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We Hold In Our Hearts The Sword & The Faith & Through It All, We'll Find Some Other Way To Carry On Through Cartilage & Fluid 

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Well guess what? And you can tell your friends this too.I’m still motherfucking tick tocking.”

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Chapter 22: We Hold In Our Hearts The Sword & The Faith & Through It All, We'll Find Some Other Way To Carry On Through Cartilage & Fluid 

Ray’s point of view

I glanced at my boyfriend once again in worry, wondering what was running through that head of his. He kept glancing at the door (Gym class was a theory class today; stuck in a room with assholes who cared more for looks and sex then personality and life, writing down how exercising constantly got you fit and healthy-and built like a tank like the assholes in here in other words. Sounds fun. Not) tapping his pen repeatedly on the desk, not bothering to focus on his work (Explain in your own words how your weight effect your stamina, mobility and activity in your daily life etc cetera in other words, random questions that built up an essay) He also kept on running a hand through his hair so it now resembled the time he electrocuted himself with the toaster, and biting his lip so hard, he ripped through the skin and now a small trickle of deep scarlet was staining his lips.
“Mikey honey.” I sighed in exasperation, grabbing his hand to stop him tapping the desk again, “Calm, relax breathe.” I said putting a lot of emphasis on the last word, “he’ll be fine, Frank is with him, and will take care of him, he’ll be okay.” I reassured him.
“Uh….huh.” Mikey said distractedly staring at the door again, before running a hand through his hair again. Once it was clear his brother and best friend wasn’t going to walk in through the door by him staring at it, he bit his lip even harder, causing the scarlet liquid to spurt slightly down his chin.
“Mikey.” I sighed, wiping the blood from his chin and mouth, “Quit that, you’re making yourself bleed and you’re gonna end up needing stitches.” Mikey blinked, before wiping his mouth and making a small noise of realization.
I rolled my eyes and fixed his hair, causing him to frown slightly and me to laugh, “Like I said before.” I said lying back in my chair, arm up on the back, “They’ll be fine, hell they’re probably making out in the janitors closet knowing those two.” I grinned as Mikey wrinkled his nose in distaste.
“Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.” he muttered feverishly making me laugh a bit louder then intended.
Just before the teacher (Ms Reid who took gym theory and was ready to blow a gasket) could yell at us, there was an almost timid knock on the door.
“Come in, disturb the class why don’t cha?” Ms Reid sighed, gesturing at the door, “Not that no one is listening anyway.” she mumbled.
The door opened and Frank walked in, head held high, holding on to who I knew automatically was Gerard’s hand (though we couldn’t see him as he was still out of view) “Sorry we’re late Ms Reid we had to go back to reg as I forgot my bag-and my way to class.” Frank said brightly making Ms Reid sigh in exasperation.
The class sniggered and me, Mikey and Gracie grinned at Frank’s excuse. He had actually did that last Friday and came in to class extremely proud of himself, doing a victory dance singing he was ‘the champion of navigation’ in a pretty good voice to a slightly out of tune version of Queen’s ‘We are the champions’ which had us in hysterics.
“For god sake Frank next time, use your map.” Ms Reid sighed.
“I would, but that was in my bag too.” That part is also true to Friday’s events.
The giggling in the class amplified (Yeah some people in here are actually okay and have a sense of humor shocking as it seems) as Frank continued to grin brightly at the teacher who rolled her eyes. I heard a high pitched giggle from outside the class and laughed.
“Whatever. Go take your seats you two once Gerard steps into the room.” Ms Reid sighed.
At the mention of Gerard’s name, whispering replaced the laughter of amusement though there was still the sniggering of mocking from the jocks and preps and me, Mikey and Gracie looked at one another worriedly, knowing that when Gerard came in there was gonna be some mocking-and we wondered on whether he could handle it.
“Sure Ms.” Frank said brightly, before turning to Gerard. He spoke to Gerard though we couldn’t hear as he was talking really quietly, obviously reassuring Gerard that he was okay. I heard a distinct, “Okay I’m okay.” from Gerard before Frank smiled and pulled him gently by the hand into class. As he did so, I looked at Gerard and felt my heart tug in sympathy for him; He was hiding behind his hair, head ducked, hand in the pocket of his skinny jeans and walking in with a slight slouch. I glanced at Mikey worriedly and saw he wore a look of being torn apart at the sight of his brother looking so fragile. Gerard was muttering under his breath and Frank was smiling slightly though it faded as the talk started as they made their way up back.
“Hey look, the freak’s back.”
“Heard he was in hospital…Ambulance at his house…
“…I was told he attempted suicide…how pathetic…”
“What a loser.”
I growled in anger, clenching my pencil so tightly it snapped but I took no notice. Couldn’t they leave him alone for at least one fucking day?!? It’s sick! The way they treat him like he’s some sort of animal that they could laugh and jeer at…as if he wasn’t even human and had no feelings. I felt white hot anger burn inside me and it took all my strength of will power not to get up and punch the nearest asshole that was laughing and mocking Gerard. Mikey must have sensed my anger as he quickly gripped my hand even tighter then I had done to his and squeezed it so tightly it went numb, “Don’t rise, don’t rise.” he muttered from the corner of his mouth, “Just stay calm, relax, breathe.”
“Hey Freak! Did you try to top yourself? Razors not enough anymore?” someone yelled right into Gerard’s face, laughing almost hyena like at him. I recognized him as a player from the school ruby team…Andrew or something.
Mikey whipped round and all but hissed at him like a cat getting threatened making Andrew recoil slightly as I glared at him darkly, daring him to say something else. Frank flipped him off, “Fuck off asshole.” he said venomously and I just managed not to flinch myself at the iciness that was so rare if not at all used in Frank’s voice.
Andrew recovered himself quite quickly and smirked a sort of slimy, smug smirk on his lips that made him look like some sort of sleazy pervert, “Oh yeah midget? What you gonna do if I don’t huh? Slit your wrists like your loser boyfriend? That what you two were doing? Having a lovey dovey moment by slitting your wrists that night?” he sneered making his mates laugh
I made a noise of disgust and Mikey stood up abruptly, letting go of my hand to clench his own into fists. Ms Reid watched us wearily; hand on the class phone, no doubt in case she was going to need to call for some back up.
“Hey you watch your mouth you fucking-” Frankie yelled only for Gerard to cut across him.
“Think your really funny don’t cha?” he asked casually still not looking up from behind his hair.
Andrew stopped laughing and looked at Gerard sneeringly though I could see a glimpse of fear in his eyes, “Yeah I do faggot, you got a problem with that?” he spat.
“No. Just that, I’d sack your script writer. He isn’t really good is he? “ Gerard asked almost innocently, “I mean, if that’s the only insult you can come up with, then it’s a good thing you got a job as being an annoying, lying, cowardly, sick asshole cause I think you’re part time ‘stand up act’ ass is gonna sacked if that’s the best you got.”
The class made gasps and someone yelled ‘You just got schooled man!’
Andrew ignored it and looked at Gerard venomously as Frank held Gerard’s shoulder rather firmly, “What cha mean freak! You calling me a coward?!” he yelled, standing up now.
Gerard didn’t even flinch, “Well considering you and your friends have let the whole ‘the freak attempted suicide’ story carry on, I’m guessing you didn’t upload that sweet little video you took two weeks ago or even boasted like the arrogant scum bag you are. So yeah I guess I am calling you a coward.” he said shrugging casually, “Oh and speaking of that event two weeks ago.” Gerard looked up and I actually felt fear running right through my veins at the look on his face. If looks could kill, Andrew would be ice cold on the floor, ready for the slab at the morgue, “You’ve got some fucking nerve to even look at me.” Gerard hissed though-like it did when he confronted Louis- his voice carried around the whole room as if he was speaking loudly.
“Hey, hey man I’ve no idea what the fuck you are talking about. The meds they give you in the loony bin
Ward make you crack or something?” Andrew asked, and I was surprised to hear a high pitched tone of fear in his voice. He was grinning like it was some sort of joke they both shared
Gerard though was not in the mood for jokes, “Don’t you fucking sit there and fucking deny it!” he hissed actually grabbing Andrew by the collar of his shirt, so they were practically nose to nose, “You, and the rest of the fucking assholes you snivel up to and suck ass to so you can be accepted into their little beat up patrol, got drunk and off your faces on fucking drugs and thought you would have a little fun taking your beat up routine out the school grounds and beat the living shit outta me until I was bathed in my own fucking blood didn’t cha?” Gerard hissed icily; there was a collected gasp and Andrew swallowed, “Well you gonna admit it?” Gerard asked sweetly which was just as deadly as the look in his eyes.
“Aw come on man we were only messing around, just a bit of rough housing ya know? Sure it might have been taken a little far but…” Andrew all but squeaked as Gerard let out a loud laugh of disbelief.
“Oh yeah a bit of rough housing yeah totally. Five on one just like we always do yeah it’s a load of fun. I just love getting beaten up until I can barely breathe and getting chased down the street and beaten until I pass out.“ Gerard was speaking in a highly sarcasm laced, cheery tone of voice and sounded slightly deranged, “Yeah it went a little far this time, you nearly fucking killed me!” Gerard yelled furiously and Andrew actually screeched as Gerard pulled him closer by the collar on his shirt again, “Ya know I only fell into a coma, told I had severe blood loss and could die within a week if I didn’t get a donation cause my organs would have decided to pack up and die on me. I only had to get an operation on my leg which was both fractured and broken in three places, dislocated my shoulder, a few fractured ribs, ripped stomach muscles, a laceration on my arm and stitches on my back and put on a life support and my friends and family in fear that I wouldn’t make it.” Gerard said oh so casually, Andrew flinching at each injury, “But yeah that’s nothing to the killer hangover you probably had the next day huh?” he asked in mock sympathy.
Andrew actually looked like he was gonna piss himself. Mikey had sat back down and was watching the scene unfold intensely. Frank was watching Gerard levelly, watching for any sign he was gonna have a panic attack probably and Gracie was watching Gerard, face in a mixture of admiration and fear.
“Bet you and you’re friends had a good laugh though, thinking that I was dead and gone and you didn’t have to put up with me cause you finally finished me off. Or even hoped that I would end it if my guess is correct that it was you guys that passed that shitty rumor around.” Gerard scoffed then said in a rather insane sing song voice that actually scared me, “Well guess what? And you can tell your friends this too.” Gerard smirked and continued to speak in the same sort of deranged sing song voice though he sang in sweet venom like tone, “I’m still motherfucking tick tocking.”
Andrew swallowed, “Kay, I’ll, I’ll pass that message on to them, promise.” he squeaked.
“Good.” Gerard said brightly, letting him go and throwing him back on to his seat, “Make sure you do, or I’ll just have to let em’ know myself.” he smirked.
With that, Gerard whistled quite happily, grabbed Frankie’s hand, spun him around and dragged him up to their seats.
It was quiet; everyone stared at him and Frankie-including us three and the teacher just gaped in shock before saying, “Alright class back to work.”

Mikey’s point of view:

“What the hell was that!”
“What was what Mikes?” Gerard asked innocently then frowned as his locker refused to budge-again.
“Don’t what me asshole!” I yelped in disbelief, “You know what I’m talking about!”
“’Fraid I don’t little bro.” Gerard shrugged then tugged on his locker, frowning when it still didn’t open.
Frank giggled insanely as Ray rolled his eyes.
“That! That whole!” I gestured wildly behind me, “That stunt you just pulled back in gym class! What the fuck! where’d that come from! You got all psycho on his ass!”
“Yeah you did man.” Ray said rather impressed, “You scared him shitless.” he laughed stopping when I punched him on the shoulder, “Owww.” he whined, “What was that for babe?”
“Quit encouraging him, it’s nothing to be impressed about.” I said sharply before turning back to Gerard who was now pressing his foot of his non injured leg to the locker and pulling hard, “He acted like a fucking psycho!” I yelled, my voice going up a pitch as I threw my arms up.
“Hey.” Gerard stopped fighting with his locker for a second, to pout at me, “I’m not a psycho, I just like psychotic things.” he corrected me making Frank and Ray snigger as before he went back to fighting with his locker.
“Uh huh sure, yeah well..” I blew my hair out of my face, arms folded across my chest as I leaned against another locker, “Try telling that to the other students in this joint.” I gestured around the crowded hallway-though people were giving us a wide berth as if we were contagious.
“What, they all think I escaped from the local asylum now?” Gerard asked amused, sweeping his hair back before trying to pull his locker open again.
“Pretty much.” Frank said.
“Yeah, they do.” I said, “To be more accurate, they actually think you’re a fucking bi-polar son of a bitch who forgot to take their mood swing tablets this morning!”
Frank snickered and Ray bit back a laugh as I glared reproachfully at him. Gerard on the other had shrugged, “Ah well, better then the ‘serial blood sucker who attempted suicide’ story that was flying around before.” he suddenly growled in frustrating and kicked the locker, “Fucking useless piece of steel junk! What’s the fucking point of it? Hell you’d think having the fucking lock broke, it would open easier wouldn’t cha?” he asked Frank, eyebrows raised and hands on his hips,; Frank giggled and nodded, “Yeah I thought that too, but apparently it doesn’t seem to work that way.” he added in reply shrugging.
“You put the lock combo in this time?” I asked raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah I did.” Gerard said defensively, “Think I’m that stupid?”
“You sure you did?” I asked looking pointedly at him.
He bit his lip then glanced at his combination, “No I didn’t.” he admitted, going pink slightly as Ray and Frank started to laugh.
“Didn’t think so.” I smirked, “And to answer you’re question, yeah I do think you’re that stupid. That moment proved as much.”
Gerard flipped me off and entered his combo and opened his locker, “What was I doing this for again?” he asked confused, making Ray and his boyfriend laugh harder. I had to bite back a laugh myself, “Oh got it.” he clicked his fingers and rummaged through his books, folders et cetera.
“So what was that about?” I asked exasperated.
“The fight with my locker? Happens every day.” Gerard shrugged.
“Ha ha real funny, you know what am talking about jackass.” I said dryly, “That stunt back in gym? You know, the stunt that made Andrew almost piss himself?”
“Andrew pissed himself?” Gerard asked, shooting up only to whack his head off he door, “Ah fuck!” he cussed, holding his head as his Frank howled with laughter and Ray-used to him doing that- rolled his eyes grinning.
“Yeah he did. Almost.” I said rolling my own eyes, “Wouldn’t be surprised if he rushed to the guys’ room the minute the bell went, to be honest.”
“Heh he almost pissed himself ha ha that’s funny.” Gerard giggled to himself, “Heh heh heh, that would’ve been classic.”
“See psycho.” I said exasperated throwing my arm up in exasperation as the other two laughed.
Gerard blew a raspberry at me as he grabbed his English folder from his locker before shutting it.
“What was that about anyway Gee?” Ray asked as we made our way to English.
Gerard shrugged, “Don’t know to be honest.”
“Liar.” the three of us said in unison making Gerard roll his eyes though he grinned.
“Okay, well I thought, they always use intimidation on me, so fuck it, try using it on them see if it works-and it did!” he said brightly, “Didn’t expect to be as psychotic sounding or it to work, but I did and it worked!”
“What did you expect to happen?” I asked reluctantly.
“Honestly?” Gerard asked, raising his eyebrows at us; we nodded, “To get the shit kicked out of me again.”
Frank meeped at that and Gerard put an arm around his waist, holding him close to his body, “But I didn’t, so it’s all good right?” Gerard grinned, squeezing Frank’s waist tightly and kissing him suddenly on the mouth.
“There’s still time for that to happen though.” I said grimly as Frank blushed and smiled shyly at Gerard; at my words though he paled and Gerard rolled his eyes, “I’m being honest! Not to mention realistic! Not saying it will cause we won’t let it of course,, but it could!”
“Right little ray of sunshine this morning aren’t cha?” Gerard said sarcastically, “Brighten up a whole room you’re that bright.” I frowned at him, “Oh come on, smile Mikes! Nothing is gonna happen to me! I survived the worst! Any beating they try to give me now will seem tame to that.”
“he’s got a point Mikes.” Ray said fairly, wrapping his arm around my waist, “Come on, you have to admit despite what he did was risky-not to mention rather stupid.” Gerard flipped him off at that, “It worked and Andrew retreated with his tail between his legs, “
“I know but…” I trailed off reluctant to agree.
“And am sure he’ll pass the word that Gee’s still ‘motherfucking tick tocking’” Ray grinned at that, “And they’ll give him-and us-a wide berth. For now anyway.”
“I guess…” I admitted grudgingly.
“Wait for now?” Frank asked, eyes widening.
“What you don’t expect my psychotic return to put them off trying to get to us completely babe? It won’t. “ Gerard said truthfully, “It will scare them though-hopefully- for a while but they’ll try to get to us-me probably not to sound arrogant but I am the main target-”No doubt about that, “But right now? They’ll be in shock that I’m even still alive and probably be stuck on how to get to me next.”
“But we’ll be ready right?” Frank asked, “I mean, we’re not just gonna let those fuckers try to scare us into submission are we?”
“You kidding me? Fuck no” I yelped indignantly, “They want a war, they got a fucking war.”
Frank grinned at that, “Good, I may have not been here long but I wanna rip those fuckers a new ass hole or two. No one tries to kill my boyfriend and have the right to still be smug afterwards.”
“Possessive much are we?” Gerard asked teasingly.
Frank stuck his tongue out cheekily before pecking him on the cheek randomly. I frowned in thought before speaking out what had been on my mind for weeks.
“Gerard?” I asked.
“Do, do you think they had really tried to you, you know, kill you?” I asked suddenly fearful.
Ray and Frankie bit their lips worriedly and looked at Gerard, “I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t know. Probably not, they’re assholes, but I don’t think they would have it in them to actually murder someone.” we flinched at the word, “They were wasted, and off their faces on some sort of drug so the chances are it was the mixture of the drugs and alcohol that made them more violent then ever and they got carried away. Hell they probably don’t even remember half the damage they did.” Gerard sighed heavily and something told me he was avoiding telling us something that happened also, “Doesn’t mean I’m not getting payback on them. They obviously remember some things-and they got the footage to prove it- and they obviously don’t regret it. But as hard as it seems, I don’t think they were trying to kill me. They probably wanted to just break me and make me actually commit suicide. That’s my best bet.”
“Still wanna kill those fuckers.” I muttered darkly.
“We all do.” Frank said, Ray nodding.
“I thought it myself, but.” Gerard kissed Frank again, “Let’s face it, there lives ain’t worth taking with our bare hands and they definitely aren’t worth getting the death penalty for.”
“Good point.” I admitted.
“Wise words from the older one I see.“ Frank said in a really bad impersonation of yoda making us laugh.
“Babe I love you and everything about you but seriously. “ Gerard laughed, kissing him again, “Don’t ever do that again! That was terrible.” he ruffled his hair up.
Frank shrugged, grinning, “Yeah I know, but fuck it, it made you guys laugh that’s good for me. Even if I made an ass of myself.”
We laughed, “Let’s go, we’re running late for English. Mrs Grech will skin us alive.” Ray grinned.
We laughed-then looked at each other and paled. We quickly bolted for it down the corridor, Gerard running pretty fast despite his leg injury.
“What are we running for again?” Frank yelled.
“You kidding me! We’re late!”
“So? So she won’t really skin us alive will she?”
“Wouldn’t put it past her!” Gerard called back in reply.
“She won’t! But I heard she’s real harsh with punishments. She once made this kid scrub the floor of the class until his hands were red raw.” I said, “Skin was cracked and he couldn’t move his wrists for weeks!”
Frank paled, “Why in the fuck are we still talking then!” he yelped suddenly, “Fucking run!”
We ran faster, ignoring the bewildered looks we got, laughing like crazy at the sincere stupidity of the situation.
Always some situation with us though. And I think we got enough on our plates without a possible Military like punishment to add to it.
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