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Enough Is Enough

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on the plane ride over Roxy makes sure to keep and extra close eye on Katie thinking this has to be more than a 'bump into' kind of thing. she happens to be a little sensitive about flying and ge...

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Gerard fell asleep and Katie gentaly placed a blanket over him, just about up to his chin so he was nice and snug, and the took out his iPod ear phones and turned it off so as not to run out the battery. Roxy was just about to fall asleep herself but wouldnt take her eyes off Katie who was snuggling up to Gerard's shoulder.
she was jealous, of course, but she didnt think to much off it again like last time.
after recent events she was about 99.5% sure that Gerard was serious about what they had. (you can never be 100% sure of that) but even so, she knew they would last more then 2 monthes like Candy said. in fact they already had! it was already two months for them and december was coming up fast. she though of how weird it would be to be so far away from her mom for Christmas. Then she imagined how amazing it would be, because hers and Gerards anniversary was on the 25th which would make it Christmas.
she had never thought of it before!

Ran and Frank both layed there head on Roxy's shoulders and she was just about to turn out her light.

"excuse me?" some girl asked in the seat behind her with a thick London accent.
she turned around just enough so she wouldnt wake the two sleeping guys.
"is that.....Frank Ireo?" she asked and Roxy nodded and smiled.
"then....are you Roxy Dasher, because i have heard so much about you?! you're even more gorgeous in person then you are in your pictures." she told her and Roxy's smile got a bit bigger.
"thank you. and...whats your name?" she asked in a whisper.
" Elena, nice to meet you. sorry to disturb you before you went to sleep but i really had to ask... who is that one getting a bit to close to Gerard over there?" shr asked pointing to katie. Roxy stared at Katie as she crept closer and closer to Gerard every second.
"thats his.......cousin." she said not wanting Katie to get the idea that she was ever hoing to get Gerard back. not after what she did to him.

flash back
back when Gerard was in high school he had the biggest crusk on Katie. she was one of the popular girls.
she was never a cheerleader, she wasnt into that kind of stuff, but she was one of the most beautiful girls that Gerard has ever seen. he was a little on the bigger side but still a cutie. he was always very quiet and a bit of a loner, but he always admired Katie from a far.
one day he finally got the courage to ask her out. she said yes, but the only reason she did, was to make fun of him behind his back.
it was a little joke she had with her friends.
when the time for prom finally came along she said she would go with him but would make it a trp so she could go with her REAL boyfriend.
a boy by the name of Tyson Bialy.
when Gerard arived at prom the night, Tyson and his gang of his steroid saturated friends beat the living day light out of him before he even reached the door.
after that night, Gerard always saw Katie with Tyson and she never looked his way again.
until, that one day when they finally became known.
Katie dumped Tyson like a bad habit and Gerards phone rang constantly from Katie trying to get a hold of him.
he hasent talked to her ever sence, untill halloween night.

she didnt know how anyone can do that to poor little Gerard.
Roxy got comfortable between the two guys and was about to fall asleep too, when Frank murmerd something in his sleep.
"mmmmmm sorry i cant go to greece my monkey is having a baby." he said trailing off in the end. " Dude are you first basing that peice of paper ?" he said again and snuggle to Roxys shoulder.
Roxy laughed.
'what is he dreaming about?' she asked herself and layed her head on his and went to sleep.

when they landed the next morning in London, Frank had to rock her gentally when breakfast came around for the passengers.
she slowly opened her eyes, she was pale and around her eyes was dark. she shivered and looked at Frank to see what he wanted.
"breakfast is here, do you want something? he asked and looked a bit closer at her face.
she gagged a little but tried to hide it and shook her head. she always got a little queezy on lpanes but she has never felt this crapy in her life.
Frank denied his breakfast too, and held her head up.
"you really dont look to good........are you gonna hurl?" he asked leaning back a little bit just to be sure.
she didnt want to answer his question, she just wanted to lay down again. he had her lay her head down on hi chest and leaned over Ray and Roxy to get Gerards attention. Gerard was reading something.
"pssst. Gerard." he called to him in a loud whisper but her didnt answer.
"Gerard!" he called louder but her still didnt hear.
"GERARD!" he yelled and everyone stared at him.
"what?!" he whispered angrily and Frank mothioned him to come over.

"Ray, switch seats with Gerard." Frank told him and with out question he did.
Gerard sat down next to Roxy and Frank handed her over to him
"whats wrong with her?" he asked.
" i think she just has a fear of flying because she gets sick"

Gerard took her chin
"do you have a fear of flying?" he asked her.
"no they just sometimes make me..." she baeggan to say and then quickly covered her ears and began to sing ' the itsy bitsy spider' to herself. ever sence she was little, that song has always calmed her down from when her dad died to when she felt she was going to throw up.
she burried her face in Gerards chest.

"oh my, is she okay?" Katie asked kneelig down besides his seat brushing back her hair.
"i think she just wants to land." Gerard said and rubbed her back. she was about to fall asleep again, she was so comfortable in his arms with his soft touch.
"well here, i bring this me to settle my stomach." she said and handed her some Pepto-Bismol.
she had a hard time getting it down but she did and fell asleep in his arms.
when the plane landed Gerard propped her up and helped her off,
as soon as she got out the terminal, she could feel the cold air rushing around her body.
they walked fast knowing that people were staring at them, debating whether or not that was MCR or they all just happened to be guys who looked exactly like them.
they quickly got into there rental van, making sure they werent seen
for some reason, Katie fallowed them, worried for Roxy and to make sure she was okay.
they arived at a hotel just ouside of London and had Roxy lay down.
"im really sorry you guys, that pepto helped but im still not feeling very good, why dont you take Katie with you instead."she insisted, figuring that Katie wasent so bad after all she has doen to help her.
Katies face lit up
"really?! can i go with you guys?" she asked grabbing onto Frank and Gerard.
"yeah, Really?" Frank asked pulling away from her grasp. he did NOT want her to go.
"uh i guess. i dont see why not" Gerard agreed, placing his hands in his pockets and looking around.
no one else wanted her to go either.
"yay!" she exclaimed and linked arms with Gerard and headed out.
the boys watched them walk out together and then rushed over to Roxy's bed side pushing one another out of the way.
"are you sure you want this?"
"its not to late for you to come!"
"please i hate that woman, shes the devil! she'll try something i know it!" Frank yelled as they all got desperate for her company.
"go have a good show. i'll be okay here. il just clean up here and..." she started to say unpacking her things and she violently threw her bag across the room and stared at herself angrily in the mirror.
the guys stared at her.
"i hate her." she said under her breath but ebough for them to here.

' i cant stand this anymore! Katie's trying to have him and hes not totally resisting and all im doing is lieing to him. i have to tell him the truth. this isnt fair to him'

she promised herself that while they were here....she would finally tell him Everything!


Katie stood in the wings, cheering them on. Despite of how tired and jet lagged they were, they had an amazing show!
when they finished off the crowd went wild and Katie jumped on Gerard and he was to tired to hug back.
"you guys were amazing!" she shouted over the screams but no one took her compliment.
after the show as some were still signing autographes, Gerard packed some things up getting ready to go.
"so do i need to call you a cab to your hotel?" he asked taking his phone out.
"no, but you can call me one to yours." she said and leand forward placing a soft kiss upon his lips.
he didnt kiss her back but...he didnt pull away.
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