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Outside With My Guitar-ieo

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Frank Gets on a plane to tell the girl he loves exactly how he feels and on the way meet a very special guy in Candy's life.

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Frank sat at the starbucks now in his sixth Frappaccino and getting all hyped up.
he was heading back to Florida to go tell Candy how he felt. he felt like he was apart of one of those mushy romantic love movies. he licked the whipped cream off the side of the lid and then checked the time.
"wow, i think i can say that these are almost as good as pancakes" he said staring at the empty cup and then noticed a guy sitting at the table next to him readin the paper.
"so where are you going?"
Frank asked him and the poor guy just wanted to be left alone.
"uh...Florida." the guy said and went back to his paper.
"really me too! im going to tell a girl i love her."
"uhhh thats nice." he grabbed his stuff and walked away.
'how am i gonna tell her?' he asked himself. and thought about what he was going to do. he hadnt really thought of that, before he left, he went to the hotel and got a few things like two extra pairs of cloths and some other essentials.
he got on the plane and started to count his way down the isle to find his seat.
"here we go." he said and sat down.
"oh god." the guy next to him murmered to himself.
"oh what a coincidink!" Frank said slipped his bag under his seat and happily tapped his hands on his armrest.
the guy took out his laptop and plugged in his earphones.
being the curious guy that he is, Frank leaned over and looked at the guys playlist to see what he was listening to.
"hey nice! i like you taste in music." he said and the guy looked oveer at him.
"hey thanks, im Steven." he was being nice now and they shook hands. "wanna listen?" he asked and handed an earphone over to him and they talked almost the whole flight over. Steven told him what he could do to tell the girl he loved her.
"why dont you sing a song outside her window or something." Steven suggested and showed him a few songs he should ues.
"well i do play the guitar, so mabey i can do that for her too." Frank said picking a song that was particularly good for the situation.
"well thats cool, but wouldnt you need the tabs?"
"pshhh no, i have played with this band before and i know it." Frank said not realizing that would sound wierd to someone who doesnt know who he is.
"what?! youve actually played with them before?! i dont believe you." he said in disbeliefe.
"uh...your right, im kinding. but i do know the song." he covered up for him self and the nine hour flight tirely went on.
when they landed, Frank and Stevent said thier good-byes and went on their ways.
"okay." Frank said and got a cab to the hotel where she worked.

"okay now how am i gonna do this?" he asked himself and then saw Caron go into her office.
'hmmmm?' he followed her and stood out side her door and read the the number to her office on a paper in the window.
he took out his phone and dialed the number.
"hello, this is Caron from lunas how may i help you?"
"hi you have a visitor in the lobby." he tryed to say in a different voice.
"thank you." she hung up. she walked out of office and Frank hid behind the door.
he snuck into her office and snooped through her pay checks that she was filling out. he found the envelope that candy's pay check was in and took it. when he was walking out he saw dave's check. he stared at it and then threw it in the trash.
"jerk." he told the check and left.

he cought a cab and told the driver where to go and when he got to the address he inhaild really deep and remembered he didnt have his guitar!
"oh DAMMIT!"
he screamed. why didnt he think of that before.
"okay" he went around the nieghborhood, knowing that somewhere there had to be kids practicing as a local band.
and sure anough there was.
he ran into the garage and demanded their guitar.
"oh man! its Frank!" one of the kids exclaimed.
" here you can use mine." he handed the guitar over.
"thanks ill bring it back soon i just need to use it for a minute"
the kids nodded and he ran of back to her house.
he stood outside two windows that were the most possible to be hers and began to sing.
at the sound of his voice someone peered out the window.

"dude if your looking my older sister, shes the next one!"
her younger brother yelled out.
"oh.....okay thanks dude." her brother rolled his eyes and shut his window.
Frank moved over and threw a rock at HER window. she came out, confused and he started again

"Let's go down now into
the darkness of your thoughts.
Hurry up now,we're waiting for us to fall.
I fall to pieces, now a broken mirror in your life.

The silence in black and white falling forward as she walks toward the light.
I know!
I'm outside of your window with my.........uh guitar-ieo?"
he tryed to make up the last line so it would work.
she laughed and he smiled
he screamed with his arms wide open.
"come down here!" he called for her and she ran down staires.
her younger brother, older brother and mom were all down stairs now and saw her run out the door.

"whats going on?" her mother asked.
"some cheesy idiot was singing her a song out of her window and shes impressed." her brother said and got something to drink
her mother and older brother looked at eachother and smiled, then followed her out to see who it was.

"Frank!" Cnady yelled and leaped into his arms. "really?" she asked softly.
"yup" they smiled and he gave her, her very first kiss.
her mother was a hopeless romantic and awwww'ed at the sight.
"HEY!" her older brother yelled. "you didnt tell me you were in love with MY SISTER!" it was Steven.
"oh shit." Frank said. he didnt realize Candy was his younger sister either.
"get back here!" Steven screamed chasing him around the yard.
"Dude, you were the one who told me to do this!!!!!!!" Frank shrieked in fear.

"hes cute." her mother told Candy who was standing next to her watching the madness.
"yeah.....i know"
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