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I don't have much of an education but we full on freak, isn’t it crazy.

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Basically a fill in chapter. Just be aware,this is actually real life based situations this author has been in.

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Chapter 25:I don't have much of an education but we full on freak, isn’t it crazy.

Summery:“I’m telling you, there are jack ass penguins.”
“Dude there is not! Even if there is-which there isn’t- what is it? some sort of cross breed that is born when a donkey and penguin have sex or something!”
“Where the hell did you get that!?”

Mikey’s point of view

“For crying out loud Mikey! Watch where you aim that thing!”
“It’s hard!”
“How is it hard? You point it straight, and stick it in. Not wave it around!”
“It’s fun that way!”
“Fun? You’re gonna poke my motherfucking eye out with that thing if you keep that up!”
“Oh quit you’re complaining, not as if I’m gonna kill ya with it.”
“Way you’re going, you are.”
“Drama queen much?”
“I am so not a drama queen!”
“Uh huh sure.”
“Whatever just, keep that fucking thing down and stop using it like it’s a light saber!”
I huffed childishly, letting the hammer I was supposedly using ‘like a light saber’ hang limply in my hand as I folded my arms and pouted at my boyfriend who sighed in relief.
“Jesus Christ Mikey, I love you and all but seriously-how in the fuck did you end up being allowed to take tech class again? Especially after last year!” he said, though he was trying not to laugh.
“What cha talking about babe?” I asked him sharply.
“What cha mean, ‘what am I talking about?’ Don’t act all innocent with me.” Ray said pointing at me warningly, “Remember that time before spring break? When me and Gerard stupidly let you use the chisel?”
I screwed my eyebrows up in concentration, looking up at the ceiling, “Nope.” I said, making a popping noise and shaking my head.
“What!? Are you freaking kidding me!?”
“Nuh uh.”
“You seriously don’t remember?” Ray asked sounding exasperated as he set a nail up next to the piece of wood we were supposed to be nailing together to make a bird house.
“No.” I shrugged, “Should I?” I asked innocently raising an eyebrow.
“Well considering you almost took Gerard’s hand off, I would expect you to, so yes you should.” Ray said.
“I don’t remember exactly I mean.” Ray shook his head in exasperation, grinning, “It was last spring ya know.”
“Gerard all but screamed the roof off the joint, yelled every swear word under the sun at you and threatened to tear you a new asshole and castrate you with a chain saw.” Ray said bluntly looking up at me with raised eyebrows, “The whole of our school year remember that-why don’t you?”
“I tend to have way too many memories of my brother threatening me, so forgive me, if one slips my mind every now and again.” I said flatly making Ray laugh slightly as he rolled his eyes before I clicked my tongue, “People still remember that?” I asked, looking at him in disbelief.
“Yes they do. If you don’t believe me, ask.” Ray said jerking his head over to a few random students in our class.
I clicked my tongue again and turned round, “Hey Drew.” I called over to one of the skater boys that usually hung around the school entrance to use the stair rails; he looked up at me curiously.
“Yo.” he called back.
“Do you remember me nearly taking Gerard’s hand off with a chisel and him-”
“Screaming bloody murder and threatening to rip you a new asshole and castrate you with a chainsaw?“ I nodded mutely as my boyfriend laughed, “Yeah I do.” he grinned, “Oh and he also said he was gonna shove wood shavings down your throat.” Drew added in laughing.
“Oh yeah.” I realized, “Thanks dude.” I said brightly; he gave me a thumbs up and I turned round to see Ray looking at me smugly.
“Yeah alright asshole so I almost gave my brother an unexpected amputation so what?” I shrugged, “Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed in here.” I said tartly.
“You also managed to nail his hand to the fucking chair we were building, nearly poked his eye out with a nail you sent flying, dropped a hammer on his foot, almost ripped his face off with a t-saw…” Ray ticked off.
“Okay so I may have slightly nearly, almost, possibly could’ve killed him.” I said dismissively as if it was no big deal to put your own brother in the A&E every two days or so because you failed at DIY, “I could see you’re point if I did but I didn’t so-”
“Yeah cause he was smart enough to drop out this class last Summer otherwise he would be dead by now. Though he’s left me to deal with the walking hazard by myself.” Ray said grinning at me as he picked up another hammer to nail the wood together,
“How am I a walking hazard?” I asked indignantly, hand on my hip as I held the hammer a loft making Ray lean back slightly.
“You’re sixteen yet still think it’s a good idea to stick a fork in a toaster.” Ray stated flatly, eyes staring at my hammer wearily as I huffed moodily, “Not to mention you took one of those plug in heaters into the shower with you-”
“Hey! The bathroom was fucking freezing!” I said defensively as Ray laughed and shook his head before hammering the nail in, “And the toaster was jammed! How else was I supposed to get my toast out!”
“Ever tried unplugging it every once in awhile?” he suggested ,grinning even wider.
I frowned as I tried to think of a comeback. None was coming so I stuck my tongue out instead making Ray laugh.
“Way, Toro, enough of the chit chat or do you want to share your conversation with the rest of the class?” Mr. Henderson called over to us.
Me and Ray looked at one another then, “Just talking about the times I've nearly killed people in here, nothing interesting.” I called back casually making the class snigger as Mr. Henderson shook his head, “Nothing that no one in here doesn’t know about anyway.” I shrugged.
Mr. Henderson just rolled his eyes and made a gesture for us to go back to work as Ray laughed at me. I began to whistle innocently before swinging the hammer around.
“Fuck Mikey watch it!” he yelled, quickly moving as I missed his face by an inch.
“Sorry!” I meeped loudly, “Um…what am I supposed to do with this thing?” I asked confused.
“Well not killing me with it would be a great start to be honest.” Ray said looking at me rather nervously.
I rolled my eyes and blew a raspberry, “Quit being over dramatic and just tell me where to nail this thing.” I said frowning again as I held up a nail.
Ray rolled his eyes, “Jesus Christ this is gonna be hell.” he muttered.
I ignored that comment , “So think Derek is pissed at me?” I asked conversationally before putting a spare nail in my mouth and hammering the one I had in my hand into the wood.
“Pissed? Dude, the guy is fucking livid” Ray laughed as he did the same except on the other side of the bird house we were trying to build.
I took the nail out my mouth before placing it on the roof, “Wonder why?” I asked sarcastically, before narrowing my eyes in concentration as I nailed the nail in, jumping slightly as I missed my finger by an inch.
Ray chuckled as he took another nail from the table and positioned it, raising the hammer up, “ Because you might have sprayed him with ketchup maybe” He asked innocently before hammering the nail in.
“Oh come on, I couldn’t resist it.” I said grinning, picking another nail up and hammering it in.
“Yeah I know, and it was funny, I admit, but seriously, did you have to yell out cum shots and pretend the bottle was your dick? Seriously?” Ray laughed.
I shrugged, picking up a strip of sand paper, “Like I said before-I couldn’t resist.” I said.

Ray’s point of view

“Think Gee and Frank are okay?” I asked as we made our way to music class.
Mikey let out a snort of laughter, “Dude they’re okay alright.” he smirked, shrugging his bag up his shoulder.
I rolled my eyes, “Ya know what I mean Mikes.” I sighed then I raised my eyebrows as Mikey took a turn towards the bathroom rather then the classroom, “Uh Mikey? Music class is thatta way.” I said flatly pointing in the opposite direction.
Mikey poked his head round the corner to look at me with his own eyebrows raised, “Yeah and my cigarette break without getting my ball sack castrated is thissa way” he said pointing towards the bathroom before disappearing around the corner.
I sighed though I grinned slightly before following my boyfriend, making sure no one was watching us suspiciously.
Mikey turned round to make sure I was following and held the door open, bowing mockingly as he gestured, “Ladies first.” he grinned.
“Aren’t you a gent?” I asked sarcastically, making him laugh.
“Hey think people are in here already.” Mikey said suddenly frowning.
I frowned also, straining to hear. I heard a small hint of music playing quietly from behind the door and a small hint of laughter.
“Who’d cha think?” I asked trailing off as Mikey looked at me as if I was retarded, “Oh right, I forgot it should be obvious.” I said sarcastically making Mikey laugh before we both walked in.
First thing we saw was Gerard rolling around-literally rolling around- on the tiled floor laughing hysterically, his cell clutched in one hand which was the source of the music (Jawbreaker-the guy has got kick ass taste in music) and a slowly burning down cigarette in the other.
“What the-” Mikey began then cut off as he saw the reason why Gerard was laughing so hysterically.
Somehow-God knows how- Frank had gotten himself stuck-on top of a cubicle door. Yeah a door.
“Frank.” Mikey said slowly walking into the center of the room, eyes taking in the sight of Frank’s legs dangling over the door, “How in the fuck did you get up there?”
“Climbed duh!” was the exasperated reply.
“Okay then.” Mikey said still talking slowly as if he was talking to a severely deranged psychopath ready to kill, “And uh how did you get stuck up there exactly?” he asked eyebrows now rising as he placed his hands on his hips.
“My headphones that’s why!”
“What?” Mikey asked confused then shook his head, “How in the fuck did your headphones make you get stuck on a fucking cubicle door?
Gerard looked like he was going to answer but was overcome by more laughter as Frank kicked his legs around so much , one of his blue converse came flying off and somehow ended up in the cubicle next to the one he was stuck on. And judging by the splashing sound, it landed in the toilet.
“Oh for the love of all things fucked up and bent as a gay person wearing a feather boa and a neon pink tutu while dancing and singing ‘its raining men’ at the top of his voice are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!?” Frank shrieked.
I burst out laughing and Gerard practically shrieked with laughter, sounding even more feminine then his laugh usually was which made me laugh even harder. Mikey-again, God knows how- somehow managed to keep a straight face, only letting his eyebrows rise even higher and opening his mouth to let out a sigh of complete exasperation, as if he was thinking he put up with way too much of this kind of shit on daily basis. Which, to be fair, he does.
“How are your headphones making you stuck Frank?” Mikey asked.
“Um…they uh.” Frank coughed awkwardly, “Maybe kinda got hooked on the lock of the door-which is locked by the way-and I can’t get em off.”
“Okay.” Mikey said now massaging his forehead with a look plainly saying ‘ I'm getting too old for this shit.’ on his face, “Now answer this question for me would ya?” he added, hands back on his hips.
“What’s the question?” Frank asked.
“WHY IN THE FUCK DID YOU CLIMB UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE FOR YOU MANIAC!” Mikey yelled at him throwing his hands up in exasperation.
Me and Gerard caught each others’ eye-and collapsed with laughter again as Frank began to ramble on about how he thought it would be funny to lock a cubicle from the inside and in doing so he had to climb back over the door to get out of it and his headphones got caught on the lock. That’s what I got out of it anyway.
“Jesus Christ Frank! For the love of everything that is the complete opposite of holy what the fuck gave you the idea to do something as stupid as that!?” Mikey exclaimed.
“Um…” Frank trailed off, “My brain?” he asked brightly.
Gerard now looked like he was taking a seizure he was laughing so hard. He was gasping for breath, eyes watering, hand actually hitting the floor and skin bright red. I’ve never seen him, laugh so hard in my life honestly. I wasn’t coping too well myself. What with Frank’s stupidity, Gerards downright insane laughter and Mikey all but losing it with Frank, I was lucky I was still on my feet and not rolling around on the floor like Gerard.
“I’m surprised you even have one!” Mikey yelled throwing an arm up, “Jesus.”
“What’s he got to do with it?” Frank asked making me and Gerard splutter over our laughter.
“Oh for the love of-” Mikey put a hand to his head, closed his eyes and took a deep breath before looking at Frank, “Okay forget I said that, let’s just, let’s just try to figure a way to get you out of this…situation.” Mikey sighed looking at Frank who was kicking his feet around before looking a me obviously clueless to how we gonna sort this out. I shrugged completely stuck , sobering up now and Mikey scratched the back of his neck.
“Yeah I was wondering when that subject was gonna come up. Glad to see you took you’re damn sweet time too.” Frank said sarcastically, earning an even more high pitched laugh from his boyfriend, “Shut it Gee!”
“I will!” Gerard choked out, then laughed even harder.
“Alright, alright I’m sorry, I’ll stop I promise.” Gerard said hiccupping.
“Good! Now help us try to figure something out will ya!”
“Okay!” Gerard yelled back still hiccupping madly.
It was silent then, “Any ideas yet? Cause if you do, it would be really helpful if you could share ‘em right now!” Frank yelled.
Gerard hiccupped, “Right um” he sat up running a hand through his hair as me and Mikey looked at him hopefully, “Yeah I got nothing.” he finished lamely.
“Try jumping maybe.?” I suggested half heartedly.
“If I could do that do you think I would still be hanging off this thing?” Frank asked and though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he had his eyebrows raised in exasperation.
“Oh right…”
“One of us could slip through the gap maybe?” Mikey suggested, weakly.
Gerard crawled over to the cubicle, looking at the gap, “No way man, it’s only like, two inches wide, not even you could fit underneath that.” Gerard stated shaking his head as he sat up again.
Mikey frowned and made no comment, instead going over to get Frank’s converse out the toilet, “Hope you brought a spare set of shoes dude.” he said looking squeamish as he held up the sodden converse reluctantly by a finger, “Cause this ain’t gonna dry quickly.”
“That’s the least of my concerns right now Mikes!” Frank’s voice broke, “Right now I only care about getting down from here before someone comes in and decides to either take a photo or a video of this.”
“He’s got a point.” Gerard said fairly, still hiccupping.
We stood there, bouncing ideas off one another-well me and Mikey mostly, Gerard had decided to take the piss out of his boyfriend who decided to try to kick Gerard in the face. I say try cause he is plainly not able to reach-seeing as how Gerard, was lying on the floor, smirking.
“It’s hopeless.” Mikey threw an arm up, giving up, “I can’t think of anything.”
“Looks like you’ll be hanging up there for awhile.” I grinned and then laughed as Frank stuck the finger up at me.
Suddenly, Gerard shot up, narrowly missing Frank’s foot, a look of bright realization on his face as he clicked his fingers loudly.
“You got an idea smart ass?” Frank asked.
“If you do share it, be nice if you participated in this.” Mikey said exasperated.
Gerard ignored him, “Frank.” he called.
“Yeah babe?”
“Did, did you maybe consider unplugging your headphones from your I-pod at all?” Gerard suggested, trying to bite back a laugh.
It was silent then-
“Fuck why didn’t I think of that!?” the three of us exclaimed, Mikey actually slapping himself.
Gerard bit back a laugh before standing up and taking his boyfriends’ I-pod from his back pocket, pulling out the jack of his headphones, “Take your headphones off and drop them.”
Frank did as Gerard told him to, “Alright you can get down now.” he sang.
Frank dropped from the door, landing on his converse clad foot with a yell of victory, “Yes!”
“Fucking idiot.” Mikey said shaking his head, laughing a little bit.
Frank stuck his tongue out then he and Gee hi fived each other before he lit up a cigarette. I rolled my eyes though made no comment. Out of all the people we hang around with, I’m the only one that doesn’t smoke. I never saw the attraction of it to be honest, though seeing as how it’s their choice, I’m not gonna force ‘em to do other wise.
“Hey guys.” Frank spoke up suddenly exhaling as he sat cross legged on the floor, while Gerard lit up a cigarette and took a drag before exhaling, leaning his back against the wall, arm propped up on his leg while looking at his boyfriend, “One question.”
“What’s that?” Mikey asked jumping up on one of the sinks, cigarette in hand before he took a drag.
“How am I gonna get my headphones back?”
It was silent as we took this in.
“Fuck.” Mikey spoke up first, exhaling as he did so.
“Yeah that was a problem I never seen coming to be honest.” Gerard admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck before taking a drag.
“Yeah we kind of noticed that.” I said grinning at him earning him to give me the V sign with his bandaged fingers.
That was when I realized something. And by the sounds of hysterical laughter coming from Frank and Mikey they realized too. Gerard smirked rather arrogantly as I shook my head, “Nice Gee, that’s real classy that is.” I said unable to stop grinning as I pointed at his fingers which had the words ‘Fuck You’ written on the bandages in sharpie ink, a word on each finger.
“I know right, just had to be those two fingers.” Gerard said continuing to smirk arrogantly.
“Okay class aside.” Mikey said before taking a drag of cigarette, “Any idea how we’re gonna get this dumb fucks’ headphones?”
Gerard shrugged before taking a drag of his cigarette, “I don’t know, I didn’t think that idea through.” he admitted exhaling.
“Do you think anything through? Like ever?” Frank asked him exasperated.
“And where would be the fun in that?” Gerard asked looking at his boyfriend innocently, who shook his head in disbelief, “Besides you don’t exactly think things through either ya know.” Gerard smirked gesturing at the cubicle door.
Frank frowned before sticking his tongue out while Mikey snickered. I frowned in thought before I clicked my fingers loudly, making them all jump.
“I got it!” I yelled enthusiastically.
“Got a way to give us all heart attacks? Yah we realized.” Frank said sarcastically rolling his eyes before taking a drag of his cigarette.
“Haha real funny.” I laughed dryly, “Actually I was thinking one of us could just climb back over the door and pass out the headphones.”
Mikey suddenly blinked in realization, “Why didn’t Frank just hand Gee the headphones over in the first place?” he asked as if it was obvious, making us all blink in realization, “Or even better, why did Frank even jam the cubicle from the inside on purpose to begin with?” he asked looking at Frank pointedly as if he was retarded.
“I thought it would be funny.” he shrugged.
“How would it be funny?” I asked exasperated.
Frank shrugged while Gerard bit back a laugh.
“Jesus Christ did having sex with my brother make you high or something?” Mikey asked exasperated.

Frank’s point of view

“You are such an idiotic jack ass.” Mikey said exasperated as we left the bathroom ten minutes later as the final bell rang.
“Yeah well, you’re a jack ass penguin!” I shot back.
Mikey, Gerard and Ray stopped walking to look at me in exasperation.
“What?!” I yelped indignantly.
“Dude. What. The. Fuck?” Gerard stated flatly.
“What? You never heard of a jackass penguin?” I asked in disbelief.
“No.” my boyfriend said slowly as we continued walking.
“That’s because there is no such thing obviously.” Mikey stated flatly rolling his eyes as we stopped at his locker.
“Yes there is.” I said, dragging the last word out.
“No there is not.” Mikey replied, also dragging the last word out as he put his locker key in his mouth to start putting his books in (Like finished homework and projects due in later on in the week)
“Yes there is.” I stated stubbornly, “Google that shit-though they do advice you not to google yourself.” I added in smirking making Gerard and Ray snigger.
“Jackass penguins.” Mikey said thickly through his keys before shutting his locker and taking his keys out his mouth, “Don’t exist Frank seriously.” he said in a matter of fact tone of voice, hand on his hip as he put his now lighter bag on his shoulder, “Get over it.” he said flipping me off.
I stuck my tongue out as we followed Mikey down the hallway, “What is a jackass penguin anyway?” my boyfriend asked confused, taking my hand in his.
Mikey was about to speak when I cut across him making him throw his hands up in exasperation as Ray laughed, taking his hand.
“They’re penguins that live in Africa.” I state brightly.
“Africa?” Gerard asked looking at me with the same face he wore when I stated that the lamp post walked in front of me a couple of weeks ago.
“Yeah.” I replied cheerily, randomly swinging our hands backwards and forwards.
“Penguins?” Gerard asked still looking at me with that same expression.
“Uh huh.” I replied happily while Mikey shook his head on disbelief, Ray holding back laughter.
“So you’re telling me, that there are African Penguins, that are called Jackasses.” Gerard clarified as we started walking through the entrance hall.
“Yeah pretty much.” I shrugged as we stepped outside, suddenly blinded by the summer sunlight hitting us.
“Frank.” Gerard said slowly, as if I was retarded.
“Yes.” I said in mock slowness, dragging the word out.
“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” he stated shaking his head , letting go of my hand to take out his sunglasses and cigarettes, him, Mikey and Ray walking down the steps, leaving me gaping at my boyfriend like an idiot.
“Wait, how is it dumb?” I asked indignantly before skipping-yeah I literally skipped- down the steps to catch up, “How can it be dumb if it’s true?” I asked pointedly.
“It is dumb because it’s /not/] true.” Mikey stated flatly as we walked over to Ray’s truck.
“It is totally true!” I yelped.
Mikey shook his head and tuned to Ray, “Hey would you mind giving Gracie and her friend a lift? Her friends car broke down this morning, she told me in English earlier.” he said conversationally completely ignoring mine and Gerard’s so called argument. How in Earth did I start arguing with Gee anyway? Mikey started it.
“Yeah sure.” Ray shrugged.
“Penguins live in water Frank. WATER! And ice. TWO THINGS you CANNOT get in FUCKING AFRICA!” Gerard yelled, waving his arms around like crazy, now sounding hysterical and completely forgetting his injuries.
“But there is!” I persisted actually stamping my feet, “Yeah am walking around with only one shoe on, deal with it. Batman fucking rocks!” I yelled, holding my batman sock clad foot up to a few giggling girls who giggled even harder.
Gerard raised an eyebrow then shook his head wile Mikey and Ray sniggered at me, “Frank stop waving your foot around -handicaps might take offense and two, admit it, there is no such thing as fucking Jackass penguins.” Gerard stated bluntly, pulling my leg down.
“Am telling you, there IS!” I yelled, ignoring the looks we were getting.
“Hey dude, what are they arguing about?” I glanced around to see the guy who had hi fived me in Art earlier, standing next to Mikey and Ray, watching me and Gee argue with amusement.
Mikey rolled his eyes, “On whether or not a penguin called a jackass exists.” he stated as if it was normal; the guy’s eyes widened, “Long story, don't bother asking, you don’t wanna know.” Mikey assured him. The guy nodded and continued watching us. We were attracting quite a crowd now. God can’t we have one stupid moment without everyone getting in on it? Seriously?
“You don’t get fucking ice and water in AFRICA dumbass! Africa is a HOT COUNTRY!”
“Oh I’m John by the way.” the guy grinned.
“Mikey.” Mikey grinned, “And that puff ball over there is Ray.” he jerked his head to Ray who flipped him off but grinned at John who smiled.
“That’s stereotyping dude…”
“How is it bloody stereotyping!” Gerard yelped, and I bit back my laugh; he sounded so fucking British now.
“You basically just said Africa is a desert!”
“It is! Some of it anyway!” Gerard threw his hands up in exasperation as people around us started laughing.
“It does have cities you know.” I pointed out innocently.
“I know that I’m not completely stupid!”
“Want me to answer that?” I smirked.
“Wha-NO!” Gerard yelped again and I saw out of the corner of my eye , Ray, Mikey and John had been joined by another two guys who looked like they were about to pass out from laughing. Mikey on the other hand was looking at us as if he wanted to hit us with something.
“I’m telling you, there are jackass penguins.” I said matter of factly, hands on my hips as I smirked at my boyfriend.
“Dude there is not! Even if there is-which there isn’t- what is it? some sort of cross breed that is born when a donkey and a penguin have sex or something!”
“Where the hell did you get that!?” I yelped looking at my boyfriend in disbelief as the crowd around us laughed-some were shaking their heads in disbelief, others were holding up cell phones, grinning, and some where just laughing hysterically.
“Well that’s what it sounds like!” Gerard replied exasperated.
“Dude that’s kinda creepy.”
“How is it creepy?”
“Uh the fact you thought of a penguin and a donkey having sex? Kinda weird babe.”
“I didn’t-I- UHHHhhhh!” Gerard groaned, loudly, hands on his hips as he threw his head back in frustration, “That is what it sounds like! It’s like they had sex and called they're little fluffy creation Jack!”
“That’s really not what it is but I'm telling you, you do get jackass penguins.”
“Dude you only get penguins in places like, the north pole, south pole, east, west, Antarctica, parts of Canada, fuck it, possibly Argentina and Australia! But no fucking Africa!”
“Gerard.” Mikey called over exasperated over the laughter, “I don’t think you would get penguins in Australia.”
“Whatever!” Gerard said dismissively.
“Did you guys even bother to listen in geography classes?“ Ray called, laughing.
“Not really.” Both me and Gerard admitted in unison, making Ray and Mikey shake their heads in exasperation.
“Haha you thought you got penguins in Australia!” I laughed at my boyfriend who was frowning at me, “But you don’t get ‘em there do you? No.”
“But you don’t get ‘em in Africa either!”
“Actually you do.”
“Say what!” Gerard yelped while I smirked smugly as we looked over at Mikey who had his sidekick out, looking at the screen in amusement, cigarette in his mouth the other guys leaning over to see also.
“You gotta be fucking kidding me!” Gerard threw his arms up in exasperation before placing them on his hips, “You gotta be!”
“Nope I'm not, listen to this.” Mikey grinned perching himself up on the truck’s hood, and adjusting his glasses, before he took his cigarette out of his mouth as he exhaled and saying, “The African Penguin also known as the Black-footed Penguin is a species of penguin, confined to southern African waters. It is also widely known as the"Jackass" Penguin for its donkey-like bray, although several species of South American penguins produce the same sound.” Mikey read out loud, “Heh cool.”
It was quiet, there was a few snorts of laughter here and there then-
“Haha I was right you were wrong, you were wrong and I was right, you're gonna get a karma bite!” I sang loudly pointing at my boyfriend who gave me the V-sign with his bandaged fingers.
“Shut it!”
“Admit it!”
“That’s it!” I tackled him to the ground and we both began rolling around the parking lot, laughing hysterically.
“Well this is gonna be an international hit on youtube by tomorrow morning” Mikey said conversationally, grinning.
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