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The Amazing Festival

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Roxy feels some-what good about she has done but still guilty. Gerard assures her that everything is alright and they get closer than ever! on the road, there is a slight stop that makes Frank go...

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That night, the door to their bedroom stayed locked. Frank smiled, knowing exactly what was going on.

Gerard was breathing a bit harder and stopped when he noticed a tear roll down the side of her face.
He whiped it away and held her close. he kissed her softly.
"whats wrong?" he asked and she closed her eyes tighter.
"nothing, keep going." she said and let out a quiet sob.
he layed next to her and held her trembling hand. she lightly rested her head on his chest.
"Roxy?" he began to ask. " you werent ready for this were you." he whispered and she looked up at him.
"yes! Gerard i made this decision becuase i thought i was ready....and i still do. its just....i never thought it would hurt so much."
she confessed, her body still shaking, Gerard kissed her again.
"i'll just have to be more gental the."
For the rest of the night it got a lot better for Roxy. she was so nervous that she was doing something wrong. but she knew as long as she was with Gerard, she was safe. she never felt so comfortable with one person in her life, but she didnt exactly tell him the truth about why she was crying. yes, it did hurt, but she was crying because,she knew that her dad was watching her and she was worrying that he might have been ashamed.

The next morning, Roxy woke up, physically feeling a bit dirty and gross, but as soon as she turned over and saw Gerards face, she smiled.
he was so beautiful just laying there, hair a little messed up but still perfect and around the eyes, a little black from not taking off his eyeliner. his face was flawless and every bit adorable. she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the head.
"thank you" she whispered and got up, putting a pair of shorts on and a shirt.
"mmmmmmm where are you going? hey, i didnt pay you for last night miss." Gerard asked just waking up and noticed she was getting up. Roxy stopped and turned around. she ran and jumped on the bed, landing on top of him
"what did i say?" Gerard asked inoccently laughing.
"im not your whore." she said and gave him a kiss
"no, your not. but you are my absolutely amazing girl though. and i love you. i want you to know, that im not like most idiot guys. i wont bang you and tell my friends about it and then dump you because thats all i wanted out of you."
Roxy's face lit up. he knows exactly what girls want to hear she thought and gave him a quick peck on the lips and went to leave.
"where are you going?"
"to take a shower." she said grabbing a towel.
"can i come?" he asked inoccently. she just smiled and walked out. as she walked out she was immediately attacked by Frank who held her in a major head lock and began to give her a noogy, with her already messed up hair.
"way to go! thats my girl!" he yelled and she laughed.
"so, do tell. was it amazing?" Candy asked, wrapping her arm around Roxy.
"you were here?" Roxy said, not realizing that she even stayed over.
"well i had to be here your first time. my little girl is growing up!" she yelled and pulled her into an intense hug.
"you guys, c'mon i need to go take a shower and make you guys breakfast" she said breaking free of their grasp
"dont bother, we're heading to New York for a show and we'll just get Breakfast there. we'll give you a break today." Bob said and Roxy smiled.
she went to take and quick shower and when she got out, they were still on the road.
Gerard and Candy were playing video gamed because Frank lost badly in 'Katamari Damacy' and was kicked off the machine.
he sat bored looking out the window.
Roxy just came out of the bathroom and sat next to Candy who was totally pwning at the game when suddenly there was a loud gasping noise.
it was Frank. he pressed Face against the glass.
he screamed and the bus driver slammed on the breaks, sending everyone flying forward.
Frank stumbled getting up as fast as he could.
"what the hell is going on?" Ray asked getting up from the ground.
"IHOP FESTIVAL!" he screamed and fumbled with the locks on the door. "open the door, open the door, will some please open the freakin' door!" he screamed and Gerard assisted him and Frank bolted outside and then stopped, drinking in the marvel of it all. then he was grabbed by the collar.
"hold up there buck-o." Mikey said. "didnt you make a bet that you were off of pancakes for good?" he said and Frank slowly turned his head and gave him the worst look of death.
"let me go if you want to live."
he told Mikey, not able to be any more serious than that, and throught fear, Mikey let go.
The happy thoughts entered his mind again and he took off.
" well it looks like we're getting breakfast here then." Gerard pointed out and they all sepperated and went there own ways.
Gerard grabbed Roxy's hand and they walked with Candy around the festival, occationaly getting a glimps of Frank who was going out of his mind.
"Hey Roxy, uh i got some news." Candy said kicking the dirt under her feet.
"well im leaving tomorrow, back home with my mom." She said
"well then that works out for the best i guess." Roxy said happily. "were gonna be gone tomorrow too! i'll take you back later tonight then. after the show." Roxy said willing to drive her home. Candy smiled.

"oh my God! you were right Shara!." some random girl yelled out. "it IS Gerard Way! and, look! Frank, and Ray and there all here!" she yelled and a swarm of girls surrounded poor Gerard and Roxy, pushing Candy out and on the ground. Frank rushed over and helped her up, and before long, he was surrounded too.

"oh, is that your girlfriend?! she so pretty!" some girl said and took a picture of the two
"oh thank you." Roxy said and smiled. she was actually liking the attention.
when all of the other crowds heard that Gerard had a Girlfriend, they all rushed over to him.
Candy brushed herself off and stared at Roxy. 'she didnt even try to help me. all this attention is getting to her head.' she thought and walked away.

Frank wanted to follow her to make sure she was okay, but he got side- tracked seeing a giant syrup fountain.
his eyes lit up and he couldnt help himself, he dove right in.
then, he spotted the pancake mascot. he sat up, all covered in syrup.
"dont....move." he told the mascot and the mascot took off.
"i said dont move!" he yelled and chased him down.
"hey buddy, you do know im not a real pancake." the terrified Guy in the pancake suit said.
"i know, where are they! i have seen syrup, toppings and delicious fillings but NO PANCAKES!" he yelled. "where are they!"
"over there." the guy said and pointed to a table full of steaming hot, delicious pancakes.
his mouth watered and floated to the table and stood right be hind the chef.
the chef turned around and jumped.
"you!" the chef yelled, it was Dave!
Frank snapped out of it, realizing who it was too. "you!" he said back. "okay, im so not going to hate you right now because you smell absolutely delectable" Frank said sniffing him, thinking that he smelt better then that guy in the hotel lobby where Roxy worked. then he grabbed a plate of his favorite chocolate pancakes.
"alright freak! wheres Roxy? she was with you the last time i saw her!" Dave freaked out, grabbing him by the collar.
"she ova dare." Frank answered with a mouth full of pancakes.
without letting go of Frank, Dave looked over and saw Gerard with his arm around Roxy. they both looked at each other and kissed and the crouwd was full of awwwww's
Dave dropped Frank, he was to heart broken.
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