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So gimmie all you got, I can take it, come on, kiss my battery

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“Fuck yes, I want you so fucking badly, it fucking hurts.” “Well come and get me.”

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Chapter 23: So gimmie all you got, I can take it, come on, kiss my battery

Summary: “Fuck yes, I want you so fucking badly, it fucking hurts.”
“Well come and get me.”

Gerard’s point of view.

“Hey, um…Can, can I sign your cast?”
I looked up from messing up Mikey’s hair; he quickly made a sound of triumph as he succeeded getting out the headlock I had put him in (He deserved it; he had called me a scrawny, skittle snatching dorky fucker; all cause I snatched a handful of skittles off him when he was too busy mouth fucking Ray. I think I deserve them due to the torture those two put me through) A girl-about the same height as me, long brown hair and a pretty looking face if I’m honest- was looking at me, giggling and blushing as her two friends stood behind her, glancing over at me and giggling.
“Uh….” I trailed off as Frank, Mikey and Ray tried to stifle their own laughter by sticking their fists in their mouths, “Yeah sure, don’t see the harm in it.” I shrugged; Well there wasn’t was there? Hell if I seen someone wear a cast I’d want to sign it (and probably do a cartoon doodle on it or a joking insult beside it), “That’s if you can find a space that is.” I frowned slightly as I lifted my arm up slowly on the table, so it didn’t hurt my shoulder too much (it still ached slightly) to reveal a highly decorated cast, courtesy of my boyfriend and the other two giggling morons back there-not to mention Lyn Z, Bert, Steven (who came to visit) Bob, Gracie, her little sister and even my freaking boss when he saw me at the weekend when I had sneaked out to get fresh air-and go to star bucks-with Mikey all but freaking out that ‘Ma was so gonna castrate’ his ball sack if she found out the whole time. She did find out, but Mikey didn’t get castrated much to his relief-just whacked over the head by the spatula of death like a thousand times.
“Wow that must have hurt a lot!” the girl exclaimed, looking at me in amazement.
I shrugged, “Not a lot not really, my leg hurt more.” I said casually.
“Have you got a cast there too?” her eyes went wide.
I resisted slapping myself; well considering it got broken as well, you would expect one to be there wouldn’t cha? But I didn’t say that, instead I just nodded.
“Wow, you are like, so brave I would have been crying if I broke both my leg and my arm.” she said looking at me with some weird look on her face. Is there something in her eye or something? They keep twitching weirdly. Plus she and her friends (who are still giggling) look as if they would cry if they broke a freaking nail never mind a bone.
“Mmm.” I said oh so conversationally-not. Way to go Geetard, just make yourself look like an invalid social reject. Add that to the ‘Emo art freak faggot who’s a serial blood sucking suicide freak who’s a bi-polar son of a bitch who forgot to take their mood swing tablets ‘ description of me, you’ve got yourself a very interesting and attractive guy who you’d just love to talk to on a daily basis.
Yeah sure, no wonder her friends are like ten yards away from me. This girl must be crazy. If that crazy twitch she’s got is anything to go by. And what’s with the hair flicking? She got some obsession with flicking her hair and playing with it constantly?
“Have you got a pen?” she asked; there’s that flicking and twitching again! What’s up with that?!
“Um…” I bit my lip thoughtfully, “Yeah sure just let me check my…yeah.” I trailed off as the other three giggled even harder, Frank actually letting out a shriek as the girl leaned on the table, a bit too close to me for my liking as I searched my bag, “Sure I’ve got one in here somewhere…” I muttered, “Ah ha!” I held a pen up over my head, “Got it!”
The girl giggled and Mikey actually fell off his chair in laughter. Frank, still giggling, kicked him slightly as Ray his face hidden in his arms, shoulders shaking with laughter.
“Thanks.” she said, giving me a pretty wide smile and speaking in a pretty weird voice as she took my pen, fingers touching my hand for a bit longer then was necessary to get a pen.
“No problem, just sign…wherever.” I gestured randomly at my arm shrugging.
She gave me that weird smile again and leaned in to write on my cast, her body a bit too close for my sense of comfort; she found a spot right up on my bicep (the cast was for both my arm and shoulder) and I quickly looked up at the ceiling, coughing slightly in awkwardness as her chest rubbed against my arm. This is awkward. Especially as she took her damn sweet time to sign it. How long is her name? eighty letters long? Is it some exotic name that is French or something and has more letters then necessary? Seriously.
“Okay there we go.” she said brightly, handing me my pen back and-much to my relief- pulled away from my body, “Thanks.” she smiled and did that weird twitchy eyes, hair flicking thing.
“No problem.” I muttered, “Um…what’s you’re name again?” I asked confused pretty sure she never actually told me in the first place.
“Karen.” She winked at me. Yeah winked! what the hell?, “See ya babes.” she waved and ran over to her friends who were still giggling and waved at me before they walked off, leaving me to resemble someone that just realized that they’re parents had to have sex so they could have a kid and that was how they got into the world.
“What. The. Hell.” I said slowly as the other three burst out laughing, “Was that?” I asked looking at the other three who were in hysterics, “What are you guys laughing at? At her? Bit harsh guys. I’m shocked. Okay sure she was a bit on the weird side. What, with the weird twitchy eye thingy and hair playing and flickity thing and crack addict like what cha ma call it smile” I gestured randomly at my eyes, hair and mouth, “But come on, she was nice at least. In a weird way and her friends were a bit….crazy but hey no need to laugh.” I pouted as the continued to laugh harder, “Aw come on! What’s so funny about a chick wanting to sign my cast seriously? “ I asked exasperated.
“She, she called you babes!” Ray choked out making them laugh-if possible- even harder.
“Yeah so, maybe she calls a lot of people that.” I said tartly frowning and tucking my hair back as if in dignity, “What’s up with that? Still don’t see what’s so funny.” I muttered then I clicked, “Ah ha! I got it!” I clicked my fingers, grinning widely, “You guys are in hysterics cause a girl actually spoke to me! That’s it right? You are laughing in shock cause girls actually speak to me.” I said smugly.
At this, they just laughed even harder, Ray actually hitting the table and stomping his foot, as Frank, gasping choked out, “That’s not all they do apparently.” he said and managed to smirk; Mikey snorted and they laughed even crazier then before.
“What cha mean by that?” I asked, feeling like I was missing something.
“Are, are you actually oblivious as you were to Frank having a thing for you or what?” Mikey choke out sounding incredulous with disbelief.
“What the hell are you guys talking about?!” I asked exasperated, “Someone gonna explain what the hell the joke is!” I threw my arms up, “And what cha mean by ‘that’s not all they do’? What exactly are you trying to imply here Frankie!?”
Instead of being the good boyfriend, brother and best friend I expected them to be and answering me, they just laughed hysterically, “God what the hell is wrong with you!?” I exclaimed.
“I’m wondering the same thing.”
I looked round to see Bert, Lyn z and Gracie looking at the scene in front of us with raised eyebrows.
“What the hell has got them acting like they just inhaled laughing gas? You fuck up in chemistry again?” Bert asked conversationally, sitting down beside me, putting his lunch tray down on the table.
I frowned, “NO, course not.” I said tartly, “I haven’t had that class yet to do so.” I added in quickly making Bert shake his head in amusement.
“So why are they laughing as if they just seen the funniest thing in the whole entire world?” Lyn Z asked sitting on my other side.
“Oh you mean they seen that video of that penguin trying to fly?” Bert asked brightly, eyes widening.
Me, Lyn Z and Gracie raised our eyebrows at him, “NO dumbass, course not, that isn’t even funny.” Gracie said, “It’s actually kind of cute.” she said cheerily.
“You find everything cute.” Lyn Z sighed, “Even ants carrying a leaf is cute to you.”
“Well it is!” Gracie said indignantly making Lyn Z roll her eyes as she poked at what I think is supposed to be a tuna salad unenthusiastically with her fork, “Those tiny little things carrying something so big. It’s the cutest thing ever!”
“I thought that stray puppy you saw sitting on the swing at the park on the way to school this morning was the cutest thing ever?” Bert asked confused, can of soda raised to his lips.
Gracie frowned then, “Okay! Ants are the second cutest thing ever! Next to penguins trying to fly!” she said brightly before setting her tray down and taking a seat next to Bert.
“You are unbelievably bright.” Lyn Z groaned, letting her fork fall with a clatter on her plate, “It’s actually disturbing.”
Gracie stuck her tongue out at her, “Wait penguins try to fly?” I asked sitting up straighter, “Why haven’t I seen this?” I asked indignantly, “I love penguins!”
Lyn Z groaned and hit her head off the table. “A vampire that likes penguins? That’s new.” Bert grinned and I stuck my tongue out making him laugh before he took a bite of his sandwich.
“You love penguins too Gee?” Gracie asked excitedly.
“Yeah they’re like cute and fluffy and walk like a drunken retard, what’s not to like?” I said brightly, “Plus they beat the whole skin color thing. They’re black and white! How cool is that! They’re like pandas of the water world! Animal version of Michael Jackson!”
Bert burst out laughing and Gracie frowned at me, “Way too far man.” she said in disapproval, “Way too far.”
“What’d I do?!” I exclaimed in shock, “It’s true!
“Have some respect for the dead seriously.” she said frowning at me.
“But I-”
“Can we please stop going on about motherfucking penguins, pandas and whether Michael Jackson was black or white for fuck sake!” Lyn-Z yelled quite suddenly, “And explain to me why they three are laughing like a bunch of crack addicts!” she gestured at my brother, Frank and Ray who were still laughing.
I looked at them ,”Oh come on!” I exclaimed, “What is so fucking funny! You, you crack pot douche bag hamster munching fuck twats on laughing gas!” I yelled randomly.
They ignored me, though the other three looked at me, “What!” I yelped, my voice breaking.
“That the best you could come up with seriously?” Bert asked raising his eyebrows at me and laughing slightly.
“Oh piss off!” I said dismissively.
“So what started them laughing?” Gracie asked curiously, sitting beside Bert.
“I don’t know, some chick came over and asked to sign my cast.” I said carelessly; Bert’ eyes widened, “She kept on smiling weirdly, and playing with her hair and her eyes kept twitching and she spoke like ‘Oh you’re so brave!’” I mocked her voice, making it sound high pitched and flirty sounding, “And kept rubbing herself against me. Bit weird but I don’t get why they’re laughing.” I frowned at the three laughing maniacs who were laughing harder then ever.
“Oh fuck am gonna piss myself!” Mikey laughed hysterically, actually leaning on his boyfriends’ shoulder to support himself.
“Wait, wait let me get this straight.” Bert said as Lyn Z and Gracie looked at me in disbelief, “You’re telling me some chick flirted with you?” he asked in disbelief.
I frowned, “That what she was doing?” I asked; Bert smacked his head off the table as Lyn-Z smacked me across the head and Gracie shook her head in disbelief, “Ow!” I yelped, glaring at Lyn Z reproachfully.
“What cha mean, is that what she was doing? Course she was you dumb ass fuck! Are you actually that freaking obliviously retarded!” Lyn Z asked in disbelief.
“Well how was I supposed to know? People don’t really flirt with me ya know! And if that’s how flirting is, then thank fuck no one does.” I said frowning.
“Dumbass.” Lyn Z sighed, “Course people flirt with you! You just don’t see it!”
“Well why should she flirt with me! I’m fucking gay for crying out loud! And trust me, that so called ‘flirting’ won’t be turning me straight any time soon!”
“Thank fuck.” Frank hiccupped before taking a drink of Mikey’s coke zero, making my brother frown at him. Frank noticed and stuck his tongue out.
“Oh my God I can’t believe you never realized that!” Bert laughed, “What she write on your cast?” he asked, glancing at my brother and boyfriend who were rough housing, Frankie actually poking his tongue into the can and licking it, making Mikey yell in disgust and shove Frank who laughed.
“I don’t know? Her name probably.” I suggested sarcastically, “Ya know like most people do?” I asked sarcastically again, as Ray laughed at his boyfriend sticking his tongue out at Frank who was smirking smugly.
“What is her name?” Lyn Z asked looking at my cast.
“Karen I think.” I shrugged.
“Ah found it,.” she said in a slight sing song voice, “Hmm, very nice. Real classy.” she said trying to sound disapproving though she was giggling slightly.
“Why what is it?” I asked quickly, panic bubbling up.
Bert and Gracie looked at my cast also and started laughing, “What! What is it!?” I yelped.
“Ohhh Gee, you’re so brave, you’re my hero!” Frank said in a high pitched voice making them start laughing again
“Oh shut up. And tell me what the fuck it says would ya! Y’all a bunch of retards.” I snapped pouting.
“Says the guy who didn’t realize someone’s got a crush on them.” Bert sang, “And left you her number. Oh and uh.” Bert looked at my cast again as I went if possible, even whiter and the others started laughing again, “ She also left ‘Love how strong and brave you are, maybe you wanna show me that in the bedroom, give me a call.” he said in a flirty girly voice.
“What!” I yelped, standing up abruptly and trying to read my cast, “She wrote what?!” I yelped again, sounding more hysterical as they laughed.
“That’s what she wrote.” Bert laughed.
“Are you fucking kidding me!” I yelled.
Bert shook his head, “What the hell man! Who the hell writes that on someone’s bloody cast!?” I asked desperately, rubbing the writing feverishly as if that would erase it.
My attempt at something that was obviously impossible made them laugh even harder, causing nearby students to look at us weirdly; well I guess they would. I mean six teenagers who just so happen to be part of the self named ‘Misfits’ clique (In honor of the Kings of New Jersey-don’t know who that is, don’t talk to me) and a vampire who apparently ‘attempted suicide and went all psycho on a jock’s ass and possibly bi-polar who forgot their meds, jumping like an idiot screeching at the top of his voice and trying to erase ink from his cast is bound to attract some weird looks.
“Who the fuck writes that shit! I’m fucking taken thank you very much!” I yelled furiously in indignation, making them laugh harder, “Frank! You’re supposed to be going over to her and telling her to back the fuck off! I’m your boyfriend! Not hers! Go over there and tell her that!” I all but demanded in true diva like fashion.
Frank just rolled around the floor, hands to his stomach laughing like a maniac as Mikey hiccupped beside him, Ray slumped over the table and Gracie was leaning against Bert’s shoulder as they laughed hysterically at me. Lyn-Z, still laughing, was trying to calm me down.
“Frank!” I whined, “Go over there and tell her under no circumstances, NONE AT ALL! Is she to come anywhere near me! Or you will so kick her ass to next Tuesday!”
“I don’t hit girls babe, sorry.” he hiccupped sitting up, skin flushed.
“Well, well tell her to back off!”
“Oh come on Gee, lighten up,” Mikey giggled, “You have to admit, it’s funny.”
“It is not fucking funny!” I yelled actually stomping my foot in annoyance, “It’s fucking crazy!”
“Don’t worry babe, I’ll sort it out.” Frank said smirking slightly.
“Ohhh, Frankie’s first time in proving dominance.” Mikey said smirking then laughed hysterically so he sounded deranged.
I flipped them all off as Frank rolled his eyes, “Oh and what are you gonna do?” I asked my boyfriend, raising my eyebrows as I folded my arms.
“Just wait until she tries to chat you up again, I’ll show her who’s boss.” Frank smirked.
I wrinkled my nose at the thought of having to go through that again but sighed in defeat.
“Good, but uh in the mean time.” Frank bit back a laugh, “You just might wanna cover that up.” he smirked, holding up my jacket, “Ya know in case a teacher notices it and uh…awkward questions” he whispered in a loud dramatic voice..
I stuck my tongue out but shoved my jacket on anyway, being careful with my arm and shoulder, and making sure that message was covered, “Whatever, I’m gonna nip out for a smoke before class starts…anyone wanting to…oh shit.” I groaned suddenly , actually slapping myself.
The others instantly sobered up as Karen practically skipped over, “Holy shit dude that is a catch!” Bert whispered impressed, making me scowl at him and Frank to punch him rather hard on the shoulder, making him yelp.
“Hey Gee.” Karen said so sweetly it made me cringe.
“Hey Karen.” I said in fake cheerful casualness, “Didn’t I see you not that long ago…?” I trailed off, as the others giggled uncontrollably.
“Well yeah but I wanted to ask you something.” she grinned, winking at me again.
“Uh huh, I see…”
“Could I sign your leg cast?” she asked leaning into me.
Umm…” I trailed off again glancing at Frank who had stopped laughing and was looking at Karen rather hostilely, “Well I can’t really roll these jeans up so…” I laughed awkwardly, running a hand through my hair and scratching the back of my neck.
“Yeah I know.” Karen suddenly smirked and leaned in way too close to me, her body literally pressing up against me and I could smell pretty strong-and not exactly nice- perfume mixed with hair spray from her, “Maybe we could get those off and I could give you some nice relief for that pain.”
Bert looked at me in amazement while my brother and Ray resembled goldfish. Gracie and Lyn Z looked disgusted at her. Frank on the other hand did not look happy.
“Okay, listen here sister!” he yelled abruptly, marching up to her and getting in between us, “I don’t know what the hell you’re playing at but you better get your eyes off hun.” he said dangerously.
“Excuse me.” Karen said tartly, looking Frank up and down before throwing her hair back, “Look I’m kind of busy here, so how about you go play with the little freshman next to the doors over there?” she asked sweetly.
“Oh aren’t you witty! Hey I can tell your busy, trying to get into my boyfriend’s pants so you better listen and listen closely.” Frank said smirking smugly; I swallowed looking around me and noticed that-yet again-we were the star entertainment of the day. Lovely, “I don’t know if you realized hun, but I got my mark on him so you better get your fake tan covered hands off and back off.”
Karen looked taken aback but quickly recovered herself, “Hey compared to me, I’m the one he’s gonna be wanting cause I can keep going all night long.” she smirked at me and I felt bile rise up, “While you…” she looked Frank up and down an scoffed, “Bet you wouldn’t even satisfy.”
“Okay it is so on slut!”
“What did you just call me?”
“Yeah you heard bitch. And you better hear this; Hands off my man.”
“Please! He will so choose me, anything you can do, I’m sure I can top.”
“Oh yeah? Can you top this?” Frank asked, before suddenly grabbing me by the hair, pulling me down and crushing his lips against mine.
I moaned and let him prove his thing. This was rough. Frank was biting, groping my hips so hard I knew I was gonna have bruises there, tugging my hair. He carried on like this for a couple of more minutes (so it felt like) and, when he broke off the kiss, I was gasping, clothes crumpled up, hair a mess, no doubt my lips were swollen-and I was turned on as hell.
“There, top that bitch.” Frank smirked as I wrapped my arms around his waist.
Karen looked at us then huffed loudly and stalked off as the room was filled with laughter, cat calls, wolf whistles-and a couple of homophobic comments but right now I didn’t care.

“Fucking hell what was that all about!?” Mikey asked incredulously, “I’m just gonna ignore the fact I just watched my brother all get mouth fucked by my best friend in the middle if the school cafeteria and say... way to go Frank!” he yelled and he and my boyfriend hi five.
“What, I had to prove to her who was in charge so.” Frank shrugged, before innocently drinking his soda he had left on the table.
“Fuck man did you see her face!?” Bert laughed.
Frank smirked as the others talked about what just happened, before going back to some random conversation, though I did hear one of them say they betted I would get detention for the stupid message on my cast. I wasn’ really listening though. Frank was, but not participating, eating his skittles.
I had to talk to him. Now.
“Frank.” I hissed in his ear.
“Yah babe?” he smirked.
“Uh can I talk to you? Like in private? Uh now?” I asked desperately, not knowing what I was gonna say when we did have some privacy.
Frank smirked and looked at me; I saw a mischievous gleam in his eye and realized I just saw another impulsive episode of his-and was about to see another one.
“Thinking the same thing.” he smirked and quickly dragged me out the cafeteria. I ignored the knowing looks of my friends and brother , too occupied with what was going on in my boyfriends’ head-and what the hell he was planning now.

Frank’s point of view

I smirked smugly, grabbing my boyfriends’ hand and all but dragging him out the school cafeteria, excitement building up in my stomach. I could feel Gerard’s hot breath on my neck and the tightness on my hand was increased. The only thing running through my mind was that I wanted him. Badly. Now.
“Frank, where are we going?” Gerard asked, panting slightly as we ran.
“Somewhere private” I smirked, putting a lot of emphasis on the word, hoping he was getting what I was implying, slowing down slightly as we reached an empty hallway.
It done the trick; Gerard’s eyes lit up with excitement and a sexy smirk was gracing his lips, causing the excitement in my stomach to increase and a certain area in the downstairs compartment to stir.
“Where do you have in mind?” he asked, eyes glinting, pressing me up against the wall.
I bit my lip ring thoughtfully, hands running down his chest and laying them on his hips.
“Well, we’re in the art department…and the rooms are empty.” I trailed off, letting him imagine the rest.
Gerard smirked, “I like the way you think.” he said in a rush, quickly grabbing my hand and pulling me into the nearest classroom which was-thankfully- unlocked and empty. Gerard slammed the door shut and pressed me against it, lips crushed against mine instantly in a really rough kiss. I kissed back eagerly, mouth working furiously , hands groping each others bodies.
“Fuck Gee.” I groaned as his lips moved to my neck and his teeth grinded against my skin painfully but also pleasurable, making me slump against the door .
My hands roamed down to his ass, groping it tightly, making him bite my neck hard. I moaned and forced his head up by the hair before thrusting my tongue into his mouth so we were now basically tongue fucking each others mouths. I felt his hands move to my waist , riding my shirt up and I could feel his slender fingers and smooth skin touch the skin of my hips, making me shiver in pleasure.
“Fuck Gee, that feels so good!” I gasped; he just smirked in response before thrusting his tongue back into my mouth, and letting his hands glide smoothly to my belt buckle, unclipping it in one swift movement.
I quickly discarded his jacket, throwing it on to one of the desks and slid my hands up his back, bringing his shirt up with it. Gerard seemed to get what I was wanting and broke the kiss temporarily-though I still moaned at the lost of contact-and gently pulled off his shirt (due to his injury) and discarded it next to his jacket. I drank in the sight of his bare chest hungrily, licking my lips as my eyes raked his body down to his slightly curved hips. His skin was smooth, though like his arms, were scarred and there was some fading bruises and healing cuts, blemishing his other wise perfect skin. To others it would horrify them, the amount of scars and bruises tarnishing his body, but to me, it was the aftermath of someone who had survived the worst parts of his life. Each bruise, each scar, each healing cut, made him even more beautiful to me.
Gerard looked at me, nervously, noticing I was taking in all of the scars, “You’re so beautiful Gee.” I whispered, awestruck., “So fucking beautiful.” I crushed my lips to his again and he kissed me back, hands groping my hips tightly, slowly teasing my skinnies down. I pressed my body tightly to his bare chest and he grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the desk, leaning his hot, rocking body against it, spreading his legs so I could continue to press my own body against his, grinding my rather hard shaft against his rather impressive one, not once breaking the kiss.
He pulled at my shirt as I wrapped an arm around his neck, hand in his hair, pulling it roughly. I bit down on his lip hard, making it bleed, before I pulled back to take off my own shirt, throwing it on the floor as he licked his lips.
“Fuck baby, I want you so badly.” he all but growled huskily at me.
I moaned at that and bit down on his neck at the collarbone, making sure I left a mark there as he slid his hands down my jeans, moving his mouth to my earlobe and biting down on it. I undone his batman buckle, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his zip down.
“Get em’ down for me.” I growled in his ear.
Gerard didn’t hesitate; he stood up from leaning against the desk and I watched hungrily as he pulled his jeans down, kicking his boots off and discarding them carelessly with the rest of our clothing. I smirked and took in the sight of his pale, slim legs, his erection pretty obvious in the tight boxers he was wearing. I felt my own dick getting even harder at the sight, knowing it was only those damn boxers getting in the way. I licked my lips at him, leaning his near naked body against the desk, legs spread out, raven black hair messed up, as he panted heavily, gazing at me with a sexy smirk on those swollen, bruised lips and a come hither look in his eyes. Fuck he just looked…fuckable. I couldn’t think of any other word to describe him.
“Fucking hell Gee.” I gasped, feeling myself getting excited, “Fuuck.” I dragged the word out.
Gerard continued to smirk, fingers gliding down slowly to the hem of his boxers. I swallowed, watching him as he gently pulled his boxers down at one side, revealing the rest of his hips and a small hint of public hair, “Shit!” I gasped, “Fuck baby you look so fucking hot.”
“You like what you see Frankie?” he asked me innocently, though still smirking. The look in his eyes however were more ‘I know you want me so come fucking get me.’ and fuck did I want him.
“Fuck yes.”
“You want me babe?” Yeah like he didn’t already know that.
“Yeah I want you.”
“How badly?”
He was teasing me, he was so fucking teasing me and it was working. As he spoke, he edged his boxers down further, though still not enough for me to get a view of his cock which I knew was hard as fuck.
“I want you so fucking badly.” I admitted, wanting to just pin that hot body of his against that table and fuck him hard.
Gerard smirked, before licking his now rather swollen and bruised lips slowly. He pulled his boxers right down, kicking them off with a flourish, so he was now leaning against the desk completely naked, legs spread out with one leg propped up slightly, his cock, standing up hard and proud, hand either side of his hips.
I felt my breathing hitch in my throat, heart rate escalating, cock throbbing so badly it hurt as my eyes took in the scene in front of me. Gerard fucking Way, was right in front of me, completely naked, leaning against the desk in the middle of an empty classroom , and smirking at me. Fuck, and I thought he couldn't get any hotter…
“Frank baby, am so hard for you.” he groaned, arching his hips up slightly, “I want you so fucking badly.”
“Fuck Gee.” I groaned, slightly taken aback at the dirty talk, though it was turning me on-if possible-even more.
“You still want me babe?” he asked, pouting at me.
“Fuck yes, I want you so fucking badly, it fucking hurts.”
Gerard smirked and flicked his hair back before beckoning me with his finger, “Well come and get me.”
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