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You got your leather on, because they don't give a damn now

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“Shit just hit the motherfucking fan.”

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Chapter 24: You got your leather on, because they don't give a damn now

Mikey’s point of view

“Ten bucks they’re making out in the janitors closet.”
“Make it fifteen hun, because I’m betting Frank is sucking him off in the guys’ bathroom.”
“You’re both gonna lose some serious cash cause I saw that look in they’re eyes; they are gonna be fucking hard and I bet twenty they bunked off to do it at Gee’s place”
“No way, Gerard didn’t look like he could wait, bet you twenty five that if there’s any ass fucking it’s gonna be in an empty classroom.”
“What, you really think they’d do it on school property?”
“Wouldn’t put it past them.”
I rolled my eyes, trying my best to block out the conversation. Last thing I wanted to hear was my friends discussing whether or not my brother was getting some serious action and whether or not it was on school property.
“Bet you anything Gee tops his ass.”
“No way, Frank has him wrapped around his finger-he’ll be the one dominating.”
“Nah, think Gee will let him think he’s dominating-then turn it around and fuck him.”
I think you guys forget I’m Gerard’s brother-who doesn’t wanna hear you guys betting on whether they’re fucking or not.” I spoke up over them, voice breaking.
“Sorry Mikes.” Bert grinned then his face lit up, “Hey! If they’re getting it on in a classroom, where would they go?”
“No idea.” I said grimly, “Why?”
“Duh so I can catch some action maybe.”
“Aww dude!” we all groaned in disgust, me actually shoving him off the bench.
“Whoa shit!” he flailed his arms around wildly, only for me to flick him on the head, making him lose balance and hit the floor with a thud, “Ow!”
“Serves you right for being so perverted.” I said bluntly, hand under my chin, so used to his perverted moments, I was actually bored of it, ”Honestly, I wonder how my brother even survives at work with you drooling over him on a regular basis.” I added, exasperated.
“I don’t drool” Bert said defensively sitting up and leaning on the table.
“Yeah you don’t -you also sexually harass him in the process too.” I added, looking at him in a bored manner.
The others sniggered watching us in amusement. It was pretty rare when I and Bert were in the same room as each other. But when we were, it usually involved him flirting with me-and epically failing at it- and me insulting him to high heavens.
“It’s not sexual harassment if-”
“If he enjoys it yeah I know.” I cut in bluntly, “Which he doesn’t” I added in pointedly, “Hence why I said sexually harassing him.” I finished, smirking slightly.
“You’re actually quite mean ya know that? “ Bert asked, pointing at me, and pouting.
“And you are actually fucked up. Ya know that right?” I asked sardonically, pointing back at him.
He stuck his tongue at me, and I just raised my eyebrows. I heard Gracie, Ray and Lyn Z giggling like crazily, “That is totally mature-dick head.” I smirked.
“Yeah I know I am.” Bert smirked at me.
“What that you’re a dick head?” I asked sweetly, “I’m guessing you know that, or did you not realize I was being sarcastic with the mature part of that sentence?”
“You are so mean to me!” Bert whined at me, taking Frank’s vacant seat again.
“You are so perverted but you don’t see me whining about it like a two year old.” I said before blowing my fringe out of my eyes in an almost bored manner.
Bert was looking at me weirdly and I raised my eyebrows at him, “Hey, take a picture it will last longer, then that way I won’t feel like am getting eyeball raped.” I said, slightly ticked off.
“Anyone ever tell you that you’re really hot?” he asked.
I groaned, rolling my eyes, “No that’s why I have a boyfriend.” I said sarcastically, “You know, Ray’s only dating me cause I’ m totally the opposite of hot” I rolled my eyes again “Course I’ve been told that., Ray practically makes sure he tells me like sixty times a day” I smirked at Ray who went red as the two girls cooed affectionately at that.
“Does me saying that you look hot make me get back in your good books?” Bert asked grinning.
“You never were, despite you telling me that whenever you see me.” I said bored, and flicking the can of soda Frank left.
“Okay how bout this.” Bert said brightening up suddenly, “I’ll stop flirting with you if-”
“Flirting? Dude just be grateful I haven’t reported you for sexual harassment yet.” I cut in flatly.
“If.” Bert continued loudly as if I hadn’t just interrupted him while the other sniggered and I rolled my eyes, “If you kiss me.” I felt my eyebrows rise, “Just once! And I promise I won’t try flirting with you.” I glanced at Ray who was looking slightly ticked off at Bert. I leaned over and whispered a plan in his ear and a grin broke out on his lips, secretly giving my knee a squeeze beneath the table.
“Promise?” I asked smirking slightly, tucking my hand beneath my chin again, legs crossed and arm across the table.
“Cross my heart hope to die, stick a pot noodle in my eye.” he said seriously; ah so that’s where I got it from. Gotta remember to tell Gee that.
The other three started to laugh as I looked at Bert bemused then, “Alright if you promise.” I sighed exasperated trying to bite back a laugh.
Bert’s eyes lit up and he sat up straighter, actually sticking his chest out, “Really?” he asked shocked.
“I don’t tell lies, if I do a black bird dies.” I made up on the spot making Ray chuckle in amusement.
“You being serious?” Bert asked incredulously, looking as if Christmas had came early. Jesus Christ this guy is unbelievable. I thought as I heard Ray mutter my plan to the girls who giggled even harder. Wish Gee and Frank could see this, they’re faces would be priceless.
“Alright.” Bert smirked then leaned in, pointing at his lips, “Lay it on me sista!”
I let out a small groan of disgust; Bert is so not my type. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good looking, pretty nice guy, but his whole perverted -I-think- a- lot- with- my- dick thing he has, is a major turn off.
“Okay.” I smirked, hoping I sounded seductive and not a total idiot, “Close your eyes.”
“Why have I gotta shut my eyes?” He asked confused.
“Just do it.” I snapped, “You want this kiss or not retard?”
“Shutting them, shutting them.” Bert said hastily, shutting his eyes tight.
I smirked, “Okay, lean in closer.” He did, “A little bit more…yeah little bit further.” I bit back a laugh now as he was practically on the edge of his seat. I leaned closer then, just when my lips brushed his-I blew a raspberry.
“AH fuck!” Bert yelled in disgust flailing around again as the other three burst out laughing , “WHAT THE HELL!?” I rolled my eyes and kicked his chair, making him lose balance completely and hit the floor again., “FUCK!”
“Serves you right.” I said in a sing song voice while my boyfriend and the girls laughed hysterically; Bert sat up, brushing the hair out of his face, glaring at me but I took no notice. I just saw my brother and Frankie, all but staggering through the cafeteria doors, looking the worse for wear and my eyes lit up, “HEY! WE’RE STILL OVER HERE!” I yelled loudly, waving my arms around to attract their attention.
They walked over, and Bert was still glaring at me and the other three were still laughing.
“Whoa what happened to you two?” I asked smirking in knowing fashion as they took their vacant seats.
Both of them went scarlet, “What happened to him?” Gerard asked gesturing to Bert who was pouting now, “Why does he look like someone just told him that unprotected sex does cause pregnancies?”
I bit back a laugh and Bert flipped Gee off making my brother smirk. Someone’s full of themselves…
“Yeah well, never mind that perverted son of a bitch.” I said dismissively, waving my hand carelessly in his direction, “Stop trying to change the subject.”
“Not trying to change any subject Mikes.” Frank said innocently, though I could see a smirk on his rather beat up lips.
“Bull. Fucking. Shit.” I said bluntly, “Do not try to fuck me around.” I warned them.
At this, Ray and Bert began sniggering and the girls rolled their eyes. I clicked and began laughing myself.
Frank and Gerard looked at one another in confusion then at me, “We ain’t trying to fuck you around Mikes.” Gee said.
“Well stop trying to blow the whole situation off” I smirked before laughing with the other two.
“What the hell are you guys laughing at?” Frank asked exasperated.
“Man you guys suck.” Gerard stated shaking his head.
That just did it. We burst out laughing.
“Aw seriously boys, grow up.” Lyn Z sighed, exasperated.
“What the hell is so funny?” Gerard asked confused.
“No idea.” Frankie said sounding just as lost as he did.
Gracie and Lyn Z looked at them as if they were obliviously dumb-which they are- before they looked at each other.
“Boys.” They sighed.

Gerard’s point of view

Me and Frankie decided to leave those guys to their laughing fits and head out for a smoke or two. We did consider skipping the rest of the day, Frank feeling that I had pushed my boundaries for the day. I mean four classes, one of which was a double period of gym theory and putting that asshole in his place. Plus I did English, where I had to endure some taunts and insults from the usual assholes in that class. And Chemistry-where I didn’t kill Frank off fortunately , but I did get payback on Jason though. I think burning a guy-who spat on me and smashed a cup over my brothers‘ head- eyebrows off and making him shriek like a girl in front of his girlfriend when I flicked frog flesh at him is a start. Plus there was the fact we had Art class next-which is awkward considering the uh events that took place there.
Part from that though, I didn’t really feel all that bad. If anything I was on a killer of a high. I was all but shaking with adrenaline and couldn’t keep the smirk off my bruised, swollen lips.
Well I think fucking your boyfriend in an empty classroom during school would do that to you.
“Can’t believe it.” Frank spoke up suddenly, exhaling and forming a smoke ring, “Cannot believe we did that.” he repeated grinning widely.
I grinned at him before taking a drag of my cigarette, “Did ya you know.” I shrugged sheepishly.
Frank blinked and looked at me, cigarette in his mouth. I looked at him nervously and he grinned, taking a drag before exhaling, placing the cigarette between his fingers, “You wondering if I enjoyed it ain’t cha?” he asked, nudging me in the ribs.
“Well yeah.” I said as if it was obvious before taking another drag.
Frank laughed and kissed me suddenly on the lips, “Fuck yeah I enjoyed it.” he smirked.
“Really?” I blinked in shock, cigarette hanging from my fingers.
“Yeah.” he laughed slightly, “Course I did; best fucking sex ever.”
“Babe, don’t fuck with me.” I warned him grinning, pointing my cigarette at him.
“I just did.” he smirked and I laughed, “No I’m serious Gee, it was fucking amazing. I mean how many people can say they had sex with their boyfriend for the first time in a fucking empty classroom?” he asked.
“Not many.” I smirked.
“Kinky bastard.” he muttered before taking a drag and making me laugh.
“Coming from the guy who all but mouth fucked me in front of every fucking student in the whole fucking school.” I pointed out, making Frank stick his tongue out at me.
Hey um..” I bit my lip suddenly nervous, “Was that, you know, you’re first time?” I asked.
Frank inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly, “Yeah it was.” he replied quietly.
“Shit man that must have been-”
“No it’s cool, I should have told you.” Frank cut in to my rambling quickly, “I meant to but it was getting ya know, really fucking hot and I was severely horny and well ya know…” he shrugged, giggling slightly, “I didn’t want to tell you in case you didn’t want to carry on.”
I frowned slightly, taking all this in. I just took my boyfriends’ virginity. In a fucking classroom!
“You feel guilty again don’t you?” Frank asked sighing before taking a drag of his cigarette.
“ A bit yeah.” I admitted making Frank groan-in a non sexual way this time, “No listen, I feel guilty a bit because if I knew it was your first time, I would have ya know…” I shrugged, “Made it a bit better.”
“You mean you can perform better then that?!” Frankie asked wide eyed making me roll my eyes, “Sorry but fucking hell Gerard you were amazing.” I went scarlet, “I know what you mean though but honestly Gerard, I couldn’t ask for a better way to lose my virginity. Plus I lost it to you which is an added bonus.” he smirked making me laugh.
“I’m glad you feel that way cause I’ll be honest my first time wasn’t all that fun.”
“Yeah um Mikey told me you had an ex.” Frank admitted.
“Thought so.” I sighed.
“So…what was your first time like? Was it with Jeff?” Frank asked curiously.
“Yeah it was and the first time? It was okay I guess.” I shrugged, putting my cigarette out on the concrete, “Bit painful and it hurt-a lot. But that’s what you expect when you’re leaning against a motor bike in a fucking garage.”
Frank choked on his cigarette and I quickly patted him on the back.
“Sorry but what!” he gasped, eyes watering.
“Seriously.” I grinned, “ It was my sixteenth birthday. We were in his garage, and he was modifying his bike-Mikey tell ya he was an adrenaline junkie and did motor crossing?” I asked suddenly; he nodded, “Yeah that was why I liked him, I went through a phase of going for the older bad boys.” I grinned making Frank laugh, “Anyway so there we were, working on his bike-well he was working on the engine part, I did more of the spray painting and designing and passing the tools.” Frank let out a small snort of laughter an I grinned even wider, “And I don’t really know how it started.” I admitted thoughtfully, looking up at the grey, blue sky in thought, “One minute I was leaning over to see what he was doing, the next thing I knew we were making out and he was pinning me against the bike.” I shrugged.
“Impulse huh.” Frank smirked rather slyly a me.
“Pretty much.” I admitted laughing, “And we kind of got carried away and decided what the hell, you only live once and he was leaving for New York soon so.” I shrugged.
“Was it, ya know good?”
“It was I guess.” I said, “I mean it hurt, it was his first time with a guy and my first time having sex in general so we didn’t really know what we were doing. There was no prep, no oral just a rough fuck.”

Frank smiled rather sympathetically as I lit up another cig, lighting up and taking a drag before continuing as I exhaled, “It hurt like hell afterwards. I couldn’t walk right for about a week.” Frank laughed and I grinned wolfishly, “But we did it a couple more times and it definitely got better. We learned as we went along ya know?”
“Did you top?” he asked smirking.
“I did for awhile.” I admitted exhaling again, “He felt weird with it at first, what with him being the older guy and all but he got around to the idea and seemed to like it.” I smirked, “I let him top the fifth time we did it, he just kind of followed the same lines I did.”
“How did, ya know, get so good at it?”
I laughed, “I wouldn’t say I got good at it, but I did ask around.” I shrugged, “I knew a couple of people who were gay and had already popped it as they called it.” I wrinkled my nose as Frank laughed, “And they gave me some pretty good advice, the first of which was-and I quote this here- do not fuck dry on your first time dumb fuck.” I said quoting an old friend of mine making Frank laugh, “Only go dry when you’ve fucked a couple of times and want to get rough.” I rolled my eyes, “They told me I could use saliva as a prep if lube wasn’t available, to go slow the first time round when topping and don’t just shove your gun up the holder or shoot off your ammo into a safe cap cartridge.” I shook my head as Frank giggled uncontrollably, “It was really good advice-of sorts.” I shrugged laughing slightly, taking another drag of my cigarette and exhaling slowly, “But it worked.”
“Did you do it in other places or just the garage?” Frank asked raising an eyebrow and smirking at me.
“Ha ha real funny.” I stuck my tongue at him as he laughed, “No we didn’t actually, we did it at his place a couple of times, once in the back of his car, oh and in the shower.”
Frank shook his head in disbelief, “You are one kinky fucker-literally.” he said laughing.
“Thanks for the compliment.” I teased laughing as he blew a raspberry at me., “But am a impulsive guy I guess.” I shrugged exhaling and forming a smoke ring.
“So can I expect the same sort of thing?” Frank asked, actually looking rather turned on by the idea.
“Maybe.” I smirked, “But I don’t think you can get more exciting then fucking in a classroom, knowing the asshole you hate is gonna be sitting at the desk you fucked on.”
Frank burst out laughing, “Wait, wait hold on!” he said holding his hands up as I laughed, “You telling me Louis sits there!?”
“Not Louis but that other guy.” I clicked my fingers trying to work out who it was, “Ya know the one who’s nose got broken by Mikey?”
“Derek?” Frank suggested.
I clicked my fingers, “Yeah that’s it! Dunno why that fucker takes Art for to be honest, considering he calls it the ‘faggot class’.” I rolled my eyes at that.
“We fucked on Derek’s desk?” Frank asked looking absolutely ecstatic at the thought.
I nodded, “Yep we did, I didn’t realize at the time of course, but then I noticed that stupid graffiti over it as I wiped off your mess.” I smirked as Frank blushed though he was grinning, “Nice bit of revenge huh?” I laughed.
“Yeah if he knew that we did.” Frank frowned slightly and I just grinned, “Wait you didn’t…” he trailed off a big on his lips.
“Let’s just say I left a small message for him that’s all.” I smirked.
Frank laughed, “So what, the fact that we fucked is gonna go around the school now?” he asked giggling.
“Yeah probably, Derek will throw a major bitch fit and he can’t keep his mouth shut.” I rolled my eyes, “You okay with that?” I asked suddenly.
“Yeah hell if you added ‘I took my boyfriends virginity on your desk and he fucking loved it by the way hope you enjoy the cum on your chair’ I would wanna kiss you.” he laughed, “That’s like the best revenge ever considering we had gay sex on a homophobes desk.”
I laughed at the irony of the whole thing, “Well I didn’t say that but I did leave ‘Had a nice fuck on our desk by the way and you were right when you said it was rough.’ “ I admitted grinning, making him burst out in laughter, “So do I get that kiss?”
“Fuck yes!” Frankie exclaimed laughing before he crushed his lips against mine, the fresh taste of cigarette smoke filling my taste buds instantly.

Frank’s point of view

I could not stop grinning as we made our way up to Art class, not able to contain my excitement. I could not wait to see Derek’s face when he saw the little surprise we had left. I gripped Gerard’s hand, randomly spinning him around, jumping up and down, randomly kissing and hugging him which made him giggle hysterically, completely ignoring the looks we were getting.
“Hey do you think the other guys know that we you know.” I nudged him smirking.
“Probably.” Gerard shrugged, not looking at all bothered, “I mean we didn’t exactly hide it, did we?”
We both looked at one another; I could see an evident love bite on his neck and I knew there was a lot more. I probably had a good few on my neck too and, judging by the smirk on my boyfriends’ swollen and bruised lips, I was right.
“No we didn’t.” I confirmed making him laugh, “ Mikey is so gonna interrogate you when he get’s you later.”
“Hey he’ll interrogate you too ya know.” Gerard grinned, putting an arm around my waist and laughing as I stuck my tongue out at a few freshmen who were staring at us, “Stop scaring the kids babe.” he laughed.
“Hey I’m a senior, it’s what we seniors do.” I said defensively, looking up at him and pouting, “We scare kids shitless, it’s been that way for decades!”
“Touché’ babe, touché’.” Gerard admitted, shaking his head and grinning in amusement.
We waited outside our art class and started talking about random things; music, the next Misfits album, what had Bert looking so pissed earlier at lunch etc cetera while ignoring the usual insults people were saying about us, and the random conversations around us from our fellow classmates. We had just got on to whether we were going on that road trip that we had planned two weeks ago when Gerard suddenly grinned and nudged me in the ribs, making me look at him in confusion.
“Look what the cat dragged in-literally.” Gerard whispered in my ear as other students sniggered uncontrollably.
I looked up and bit back a laugh. Derek had just arrived-and was completely drenched in ketchup.
Gerard was giggling uncontrollably and that made me start laughing. Other students around us looked at us as if we were crazy and a girl actually nudged Gerard and begged him to stop laughing but Gerard just continued to do so.
“Think someone’s already in a sticky mess without our help.” Gerard muttered in my ear which made me shriek-yeah I actually shrieked- in laughter.
Derek whipped round to glare at us-which just made us laugh even harder.
“Think this is funny faggots!?” he yelled at us, looking at us furiously.
“Well, seeing as we’re laughing, and we’re looking at you while doing so, then I say yeah pretty much.” Gerard said trying to sound casual-which is a hard thing to do when your all but choking on your own laughter.
Derek glared even more furiously as the others around us went silent.
“Gee it isn’t that funny.” I said sternly rolling my eyes and ,making Gerard look at me in disbelief; I felt my lips twitch and then, “It’s fucking hilarious!” I started laughing again and Gerard began giggling uncontrollably.
“You’re brother is so fucking dead Way!” Derek yelled, pushing hid ketchup covered blonde hair out of his face as he pointed at us, “He is so fucking dead!”
I opened my mouth to reply when someone beat me to it.
“I’m still breathing jackass.”
I looked up and both me and Gee turned round to see Mikey coming down the corridor, holding hands with Ray who was grinning like a maniac, “Loving the new look, red really suits you.” Mikey smirked as he walked up to him, “Did the blood coming from your nose and staining your shirt inspire it or…” he trailed off as me and Frank laughed even harder.
“You are so fucking dead you freak!” Derek growled at Mikey who looked anything but scared.
Mikey just blinked at him in a bored fashion, “Really Derek? Are you even stupider then you look right now? Which is saying something as you always look stupid on a twenty four hour basis but that‘s beside the point. The point is that you must be because, as I already told you, I’m still breathing and very much alive and kicking.” Mikey said, “And I’m the freak? Dude, I’m not the one walking around covered in ketchup and looking like I got my lunch all over myself.” he shrugged, smirking again.
I slouched against Gerard’s chest, laughing uncontrollably, as Gerard let out that high pitched giggle of his in fits of hysterics. Mikey glanced at us and grinned before turning back to face Derek-who looked ready to throttle him on the spot- and smirking smugly, leaning against Ray’s chest, Ray’s arms wrapped around his skinny waist.
“You are so gonna pay for this Way!” Derek spat at Mikey.
“Blah blah blah blah blah!” Mikey threw his arms up in exasperation, rolling his eyes, “God! Come up with something original once in awhile will ya!”
“You’re gonna-”
“Pay for this yeah I know whatever.” Mikey said bored, “Do Ireally look like I give a fuck?”
“Think you’re smart freak?”
“Yeah I do thanks. Good to know you can see that too.” Mikey smirked.
Me and Gerard had stopped laughing hysterically-though we did let out a few giggles as we watched the scene in front of us. Ray’s grip on Mikey’s waist got tighter as Derek advanced on them, eyes glaring furiously at Mikey who looked at him with a look of complete non concern.
“You got a death wish?” Derek growled menacingly and I couldn’t help but flinch slightly. Gerard gripped my waist tightly in a reassuring manner.
“No, but that fashion statement you’ve got is.” Mikey replied coolly, smirking still.
Derek looked ready to explode. I was surprised steam wasn’t coming out of his ears he looked that pissed off. I gripped Gerard’s hand tightly, letting out a gasp as Derek suddenly grabbed Mikey by the collar of his hoody. Ray quickly grabbed Derek’s fist in what looked like a very painful grip.
“Get your hands off him you asshole.” Ray spat venomously.
“Ray relax, I can handle this.” I heard Mikey mutter.
“Aww look the little faggot think he’s so brave.” Derek said mockingly.
“Hey! Get your hands off him asshole, or I’ll come over there and rip your fucking arm out it’s socket!” Gerard yelled suddenly.
“Gerard!” I hissed worriedly as Mikey looked at Gerard with an expressions plainly telling him to not get involved.
“Hey I wasn’t talking to you , you psycho!” Derek spat back, “So shut it!”
Gerard was about to reply harshly but the air around us was suddenly filled with a loud smacking sound.
I stared in shock as Derek hit the ground, yelling in pain while Mikey fixed the collar of his hoody, “Told you guys I could handle this.” he shrugged, smirking smugly., “That’s what you get for calling my bro a psycho.” he said to Derek, “Only I got the rights to call em’ that.”
“What the hell did you do to him?” I asked, gaping in shock.
“Punched him in the face.” Mikey shrugged, looking up at us before cracking his knuckles, “Didn’t think he’d hit the ground though.” he said looking down at Derek in thoughtfulness, “Hm, guess I hit him harder then I thought-not that he doesn’t deserve it mind you.”
Derek got up stumbling, looking dazed, lip bleeding furiously, “You, better watch your back Way.” he said menacingly pointing at Mikey who rolled his eyes, “All of you better watch your backs, you bunch of freaks.”
Me and Gerard glanced at one another. Maybe this wasn’t the best time to have had a fuck on his desk.
“Yeah sure, anyway, it’s been nice having this oh so pleasant conversation with you.” Mikey said brightly, taking Ray’s hand, “But! If you don’t mind, me and my boyfriend have got better things to do with our time then listen to you whining like a two year old.”
A part of me expected Derek to grab Mikey by the arm and punch him in the face, but to my surprise-not to mention relief- he didn’t. He just glared at Mikey and Ray’s retreating backs, Ray glancing over and giving Derek a look that plainly said ‘Touch my boyfriend, you die’
Mikey grinned at us, giving us a thumbs up and Gerard smiled back weakly, mouthing ‘You are totally insane.’
I let out a small laugh as Mikey shrugged , still grinning as if he had seen the best thing in his life before he pulled on Ray’s hand, obviously wanting him to move it.
“See you guys in music.” Ray called waving.
“Kay.” we both replied, waving and shaking our heads in disbelief.
I turned to look at Gerard who looked back at me with a look of complete bewilderment on his face.
“Wonder what he did to piss him off.” I said sarcastically, leaning against the wall and folding my arms.
“Yeah isn’t exactly obvious is it?” Gerard asked, voice laced with sarcasm as he copied my position, his eyebrow raised and a small smirk on his bruised lips.
Derek must have heard us because he suddenly turned sharply to look at us and God did he look pissed.
“What’s up Derek?” Gerard asked innocently, “Anything we can help you with? If not quit staring at us.”
I bit back a laugh though Derek didn’t seem to see the funny side. Instead, he pointed at the both of us, with a look of pure loathing on his face. I briefly noticed the other students that were standing next to us, edge away slightly as if we were contagious. No doubt it was because they knew we were in Derek’s firing line and didn’t want to get caught up in the cross fire.
“You two.” he all but growled at us, that look of loathing not once leaving his face, “Better watch your backs.”
“Oh really?” I asked raising an eyebrow, not at all phased by him “And why would we do that? “
Gerard glanced at me and I gripped his bicep reassuringly before I pushed myself off the wall and walked a few steps over to Derek who had his fists clenched furiously at his side, blood still dripping from his lip.
“Because you guys are so gonna pay.” he spat, and I could hear the venom lacing his voice.
“Why? Cause you got what you deserved? Humiliation in front of all your little friends?” I asked coolly, “Gotta give Mikey a hi five later, he got you good if you ask me. If anything I should pay him. That was classic entertainment that scene was.” I heard Gerard let out a small snicker of laughter and I glanced over at him to see him clear his throat and smirk. I felt my confidence rising slightly, knowing he was there to back me up.
“Laugh it up while you can Iero, that little punk is gonna regret he pissed me off.” Derek growled.
I felt fear rise up slightly, wondering what the hell he had planned for Mikey and making a mental note to make sure he doesn’t go off anywhere on his own. I didn’t let my fear show though, just continued to glare coolly at Derek. I heard Gerard growl underneath his breath and I didn’t need to turn around to know he had a look of cool fury on his face. I also heard the other students mumble amongst themselves and moving even further back as I walked right up to Derek, so I was almost face to face with him-if it wasn’t for the fact he was about a foot taller then me.
“Wanna know something?” I muttered icily, “Mikey isn’t gonna regret anything-it‘s you.”
“How so fag?” Derek spat at me.
“Because if you touch even one hair on him, I’ll make sure you’re the one that’s gonna pay.” I said darkly, and I felt a small flicker of surprise as I saw a slight hint of fear behind Derek’s eyes, “you picked the wrong guys to mess with asshole. Cause see you and that little beat up patrol you hide behind? We’re gonna get y’all one. By. One. And make y’all regret you ever crossed paths with us.”
I muttered though-like what happened with Gerard- my voice carried along the hallway as if I was shouting, though I was barely opening my mouth as I was gritting my teeth so hard I could practically hear them grinding, “And trust me, you’re gonna be the one watching your backs because unlike you guys, we like to give the element of surprise which I think you got a glimpse of.”
Derek didn’t say anything and I didn’t either. We just glared at each other. It was absolutely silent, so silent in fact, you could hear the breathing of each person in the hallway. I heard Gerard take a couple of steps forwards, but before he could do anything as simply taking my hand in his, Mrs Thompson appeared from the classroom as the last bell rang shrilly.
“Alright class, let’s get to work. Way, I want to speak to you about giving you extension on that project of yours.” she called loudly over the bell and the bustle of the crowd.
Gerard sighed in annoyance and tugged me by the hand, “C’mon Frank, let’s go.” he muttered.
“Right behind cha.” I replied.
Gerard hesitated as he noticed both me and Derek hadn’t budged.
“Frank come-”
“Gerard !I need to speak to you. Now.” Mrs Thompson cut in making Gerard groan slightly, before he reluctantly left my side, glancing at me.
Mrs Thompson looked at me and Derek pointedly and we both moved to enter the class, me in front of hi, not once saying a word or making eye contact. I thought for once, he had been silenced and wouldn’t say anything at all. That was, of course he got to his desk.
“YOU FAGGOTS ARE SO FUCKING DEAD!” he yelled suddenly., letting the note Gerard left fall to the floor.
I smirked to myself as I sat casually in my chair while Gerard looked up from talking to the teacher, a look of mock surprise on his face.
“Why so Derek? Have we done something to make you realize you’re a five star asshole?” he asked sweetly as Mrs Thompson sighed heavily.
“You fuckers! You, you fucked on my desk!” Derek cried out in disgust.
The class burst out laughing and some random guy whose name I had no idea of, held his hand up to give me a hi five. I grinned and slapped it, “Way to go dude! Nice catch by the way.” he winked at me and I grinned even wider.
“Well Frankie did say we were gonna get payback on you guys when you least expected it. Ya know the element of surprise thing.” Gerard reminded him, still looking rather innocent and making a couple of girls in front giggle hysterically, “So here’s you’re first present..”
“You guys are so gonna pay for this.”
“Hey Derek!” I called loudly, making him whip round to glare at me. The guy beside me laughed even harder at Derek’s face as I smirked, “Surprise!” I yelled brightly throwing my arms up in the air.
The class roared with laughter and me and Gerard glanced at one another. Gerard winked at me and I smirked, feeling rather smug and elated-that was until the teacher spoke up again.
“Way! Iero!” she said looking furious though I was pleased to see she was also trying to hold back a laugh, “Outside! Now!”
I got out of my chair, holding my hands up, still unable to get rid of the smirk on my lips as I followed Gerard outside, passing Mrs Thompson as we exited the class. I glanced at her - and grinned when I saw her smile at us in amusement. Gerard also noticed this and held his arms outwards as he shrugged as if to say ‘Shit happens.’
We stepped outside, Gerard shutting the door behind us-though not before giving Derek a cheery wave earning some laughter and Mrs Thompson to point warningly outside.
I could not stop laughing. I leaned against the wall, all but ready to collapse I was laughing so hard. Gerard looked at me, grinning widely.
“Aww man.” I choked out, brushing my hair out of my face, “Did ya see his face?” I asked him; he nodded, giggling uncontrollably now, “It was fucking priceless!”
”Yeah it was.” Gerard gasped, eyes watering with laughter; he wiped the tears away, still grinning, his pale skin, flushed pink as he looked at me, “Hey babe guess what?”
“What?” I choked out, gasping, hand to my chest.
“Shit just hit the motherfucking fan.”
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