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Learn To Protect Yourself

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Candy Gets Up Set About The Way Roxy Has Been Acting Lately And Totally Blows Everything Out Of Proportion. Frank Confessed His Feelings About Someone And Gerard Tells Roxy Something That Can Comp...

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"Gerard, Gerard! over here!"
girsl yelled trying to get his attention to snap a few shots of the 'cute pouple'.
Roxy was constantly smiling because the pictures never stopped. she felt like a celebrity.
she looked around looking for Candy but she was no where to be found.
"Gerard have you seen Candy, i dont see her anywhere." Roxy said through her teeth, still smiling.
Gerard looked over both his shoulders and saw Ray and Bob running towards them with, also, a group of girls fallowing them
"Gerard, Frank!" they yelled.
Roxy Frank and Gerard gentally broke through their crowds and asked the Fans for a bit of privacy.
Ray and Bob tryed to catch their breath,
"okay" Bob started to say. "one thing, we have to get going soon and another thing we just saw Candy leaving with her book bag, trying to get a taxi....shes leaving!" he said. Roxy's happy moment came and went, just like that.
All Roxy could think of doing was running after her and thats exactly what she did.
she made the mistake of not chasing Candy once and there friendship ended for a little while. she didnt want that to happen again.
"Candy!!" she yelled right before she got in the Taxi. "Candy wait!........why are you just leaving like this, i said id take you home."
Roxy said catching up with her and thought she was just being silly.
"Roxy! this fame has gotten to your head! when your around Gerard its like....your not with ME anymore, and i think friendship is alot more important then some guy you're gonna be with for 2 monthes. i think Gerard is great and all, and i hate it to come to this but, its either him, and i'll get in this Taxi and leave"

Roxy could NOT believe what she was hearing.
"so thats all you think Gerard is? just some fling i'll get over in another month? how could you think of me like that? could you be so selfish?" Roxy asked about to cry and the other guys just cought up with them and stood back a little to give them some space.
"i love Gerard, and i love you too Candy, how could ever make me choose over the two of you.? you knew that eventually i would find someone. i thought you would be happy for me."
Candy stood there with no expression.
"me...or....him?!" she asked again angrily. Roxy just stood there, she didnt say anything. Candy got mad and just got in the car and pulled away. Frank cahsed it a little bit down the street trying to get her back but when he realized he couldnt, he slowed down and ran his hands through his hair.
Roxy stood on the sidewalk watching the car until it faded away and her vision got blurred. tears swelled in her eyes and she dropped to her knees.
Frank ran back and helped her up and gave her a big long hug.
"its okay" he whispered in her ear. " gonna miss her too. i was....actually falling for her."
Roxy looked at him and smiled.
"really?" she asked and whiped her cheek. Frank nodded.
Gerard and the other ran up to them as they were hugging.
"you okay?" Gerard asked rubbing her back.
"you know what, i am. she was best friend but if shes going to make me chose between my two greatest loves, then shes not who im going to chase after." Roxy said confidently.

"hey, im really sorry. i dont mean to break this up but we really have to get going we have one more show then we go to London!" Bob said making the situation a bit brighter, and they headed back to the bus to leave, strangely they were all perfectly normal.
"awww this sucks. i wish i could have eaten more." Frank said, sadly looking back at the glorious festival.
Roxy looked back too and spotted Dave packing up some of his things.
"oh my god!" she said and ran over to him.
"wait! we have to go." Mikey yelled
"i'll be 2 seconds." she yelled back.

Dave saw her running across the area.
"Roxy!" Dave said and scooped her up in a hug. "uhhhg i missed you so much. where have you been?" he asked and let her feet on the ground again.
"i've been with the guys traveling around. so what are you doing here?" she asked surprised to see him so far from home.
"well, im trying to be noticed by more well known cheffs and and five star resturaunts so i can move forward with cooking. and, because our resturaunt has gotten such good reviews on its pancakes, i thought this would be a good start." he was proud of what he was doing and hoped to have that reaction for Roxy too.
"thats so great! oh but im sorry i have to get going." she said and gave him another quick hug and ran off.
he was about to say something to her but she was already gone, in the arms of another man.
He shook it off and continued to pack his stuff up.

"alright to England!!" Bob yelled pumping everyone up.
"To Engla.....what?"everyone said at the same time.
"but i thought we were going to Cali." Roxy asked
"uh yeah about that....." Bob began to say scratching the back of his head. "uh.....when i made the arrangements to play at the show, they thought that i said we were a band called "My Forgettable Pants" and we we're like some cool new local band and when i called to finalize the show and they heard who we really were, they didnt want us." Bob said, just hoping that they werent mad.
"well serves you right for booking the gig on a cell phone. thats why you should switch to...Verizon Wireless, the plan for you and you family or band in this case." Mikey said as if he was doing a commercial.
"would you quit doing that everytime you take out your phone. i already told you, you DONT look like that guy." Gerard told him for the last time.
"aww thats not nice, california doesnt like us?" Frank said pouting his lower lip and feeling a bit rejected.
"no, it might have just been a local band show and thats what they thought you were. and besides, all that matters right now is.......We're going to England!!" Roxy said cheering everyone up again and they all got syked once more
they all packed their their bags on the bus, and quickly got ready for the short show in New York.
Gerard watched Roxy get ready and was happy that she was feeling better but he needed to tell her something very important about the other night when they 'hooked up'.

"Roxy i have to tell you something about.....the other night." He said in a hushed tone, a little nervous.
Roxy dropped her clothes thinking she knew what it was and prayed to God that it wasent.
"she turned around and didnt say a word.
"i....i was stupid that night and i got way ahead of myself so sorry....i..i didnt use protection."

Roxy covered her mouth and gasped for breath.
"what?" she questioned and he hugged her apologizing over and over knowing how scared she must be.
she really didnt want to him to touch her right at that moment but, as soon as she felt his warmth and compation, she knew that no matter what happened, he would be by her side.

'i should have waited. how could i have been so wreckless. dad, you must be so dissapointed, please, forgive me' she prayed to her father beging for everything to turn out okay.
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