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To London It Is!

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Big shock! but im not gonna tell you in the summary, it would ruin it. Frank gets stronger feelings for Roxy and they head to London! where another big suprise ends up in Gerards right hand seat

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"i promise you, when we get into New York, i'll take you to a hospital to get you checked."
Gerard tryed to reassure her. Roxy thought she would never have to hear those words directed at her
' we'll get you tested '
she got so scared that she couldnt fell ger own heart beat.
"please please dont tell the others about this. i just....i just want to know that everything is okay. can you at least tell me that?" she asked him to do and comfort her in a time like this.
"i......i cant. i wont lie to you only because i dont know the truth. not everything can be okay." he told her and she clenched her fistes. she knew that saying would come back to bite her.

they both finished getting packed and the two didnt speak to each other the rest of the night and the show in New York didnt go as well as planned.
the boy sluggishly left the stage in dissapointment.
"hey you guys, dont worry i mean it was bound to happen sometime. so you had one bad show, you got it out of your system, no nothing but good right?" Roxy said trying to be optimistic about the whole thing. they all smiled lightly and touched her arm as they passed by. Gerard stopped and looked at her for a moment.
"you ready?" he asked and she nodded with a smile. he smiled back seeing how calm she was being through all of this.
"we're gonna take off, we'll see you a little bit later." Gerard said following Roxy out the door.
"well where are you going?" Frank asked getting a little concered. hes never seen them both so serious.
"just....we'll be back."
Frank sat down looking at the door, worried about what was going on.

the ride was silent, they didnt even make eye contact.
at the hospital Gerard sat in the waiting room with his hands held tight in front of him
"im not ready to be a father. i can barely take care of myself right now. and the band, they would be so pissed." he said to himself and looked at the ground when he saw feet appear infront of him.
he looked up quickly and saw Roxy standing there.
she didnt looked to happy.
he stood up, about to fry himself and gentaly grabbed her shoulders.
"im not pregnant." she said laughing a little bit.
"im not pregnant!" she said again and he hugged her tightly.
it was a great relief and made sure he gave her the kisses she deserved and once againg, begon to appologize accesively.

on the way back to the bus they were quiet again but smiling the whole way.
"you know," Gerard began to say. "i was actually thinking what it would be like to have a little one of me running around." he said thinking about it again.
Roxy quickly looked at him and shot him an evil stare. "do you wanna give birth to that child?" she asked him sternly
"no" he replied thinking how unpleasant that would be.
"then dont ever say that again." she said as pleasantly as possible and he giggled.
they got back to the bus and headed inside.

"hey guys we're back." Gerard said and hung his coat up. everyone got up immediately to greet them
"hey where have you been? we need to get some sleep, we have a really long day tomorrow." Mikey said stretching as high as he could.
they were all dressed and ready for bed, waiting for them to get home.
"can i talk to my brother about this? we're just really close and i really wanna talk to guy about it right now and im sure you just want to get out of your mind right now." Gerard whipsered to her and she agreed, as long as he promised not to tell anyone about it.
Frank grabbed his Skeleyon Krew blanket and went to go to his room.
"you okay?" he asked with deep emotion.
"yeah but....can you come to my room in like 5 minutes, when Gerard is with Mikey?" she asked him and told her no problem.

when Gerard was about to go talk to his brother, Frank came in.
he knocked two times and then let himself in, shoffeling his feet to the bed with hiscomfort candy, twizzlers.
" hey sweet-n-low, so whats up?" he asked handing her a twizzler.
"okay, if i tell you, you have to promise not to say anything to ANYONE got it?" she asked for his word.
"you have the Frank word, its a code of honor, so now tell me what?" he asked again
"well, when me and Gerard..........yeah. well he didnt tell me before and i didnt think to ask but, he wasent protected."
she told him and the candy fell out of his mouth. "did you get tested?" he asked, just to make sure.
"yeah, thats where we we're and its nothing, im perfectly fine and not pregnant." she said. "but i was so scared."
"awwww honey, your okay now though and im really glad that you're comfortable enough to come and talk to me. really it means alot that......i can be your Dr. Phill." Frank said and she laughed.
"Come here you!" he said and grabbed her into a bear hug and made a growling sound.

the coversation with Mikey didnt go as well as planned. he spent an hour being lectured by his little brother about safe sex, which is pretty much the most embarassing thing for him but Mikey was also very supportive.
when he went back to his room, the light was on. he went in and saw Frank and Roxy sleeping together on the bed (not in a sexual way) and he laughed. he got im between them both and fell asleep himself.


the next morning at the airport, they had to rush to there plane because they had to stop for breakfast at, you guessed it, Ihop. Frank was under the impression that london didnt have pacakes.
when they got on the plane they all sat down and there was quiet murmers from young people all around. Ray Roxy and Frank all got a row together and the rest sat in there own row.
when they all got settled, Gerard sat down and closed his eyes. he was so tired from being up so late and stressing about having a baby, when a woman sat next to him.

"we have got to quit meeting like this." the woman said.
it was Katie.
"hey! what are you doing here?" he asked and she told him all about her job taking photos of the queen for a story.

"so, you wanna do something when we get settled? how 'bout a club?" she suggested offering for the others to come too. she didnt really want them to but if she didnt invite them, he wouldnt go.
"sure. we'll all get together." Gerard said and she sat back in her seat.

'perfect, i can prove that that girl is not who she seems. theres something about her thats just not right.'
Katie said to herself, wanting Gerard back all for herself.
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