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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Chritmas is finally here in the old town Of London and everything can either fall apart or be hidden forever, it all depends on one person who can not be trusted

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The month went on, flying by faster and faster each day. The cold crept up on them eventually erupting into snow one cool morning.
Roxy woke up with her head tightly nuzzled on Gerards chest resting under his chin. she balled her legs up inderneath her, trying to warm up. she felt soft lips caress her head.
"cold?" he asked and she nodded.
she got up out of bed with a blanket around her and shuffled out the door.
"G'morning sweet-n-low! guess what we're doing today!?" Frank said excitedly and Gerard followed behind.
"what?" he asked not thinking they had made plans already.
"we.......are...........going........Christmas Shopping!" Frank said throwing his arms in the air with excitement. Roxy giggled and got excited. she loved Christmas. it was the one holliday that she got all warm and fuzzy when it came around.
Frank was like a little kid about to go to Disney for the first time!
he could not wait to start shopping.
"c'mon c'mon c'mon!" he bounced up and down almost as a dog would when he knew you were about to take him for a walk.
"okay okay lets go" Gerard said and rubbed Franks head.
they just went straight into London and looked around the packed streets for places they could find the perfect gifts for eachother.
"well im gonna go this way, i have to look for something for my mom." Roxy said and started to seperate from the group but Gerard grabbed her arm
"please dont get lost. i cant go through you crying again. every time i do i have to hug you" he told her smiling and squezzed her tightly and she assured him that she would be fine.
when she was walking, she saw something that really cought her eye. she walked into the shop and was able to get something for her mother and Gerard.

she stopped off for lunch in a little cafe when she saw Frank walk by.
"Franky!" she yelled and he turned around.
"oh hey!!!" he said and pulled up a chair next to her. "oooo, hot chocolate! can i have a sip?" he asked and she slid him the glass.
he took the mug and,didnt sip it, but gulped it down. the entier thing!. he gave her back the cup and just looked at it.
"uh......that was brand new and scorching hot." she said and saw how red his face was getting.
"yeah.....i know that now." he said and got up, downing a big handful of snow. she laughed hard and he did too.
"so what did you get?" she asked him trying to take a peek in his bags.
"ahhh, no, youll have to wait till im done. you present is there." he said snatching the bags away from her
"you got me a present?" her face lit up. "awww Frank i love you!"
she gave him a hug and they got out of the cafe.
they walked around for a while together when Frank suddenly stopped.
"where does she keep coming from?!" Frank asked and roxy looked in the direction of his blank stares.
"oh Katie."she said and went to walk away
"Roxy? oh my god hi!" she said and Roxy turned around, they both smiled. "this is so weird how we keep meeting."
"yeah, so......what are you doing?" Roxy asked. she really couldnt stay mad at people for long even though she felt like Katie was being fake.
"just finished my job up, and now im sight seeing. hey! we should totally hang. what do ya say?" she asked and Frank decided that he had to go.
"uh.....sure" Roxy said and they both walked around. Katie was being extreamly nice for some reason but Roxy was liking it.
she actually became friends with Kaite and they were getting along great.

Roxy knew that they were all going out to dinner that night and asked Katie if she wanted to go.
"really?! i would love it!" she said and gave her a hug. they both laughed and went to the resturaunt.
when they got there, everyone else was sitting at the table.
"oh God" Frank said watching them come in. Gerard turned in his seat and was just as shocked himself to see them walk in together.
Katie immediatly took the seat next to Gerard. Roxy wasnt a big fan of that but, being her normal carefree self she didnt think anything of it and just sat next to her.
Gerard somehow could not be rude to Katie after the relationship they once had and just ended up talking.
"ohhh okay okay look at what i got!" Frank shouted and started to dig through his bags. "LOOK!" he whipped out this beautiful white jacket with foe-fur around the hood.
"wow!. its gorgeous! Candy is going to love it!" Roxy told him admiring it.
"Candy?! pshhhhhh, no, its this is for me!" he said and put it on.
"well then what did you get for Candy?"
"this cute kitty key chain" he said spinning it in Roxy's face.
"uh, where did you get that?"
"it came free with the jacket!"
Roxy playfully pushed him away and they laughed

"oh, Roxy i have i to go to the bathroom. can you come with?" Katie asked getting up
"yeah okay."
they both grabbed their bags.

"oh leave your bag here ill watch it." Katie told her as they entered the bathroom. Roxy was going to take her bag into the stall
she smiled and left her bag on the counter with Kaitie.
Katie waited untill she went into the stall and then started pawing through her bag. she took out her wallet and gasped.
she bit her lower lip and giggle maniacly to her self.
"uh....i think im gonna head back to the table."she told her and left.

Katie walked back to the table and tapped Gerard on the shoulder.
"wheres Roxy?" he asked and she took her seat.
"i dont think your gonna see her for....quite a while after this." she said and Gerard got angry again.
"what did you do to her?"
"its not what i did to her, its what you're going to do to her."
"okay i already told you, i-"
she slammed down a peice of plastic on the table and Gerard stopped to look at it.
"so? its her drivers licence?" he said picking it up.
"read it." she told him and her smile grew.
he began to read the information and you could see the sickness arise in his eyes.
he turned pale reading her birthdate and started to gag thinking about what they did.
he covered his mouth and he shook all over and closed his eyes as he was about to cry.
Roxy came walking out and threw her arms around Gerards neck and gave him a peck on the cheek.
"whats wrong? you look like you have just seen a ghost." she said and looked at her sternly
"get off!" he told her and twitched his shoulders to shake her off.
she did just what he asked and backed up slowly.
"wh-whats going on?" she asked confused, wondering if she did something wrong.
"What The Fuck Are You Trying To Pull?!" he screamed and some of the resturaunt turned, staring at them. he slammed the licence on the table
she paniced and her heart was racing.she couldnt breath.
"I Could Have Gotten Fuckin' Arrested!" he screamed again.
the tears began to flow down her face. she knew that this had come to an end.
"Gerard let me explain!" she tryed to redeme herself.
"dont bother, just.........get out of here." he told her and wouldnt even look at her face.
she looked around at the other guys and saw the look on Franks face, knowing that he wanted to say something but wouldnt and the others just loooked at her, not angrily, they just couldnt believe it.
she glanced at Katie and she waved away at her.
"bye-bye" she lipped to her and smiled.
Roxy looked back at Gerard.
"GET OUT!" he yelled again
she quickly gradded her bags and took out the gift she bought him.
"MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!" she screamed and threw it at his chest and ran out, hopping on the next plane home.

[mommy, i got home sick. im on my way home.]
she texted and could not stop crying.

that night at the hotel, no one talked and Katie was there to 'comfort' Gerard through his hard time.
in fact, they got back together!
Gerard decided to look at what she threw at him.
it was a silver chain necklace with a spider charm and a small thin gold peice that had ingraved:

'thank you for making my fears go away. you're more than just my itsy bitsy spider. without your love, i would die.i love you with all my heart - your penguin.'

Gerard slept alone for the first time in a while that night and also, for the first time, cryed himself to sleep.
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