell him about her age. he was so happy.
"its okay but, i want you to understand, something like this......Girls dont take lightly. i want you to be patient because when shes ready trust me, she'll tell you."
Gerard smiled. "thanks mom, that was the most uncomfortable conversation i have ever had. but thanks. that helped"
he said and kissed her on the cheek and headed o the bus.

"why dont we ever talk like that?" Mikey asked, wanting some loving.
"Get a wife, then we'll talk." his mother said in a more playfull tone.

"oh wait!" she yelled before he reached the door.
"when you see her, i want you to give her a big hug and big kiss and, this may sound strange but tell her your not dissapointed her."
Gerard thought it was weird but agreed.

he walked to the bus and opened the door. by that point Roxy was off the phone and was cleaning the dishes.
Gerard Wrapped his arms around Roxy and rested his chin on her shoulder.
she tensed up and didnt move, then turned her head slightly to the left to look at him and he lunged forward in an intense lip lock they have ever had.
'this is to perfect. its exactly what i wanted.' she thought when she felt something she never felt before and quickly pulled away, covering her mouth.
"Gerard, that was the first time we ever......french kissed." she said blushind wildly.
"really? thats wierd." he said and turned her around to give her a propper hug. he thought about what his mom told him to say and though it was stragnge but knew she was the expert and went for it.
"Roxy, you know that you can never dissapoint me. i'll always love you." he said and she pulled away again, but this time to look at him. she stared into his eyes for a moment and then grabbed his face and pulled HIM into the kiss. she didnt know what she was really doing but his words were so strong that she couldnt help herself.
when they pulled back, they both looked away from each other bashfuly
Gerard mouthed the word 'wow' to himself after, not believing that it worked.
"hey. "she said, noticing something in a shelf and Gerard turned to her to see what it was.
"i didnt know you had a PS2 here." she said and set it down
Gerard laughed. "why, you play video games?"
"yes! and why is that so hard to believe? because im a girl?" she asked defending her right as a woman to play video games.
"well, yeah kind of." he said and she was shocked.
"alright, then lets play."

"you cant be serious?"

"ha try me, i bet i can beat you at any game." she got closer in his face.

"fine, you pick the game and i'll kick your butt."

Roxy looked around at the space of the room.
"give me five minutes and i'll have the game." she grabbed her keys and headed over to Candy's house.
Gerard laughed to him self and ran inside to tell the others about the game off they were about to have.

back in the bus Frank helped Gerard hook up te PS2.
"dude, you havent played every game. how can you say you can beat her. she may be good." Frank said handing him another wire.
"oh please, im a natural at any game" he said in almost a superhero tone.

"no your just cocky." (murmered)

"what was that?"

"nothing, its hooked up.


Roxy just pulled up at Candy's house and she bangged on the door.
:"Candy. get me 'the game' " she asked

"you dont mean...."

"mmhhmmm" they ran to her room grabbed 'the game' and raced back the the bus


"oh boys" Roxy said from the door way and they all turned to her. "anyone up for, dance dance revolution?" she asked and layed down the mats.

"dude, you never played that one." Frank whispered to her.
"i know shut up." he whispered back and stepped on the mat ready to go.

"alright lets do this" he said scrolling through the playlist and choosing a song.
"wait let me put you on beginer." roxy said changing his difficulty level.
"no i think i can handle light." every one ooooo'd

the song started and the arrows came up as slow as can be and he still had no idea what he was doing, to the point where he came up with his own dance moves.
everyone cracked up and the song ended.
"i think the mat is broken." he said, placing the blame on a piece of plastic.

the Roxy got on the mat, changed the difficulty to challenge and marveled them with her sweet dance moves.
they stared at her as she only missed about 2 arrows and still got a double A.

"thats not fair." Gerard said and playfully picked her up and swung her around.
'this is the kind of fun i miss' she thought to herself and they played the rest of the day.

that night Gerard hopped in the shower from sweating all day because of that game. he turned the water on and let run down him then he felt a slight brush against his thigh.
"Frank i told you, the last time you got in the shower with me wasnt funny either" he said and turned around.

'Roxy!' he screamed in hiis mind.

"im ready now." she said in a low whisper and he kissed her against the wall.
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