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Grand Finally

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the ending (P.S endings always are like.....nooooo you cant end there and i know that so...dont be mad) XD

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the band was all out of wack!
without Roxy around everything felt empty. Katie was having the time of her life, living it up with Gerard once again.
even though he was with her and acted like he was happy, he refused to ever do anything with her and Mikey could definately see how unhappy he was on the inside.
he really loved Roxy and often thought about her but as soon as her drivers licecnes came into his mind again he would forget her.

one night, he decided to cheek out her myspace to see how she was.
all the pics of my chemical romance on her page she screwed up. every picture she cropped Gerards face out and her song was, now ' i hate everything about you' by three days grace.
he cringed a little and then logged on his fan page and changed his song to 'Goodbye To You' by the used.

Roxy was on and also frequently visited his page just to loath him and growl. when she heard that song she quickly went to her page and changed it to 'Room 409' by Bullet For My Valentine.

they were pretty much having a song war about how much they hate eachother.

"you're dumb!" Mikey said hitting Gerard on the back of the head watching his immaturity.
"then stop leaning over my shoulder" he told him and went back to myspace.
"no Gerard, You Need To Stop!" he yelled slamming the newspaper down on the table.
"what crawled up you butt this morning?" he asked and Mikey picked Gerard up out of his seat by the collar.
"Listen you dumbass! why would you let Katie ruin this for you! shes making your life a living hell and i know you are NOT happy."
"well i cant get back with Roxy, she to young and not after i yelled at her"
"do it!" Mikey finished by pushing him away.
Gerard rubbed his soar neck after his brother violently choked him.
then Katie came bargging into the room
"hey sweetie!" she told him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
that was when the tour continued and the moths went on, Janyary, Febuary, March, April and May.
when June was just around the corner and the tour fianally ended.

they all got back to Jersey and walked into the doors of there practice area.
"Oh man, its so good to be home!"
Ray said and dropped his bags and sat in his normal seat.
"oh man!" Bob said and kissed the ground. "i love this place"
they were all so relaxed being home. Katie of course came with them and sat on Gerards lap as they all sat around talking about good times that they had.
"hey you remember when Rox-" Frank began to say and stopped noticing everyone look down. Frank lost his enthusiasum and sat back too.
"hey guys! c'mon, lets not get upset here! i mean tonight is a pretty special night." Katie said stroking Gerards chin.
that night was going to be there 5th month anniversary.
they were planning on having a romantic dinner in New York.
"oh, im gonna go get ready!" Katie said and kissed him way to passionatly for his liking, especially infront of people.
"shes not.....Roxy is she?"
Bob asked looking at him. he always seemed somewhat disgusted everytime she lays one on him.
Gerard looked at him and gave him a little smile, that told him, deffinately not.
Gerard got dressed in his finest and got all squeeky clean. he fixed his tie and took a deep breath. then went to go pick her up.
when he got to her door, he grabbed her hand and gave it a kiss. she smiled and then got in the car.
when they were driving it was anything but silent, Katie could not stop talking. he remembered anytime they were together like this Roxy was always quiet. he looked over at Katie and swore he saw Roxy.
she blinked frantically and got his vision back to seeing Katie.

he pulled into the resteraunt and sat in the car for a moment.
Katie thought he fianally wanted to do something so she tryed to make a move.
"well lets go in." he said just before his lips touched him and she fell face first on his seat.
they went into the resteraunt and Katie was a little embarassed but knew that she was going to get something out of him that night, no matter what.
they sat at the table and once again all Katie could do was talk. Gerard wasnt really listening, but was just thinking of what to say to her when he finaly tells her.
"okay" he grabbed her hands. "i have had fun with you while we have been together and im going to be completely honest with you, i havent been all. ive been misserable in fact. i just have to tell you that, i think this over between us. i really.......have to do something." he said and got up to leave, kissing her hand one last time
"wait! but i dont understand!" she said calling him back but Gerard kept walking.
"dammit, i was so close!"


back at school, everyone knew who Roxy was now.
she bacame so overly popular that it was almost insane.
but she didnt care. she was still really depressed and knew she wouldnt get over it soon.

"hey, you see that girl." a guy in her class whispered to his freind. "i heard she totally screwd Gerard Way, shes like a legend."
Candy overheard and was getting sick of it
"Look! stop treating her like shes an item! leave her alone!" Candy shouted and everyone stared at her
Roxy looked at Candy they smiled. her phone just started to vibrate.
[i love you] the text siad and her heart pounded thinking it was from Gerard. but then she read it was from Candy she sent her one back saying the same.
that day after school Candy found Roxy.
"im so sorry." Candy said and they both hugged and made up.
"come with me we can study for our finals together. its our last big night together before graduation" Candy asked her to come over.

they both sat on Candy's bad and studied for there pre-cal exam when Candy closed her binder and she had pictures of her and Frank together.
"wh-what is that?" she asked tilting her head to look at them.
"oh yeah we took them together, i dont know if you know but.....we're.....kinda together." she said nevously hoping she wouldnt be mad
"really. thats.....great." she tried to be happy but wanted to cry.
"im sorry."
"its okay, but, does he know about your age?"
"yeah he does."
" does it work for you." she was now getting interested.
"well he said that he promised nothing would change and that age was nothing to him, he loved me for me."
Roxy thought about it and figured that Gerard never loved her in the first place.
they were watching television and on MTV and interview with MCR came on and Roxy's stomach dropped.
Candy gasped and lunged for the remote to change the chanel.
"No Wait!" Roxy yelled and moved the remote down to watch.

as they talked and answered questions, the only thing that Roxy noticed was the Silver and gold spider around his neck, what she gave him for Christmas. she started to cry again and changed the chanel.

the next day, at school, Roxy was just finishing up with her exams. she took her pre-cal exam and headed to Musical theater.

"okay, wheres Roxy dasher right now!" Gerard said busting into the front office! (ahhhh XD)
"im sorry i cant tell you unless you are a gaurdian." the woman saying, chewing her gum like a cow.
Gerard sighed and ran out. if she wasnt going to help he was going to do it by his self.
he ran shortly down the hall, looking in every window. untill he saw he coming out of practice room in the musical theater class to do her final exam. he just stared in the window wanting nothing more than to hold her one more time.

"okay, whenever your ready." her teacher said and sat back.
she cleared her throat.

"Oh listen sister,
I love my mister man,
And I can't tell you why
There is no reason why I should love that man,
It mus' be somethin' that de angels have planned.
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly,
I gotta love one man till I die.
Can't help lovin' that man of mine."

after singing that last line from showboats, the musical tears arose and her teacher clapped.
"beautiful, absoluely amazing, nice characterization too!" he said and marked her score down.

Gerard sat at the window, grasping his chest loving how beautifully she sounded.
he knew that song was for him, no matter how much she may deny it.
the bell sounded and she grabbed her things and left.
He was standing right there and she didnt even see him. he wanted to say something but let her go.
he bit his lower lip and just walked away.


that night, Roxy's mom dressed her up for graduation.
"mom please dont cry." Roxys said watching her eyes swell.
her mom hugged her before she went backstage to make her speach

all the guys showed up to watch her but remaind in the back so as not to disturd the ceremony.

"now, are salutatorian would like to make a speach." the principal said and handed the mic over and the room busted with cheers
were just some. even so, she still looked unhappy.
"thank you for letting me be here today, i never really thought this day would come but.....boy did it come fast. most of you know who i am already," the woooo's erupted again. "but for the wrong reasons! you all never loked at me once before i was associated with.......the band, but now you all act like you love me. thats not the representive i want to be for you. i was the quiet girl who you would never look at twice and i never realized how....much i loved that. never let love get in the way of your education, never let anyone tell you that you cant go to collage," she looked around and her eyes teared up. "never let anyone tell you that you dont deserve what you want and..........sometimes you never get over love."
no one really understood where she was going with this. she started to cry and couldnt go on.
Gerard couldnt take it!
he ran down the path up the stairs and straight into her arms.
she didnt know what was going on and thought this was a dream.
"what are you doing here?" she asked quietly and every started to scream again. knowing who it was
"remember when i told you that i couldnt stand to see you cry? this is no acception"
she smiled and cryed again and he aggresively dug his lips into her and everyone cheered including Candy. thats when she was pulled back by Frank and kissed too
"what the?" Candy asked
"what i wanna join the kissing party."

Gerard and Roxy continued to make out on stage and everyone clapped.


at school the last day, hardly anyone was there so they brought MCR with them!

"okay so your 16, your a collage student and your in love with me?" Gerard asked getting the info straight as Roxy stood between his legs, as he sat on the couryard wall.
"correct." she agreed
"and theres nothing else? like.... your not a guy are you? and your name is Roxy right?" she laughed and kissed him.

and like all stories end, they all got married and lived in a palace in skandinavia!

lol, no this is what really happened.

Bob and Ray, they all ended up getting together with their fans too.
Mikey, after his mother told him,"get a wife then we'll talk" he ended up saving the woman of his life from a house fire set by stupid punks and they fell madly in love (now getting married)
Frank and Candy, yup, they are still together and living it up on pancakes and frappaccinos and moving with the band


Gerard and Roxy- well Roxy is attending the arts collage that Gerard dropped her off at at the begining of the year and are still together.

after two years Gerard finally propsed and got the little one he wanted.

now i guess you can say this is every fan girls dream!
well it sure as hell is mine!!
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