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I Know

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Frank finally gets to with Candy alone and she slipps something out that she thought wasnt a secret. What could it be!?!?!?!? o.0

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That night, Frank sat on a proch swing that Candy had in her backyard holding his eye that her brother violently punched chasing him around.
after that, the two were good.
Candy brought him an ice pack and rested it on his face. he inhaild through his teeth trying to hold back the pain.
"thanks." Frank said and Candy giggled and bashfuly looked down.
"so what are you doing here?" she asked thinking that she wasnt the only reason.
"i came to tell you how i felt and......i need you to do something for me."
he grabbed her hands and got closer to her face. she could feel her heart melting and she responded "anything"
"i need forgive Roxy." he asked.
"never" she said within a half a second.
"wow you think you can think about it a bit first?" ha said and pulled away.
he did love them both and didnt want them to be mad forever.
"no, she didnt have to get cought up in fame. she acted like i wasnt there." Candy said not caring what Frank had to say, she was set on not forgiving her.
"wouldnt you like it?" he asked looking a bit pathetic
" well if your with me, and say you WERE still friends with her. you would hang with her and as soon as you step out in a public place and hunderds of people swarm you and want your pic, wouldnt you get cought up too? i know you would like it too." Frank pointed out and Candy thought about it. "i mean, if your not used to it, you'll love it."
Candy continued to think about it.
"so.......what do you say? will you-"
"no" she responded again and got up and stood under one of the trees in her yard.
Frank got up too and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"please....for me." he asked nuzzeling her face and she laughed
"okay okay." she laughed and playfully got him to stop. "i'll think about it."
Frank made a puppy face and she told him the next time she saw her she would apologize. she hated using myspace for that kind of thing.
"i'll tell ya what. this high school drama is more complicated than normal high school drama." Candy stated and they sat queitly for a minute.
"Collage" Frank said and Candy looked at him kind of confused. thats a wierd thing to just say.
"you mean collage drama, its not like regular Collage drama. you said high school."
Candy stared at him again
" ment high school." she said as if he was dumb and for a minute he felt stupid.
"oh! you mean its as immature of high school drama right?" he asked feeling a bit relieved
"no i ment NOW high schoo-" she knew what was going on now. "Roxy........didnt tell you we were in high school?" she asked turning pale and feeling a bit sick.
Frank couldnt find words. he just remembered what Gerard and Roxy had done.
"how old are you guys?"
"im 17 and shes 16. we're both in our senior year.......she was an early starter in high school"
Frank got uo and started to walk away.
"wait!" Candy yelled and began to cry. "so....what does this mean now? you just stole my first kiss and are just gonna walk away from me?" she cryed, knowing that what she said wasnt all that good.
Frank stopped and turned to her.
he took her chin and lifted it so she faced him.
"awwww that was your first kiss?" he asked and she nodded
"Thats So Cute!" he screamed and tackled her. "And I Stole It! And Im Not Gonna Give It Back." he told her and gave her a small peck on the nose and then, of course, licked the tip of her nose
"nothing is gonna change, i promise." he told her and went to find a place to stay that night because in the morning her was going to go back England.

"the band must be worried, i havent kept in touch or anything." he said as he layed awake in bed. he took out his phone.
"well they've been trying to keep in touch with me." he said in surprise to the 27 new text messages and 56 missed calls.
"i'll just see em' tomorrow" he said and yawnd.
'Poor Roxy, i bet thats what she want to tell him.'


the next day was the absolute worst for Frank. not a day ago, did he step off a nine hour flight, and now he was getting back on it.
he was so physically tired and was overtaken by jet lag but he just wanted to see everyone.
he wondered if things between him and Roxy would be strange after what he did. he didnt want that. she was like a little sister to him. he would just try to make things right and then confront her about her age.

he got off the plane and took the underground back to the town where the hotel was.
'oh my god i wanna go to sleeeeeeeeep.' he dragged on in his mind and when he opened the door he was pumbled!
"Where the hell have you been! did you not get our calls or texts!? we were all worried sick about you!!" Gerard screamed shaking his half dead body around like a flopping fish.
"Frank!" Roxy yelled and jumped on him. 'well i guess me and Roxy are okay' he thought to his self and tryed to breath through her Kung-fu grip.
"im fine, can i talk to you though?" he asked and tryed to pull her into the ohter room. Gerard stayed right behind her and grabbed her back.
Frank sighed.
"dude, i swear that wont happen again." he said knowing why Gerard didnt want her with him.
he hesitantly let her go and Frank shut the door behind them.
"whats up?" she asked just happy that he was back and started cleaning up around the bedside table and picked up a glass to bring out and wash.
"i know."he simply said and she laughed. she didnt know what he was talking about
"i know about your age" he said straight out and she dropped her cup letting it shatter across the floor.
she turned to him hoping that she misheard. all she could do was stare at him and Everyone came into the room.
"what the hell was that? you guys fighting in here or what?" Mikey asked after hearing the crash
Roxy couldnt take her eyes off Frank. and he wouldnt take his eyes off of her.
she walked out with out a word but Frank grabbed her arm.
"i wont say a word." he whispered and she looked at him again and he winked. she smiled with relief.
"thank you" she whispered.
"Now Come 'Ere You!" he said and gave her a hug. "Ahahahah, i feel like i havent seen you in forever!!" he shouted
yup, he was back to his normal Frank self.
"whoa, that was kind of an intense moment." Bob said, a little wierded out about what happened. but they all laughed and tackled Roxy and Frank
in the comotion Gerard found away to give Roxy a kiss on the ckeek.
"i miss this" he told her
"whats that?"
"being with everyone and nothing being wrong"
"i know me too."
but little did he know, there was much going wrong in Roxy's little world but she chose to wear her smile as a mask.


Candy was just getting into her driveway and when she got out of her car she noticed a shimmer in her lawn on the side of her house.
(who doesnt get distracted by shiny objects XD)
she walked over to it and it was the guitar that Frank used to sing to her
"what the? whos guitar is this?"

that poor kid is still looking for it
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