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Roxy and Gerard get in a fight with leads to a revealing secret. and Mikey has trouble sleeping again awwww poor Mikey.

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Roxy was absolutely right,
Gerard was deffinately in the mood that night. what they got back to the room all the guys were sleeping on the couch or on the floor in front of the television after watching a movie and Gerard took her into the next room and began to undress himself by takingoff his shirt off, he had already layed her on the bed and leaned over.
Roxy was so scared of what happened last time, she didnt really want to do anything but his kiss felt do good she couldnt help her self, untill he started to unbutton her pants. she pulled away.
"Gerard i dont think," she started to, say breathing harder then normal out of nervousness. Gerard kissed her neck and showed her his protection.
Roxy felt a little more comfortable but then remembered.
"Gerard wait, i have to tell you something" she said jusr before he was about to take her shirt off, but Gerard didnt stop.
"Gerard" she said one more time, but he didnt seem to hear her again.
"Gerard!" she said again, now getting more frustrated and trying to dodge his kisses. "stop!" she said getting up and grabbing her shirt for off the ground that he threw
and putting it back on.
Gerard stayed kneeling over the stop where Roxy was laying.
the only reason he wanted to do anything was because of how guilty he felt for kissing Katie and how scared he got when he lost her.
all these feelings backed up on him and he thought he could let them out by having sex with her (stupid boy minds :p)
"why dont you want to do this with me anymore, i feel that we have drifted apart lately." he said still staring at the bed.
"im still sceptical about what happened last time, you dont know how scary it is hearing that you might be pregnant! why cant you consider how i feel in this!?" she shouted.
she could feel herself losing her temper.
" i have considered your feelings! the entire time sense we've met, now its your turn! i told you that i had protection. whats the problem!" he bagan to yell himself, now getting up.
Roxy just shook her head in disgused. "you know, i love you but, you can be a real ass sometimes. i Dont Want To Do This Right Now." she spelt it out for him.
she felt she had a say in having sex, and dammit shes right!
at the sound of the screaming in the other room, Frank woke up but didnt move, he just listened..
"alright fine whatever." gerard said and grabbed his pants from the floor and went to go into the other room.
"what, are you not gonna say you love me to?" Roxy watched him walk away from her.
"no, 'cause i dont when your like this."
tears rose in her eyes from hearing that. and he was about to shut the door to the joining room where the other boy were sleeping
"FINE!" she screamed and went to walk out into the hallway. she ran down the hall and leaned against the wall crying, trying to prop herself up.

Gerard slammed the door behind him and threw his pants against the wall and went into bed.
"what happened?" Frank asked without looking at him.
"nothing. it doesnt matter lets just go to sleep."
Frank was starting to get mad at Gerard too. he got off of the couch, without disturbing anyone, and grabbed his coat to head out.
Gerard didnt try to stop him knowing that she was out there and he didnt want her to be alone. he just didnt want to do it himself. he was still mad.
Frank walked out and started heading down the hallway towards the lobby when he heard quiet sobbing behind him.
he turned around and saw Roxy huddled against the wall hugging her knees.
Frank hated seeing her like this. he slowly stood in front of her and rested his hand on her head.
Roxy thought it was Gerard and told him to back off.
"Roxy."Frank said and she looked up. she started to cry harder and threw her arms around him.
"Its okay, you wanna go for a walk?" he asked and she nodded her head and sniffled.
Frank reached his hand up to whipe away her tears and his heart throbbed.
'what is this?' he thought to himself and smiled.
to Roxy, his smile was so comforting.
they got up and walked around in a park across the street from the hotel.
they didnt say anything, and Roxy stared at the ground, thinking about what had happened. Frank would occationally look at her, and see her sad expression.
he couldnt take it anywmore.
we stepped in front of her letting her run into him into a hug.
"im not stupid Roxy. i heard what happened and you can talk to me about it. and i know what you mean now when you said, when something good happens between you and Gerard something ten times worse always follows."
her eyes watered again becuase it was turning out to be true.
"i have to tell dont deserve that." he said and tightend his grip on her.
she looked up, not knowing where he was going with this conversation.
"Gerard is my best friend but he can be really..........well he can be a jerk sometimes. Your so sweet and caring and you need someone who will treat you the same way. im not saying he doesnt, hes a great guy but,"
he pulled her away so she can look into his eyes.
"i can do better."
Roxy's heart pounded, she saw the look in Franks eyes that she just couldnt explain. she didnt know how she didnt see it before. all the times they were together they were always hanging onto eachother and playing around, clearly flirting.
he was around for everything and never let her feel small and unheard, like Gerard did to her that night.
"i love Gerard" she accedentally slipped out and quickly looked up to see Franks expression.
he still held onto her but he looked crushed.
he has heard her say in so many times but this time those words cut through him like a knife.


Gerard kept moving around, he couldnt sit still. he stared at the celing thinking that maybe he was wrong.
"you are wrong about this, you know that right?" Mikey said breaking the silence from the floor.
"i am not." he contradicted himself and rolled over.
"yes you are, but if you feel your not then, aplogize anyway, its what she wants to hear and its the only way your gonna solve this.
and dont ever tell her again that you dont love her, becuase i know you do."
Gerard thought about and knew that Mikey was right, that was the only way he could fix this.
he didnt want to stay mad forever.
"now do me a favor, Get The Hell Out Of My Bed." Mikey said standing right behind him wanting to go to sleep. "you sleep next door."
Gerard got up to go look for her knowing that if they went for a walk they would go to the park, (it was the only real place near by)


"what about Candy, i thought you liked her?" Roxy asked trying to get him to change his mind about liking her, but the more she tryed, she couldnt help her strange feelings for him to. but she knew she loved Gerard and fought it even more.
"i do like her dont get me wrong, shes wonderful but she has some issues with overreacting and thats not good when your dating a band guy. theres alot of girls who love me and i know she would take it personally." he finished.
she didnt know what to say, she was flattered that he liked her but She Still Love Gerard!
"Frank, i DO love you. i love you alot but Gerard...." she started to say and Frank gentally took her chin and leand in for a kiss.
Roxy was stuck in a similar situaion as Gerard, she didnt even try to pull away and she got a small somewhat inoccent kiss.

"Frank!" Gerard yelled and they both pulled away! "Roxy how could-" he stopped himself short, knowing that he just did the same thing not 2 days ago.
"Frank how could you?!" Gerard asked and stole Roxy away from him.
she felt so guilty, but she felt good back in his arms.
"Gerard, i thought i liked her, i kissed her to see if i did and when i did.......its hard to explain but i knew she was thinking of you. now if you'll excuse me i have somewhere to go." Frank said and simply walked away.

"honey, im so sorry, i know i was wrong and...i have to tell you something too. i kissed Katie the other day. i didnt mean to but she jus-"
Roxy gave him a quick slap across the face.
"okay.....i deserved that" he said rubbing his, now red cheek.
she then grabbed his face and layed one on him! he was surprised but he enjoyed, like everytime.
"so we're good?" he asked
"shut up you fool and kiss me." she told him in an old black and white movie fashion
he laughed and they kissed again

Frank took the underground to the airport and approached the desk.
"one round trip ticket to Orlando, Florida please"
he looked around and saw a Starbucks,
'hmmmm, i heard those Frappuccino's are good'
(new addiction AHAHAHAHA! XD)
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