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How Is She Gunna Get In Those Jeans?

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Katie refuses to give up, she is determind to have her and the itsy bits spider saves Roxy's life!

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"wh....what are you.." Gerard asked after she pulled away.
"Gerard, we both know how you feel. and by now i think you know how i feel. so lets just make it official. i was stupid as a kid, lets just let the past be the past and...move on." she whispered, touching him as much as possible.

Frank and Mikey saw this happening and stood by to see what happened.

Gerard grabbed her hands to stop her random groping.
"Katie. im going to tell you right now, nothing is going to happen beween us." he told her, making himself perfectly clear.
"i love Roxy and im happy with her. im sorry but, im taken right now."
Katie looked heart broken and Gerard went to walk away.
"what do you see in that younging anway! she cant be any better then me....if you know what i mean?" she asked before Gerard got in the van.
"actually...shes better."
he said and shut the door.
her mouth was left gaping in shock as she watched them pull away from the busy London streets with there fans still screaming for them.
"wait!" she tried to get them to come back but was smothered in exhaust fumes.
she coughed and tryed to catch her breath.
"i still need you to call me a cab." she said quietly and cleanched her fists making a sorf of growling noise.

Roxy sat by the computer with her head resting on the desk staring at the monitor with buggy eyes. she sighed to herself knowing that a myspace message could not fix what happened between her and Candy. she wouldnt respond. then a new message!
she opened with all hope and then saw it was from her mom!
her heart skipped a beat and hesitantly opened it.
[hey hun, i was wondering if you could send me the address of where you are so i can send you mail and stuff. i hate this myspace thing laughing out loud did i do that right? i dont know how to do this stuff.]
she wrote and Roxy giggled. she felt a lower sinking in her stomach and she began to feel home sick
"i do miss my mom and i hate that im lying to her" she said to herself and fell back on her bed. she sighed and roled over on her stomach and began to play tith the necklace that Gerard gave her and took off the one her mother gave her and put it in a safe place.
'i cant even look at this right now' she tucked it safely in her bag and went out on the balcony, wondering when they were going to come home.

she sat up on the railing, letting her feet dangle about 4 floors above the ground.
she breathed in the cold, some what winter air and drank in the view
she felt herself being jerked back alittle bit and hung on to the rail for dear life.
"Saved Your Life!" Frank screamed and lifted her off the pole.
she was somewhat laughing and crying at the same time, thinking she was about to die. "oh my god i hate you." she said jokingly
"nah, you love me." he said and went to do his trade mark lick on the face and then stopped.
"wait, your cheek is cold. my tounge might get stuck for your face." he said and just hugged her.
then again, she felt herself being pulled back.
'what now?' she thought and then felt cold lips caress hers and knew exactly who it was just by his touch, accept it was more intense
"what was that for?" she asked quietly, rubbing her nose gentally against his.
"i dont ever wanna kiss any one but you. girl, your amazing." Roxy glanced over at Frank, who was still standing there, covering his mouth girlishly with three fingers and went inside.
"you know what?" Gerard asked lifting her back up on her feet. "you and me, tomorrow, we're gonna have a full on day to our selfs. we havent had a real date sense we got together and i would really really like one. what do you say, wanna go on a date with me?" he asked, as if she could say no!
"duh i want to. so where to?" she asked getting excited. shes never really been on a real date.
"hmmmm well we'le just have to wing it tomorrow because i have no idea. theres just so much to see." he told. "lets wake up early so we dont get the morning rush on the underground. we'll travel like real Londoners." he said and she giggled seeing in his eyes how excited he was getting.
'hes so cute!' she thought as he put his arm around her and they went inside where it was warm.

the next morning, her cell phone alarm went off at seven do they can get ready. surprisingly all the others were up as well. they werent uesd to the sun rising so early in the morning and couldnt get used to the time. Gerard went into the joining Room were Mikey and Frank were staying.
"where are you going?" she asked about to go into the bathroom.
"im going to go get ready over there so that way when im done i can actually come over here to pick you up, like a real date." he said and she smiled, he went to kiss her and she leaned away from him.
"save it for when you come to get me." she whispered and drifted into the bathroom and closed the door.
Gerard smiled and bit his lower lip. he ran nex tdoor to get ready.
Roxy could not help smiling when getting ready. she wanted to look perfect.

in the other room Gerard hopped around trying to squeez into his girl pants.
"hey, you ever think your not a size 6 anymore?" Frank said watching him desperately try to button them shut. he finally did.
"there see!" he said and did a quick spin modeling his favorite pair on pants.
"Hot. but how do you expect anyone to get into those?" Frank said flipping through a magazine.
Gerard grabbed everything that he needed and went to the door.
"have fun!" Frank said just as gerard shut the door.
He ran down stairs and stole a single rose from the display in the lobbly to give her.


there was a knock at te door.
"Coming!" Roxy shouted from the bathroom putting on a jacket and grabbing her shoulder bag. she opened the door and he was standing against the wall across from her door with the rose between his fingers, close to his face.
"hey beautiful."he said and presented her with the rose. she took it and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him softly.
"wow, you go all out for the first date." he said as the were still face to face and she giggled.
"let me go put this inside." she told him and she placed the rose nest to her bed side. "ready?" he asked when she came out as he gestured for her to take his hand. she did take his hand and they walked down the street to the underground station. they spent about 5 minutes just trying to figure out which train to take but whenthey did it was everything but crowded.
there was only one other man and woman in there compartment and they acted like anyother couple would, snuggeling, little peck on the lips and sweet talk.
Roxy could not be enjoying herself anymore at this point and it was only still morning.

they stepped off the train into the center of London.
"oh wow! this is amazing! alot better then the pictures. oh look the London eye!" she shouted. Gerard smiled and held her around the waist.
"wlcome to London." he said and she took his hand again and bulted to the giant faris wheel.
that day they did everything that normal tourists would do, they did the bus tour, went on the London Eye, and shopped. then the day began to end. as they were heading back to the station they noticed a huge croud gather around a large arena.

"i wonder whats going on here?" he questioned trying to peer over the many heads in their way also asking a near by person.
"its the Beating Retreat, the massed band perform for the queen." they answered.
some people around them began to notice to he was and gradually began to approach him. They didnt know who Roxy was and didnt pay any attention to her and just moved her aside. she didnt think much of it untill she realized, she was getting further and further away from Gerard, and the more she fought to get back to him, the more people tightend up in the crowd. she started to get scared and paniced! she ran another way to find him but still nothing.
Gerard slowly began to work his way out of the crowd. this is not what he wanted when they were on there date, and he noticed that she was gone.
he looked in every direction and couldnt see her anywhere. they both didnt know where to find eachother. Gerard dicided to pull a dangerous stunt to find her
he took off onto the arena, before anything was going on and took the microphone off the stand.

"the itsy bitsy spider, went up the water spout." he bagan to sing, knowing that it was the only song that make her feel calm and comfrtable.
security was gonna got get him but they were a bit confused. it was just a stupid thing to do and everyones was screaming for this craxy man.
Roxy heard his voice spread scross the area and she stopped dead in her tracks and turned towards the sound. she saw Gerard standing on a platform.
her face lit up
'he remembered.' she thought and ran onto the platform with him
"oh my god! i thought i lost you!" he said rocked her back and forth.
they both were taken away from the area and were not permitted to come back but at least they werent arested.
this time, they really did start walking to the station and when they finally got there she gave him a hug.
"whats that for?" He asked petting her head.
"i just never wanna hug anyone but you. boy, your amazing" she said, still alittle giddy about what he did to find her, and also taking his line from what he said the other night.
they got on there train and it was more then crowded. there was one seat open and Gerard automatically took it without offering it to her first. she thought that was kind of rude but didnt think twice about it. just before the train began to move, he held her waist and pulled her on top if him, sitting her on his lap.
he began rubbing her sides and kissing her neck.
she knew that he wanted something again that night.
'i dont think i can do that with him again, i still have to tel him about me!' she thought remembering that she was supposed to tell him.
she just didnt know how.
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