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Hit The Gas,& Here I Go. I 'm Running Free

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“Gee.” Mikey said, a look of excitement on his face, “”What just happened?” “We just got invited to one of [/the sickest and wildest parties ever!/]”

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Chapter 26:

Gerard’s point of view

“Unchain the colors before my eyes, Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies. Scan the horizon, the clouds takes me higher, I shall return from out of the fire.” I sang along to Iron Maiden’s Remember tomorrow which was currently blasting put from Ray’s Cd player as we drove down the road to Frank‘s place for a change after dropping Gracie and her friend off, “ Tears for remembrance, and tears for joy, tears for somebody and this lonely boy. Out in the madness, the all seeing eye, flickers above us, to light up the sky”
Mikey grinned at me and I grinned back, my head outside the window, enjoying the fresh summer air as Ray went over thirty miles per hour. I took a drag of my cigarette and exhaled, laughing along with Ray as Frank and Mikey started playing air guitar to the guitar solo which was quite long. ,
“Unchain the colors before my eyes, Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies. Scan the horizon, the clouds take me higher, I shall return from out of the-” I cut off grinning, clicking my flingers as the guitar solo started again before the song finished, before the track changed to ‘Running Free’
“Fuck yes! Keep this track on! I fuckin’ love this song!” I yelled ecstatic, flicking my cigarette out the window and all but bouncing in my chair at the drum beat; the other three started laughing at my excitement.
Ignoring their laughter I tapped to the beat before singing again, the other three joining in, “ Just sixteen, a pickup truck, out of money, out of luck. I've got nowhere to call my own, hit the gas, and here I go. I 'm running free yeah, I'm running free. I'm running free yeah, Oh I'm running free. Spent the night in an L. A. jail, and listened to the sirens wail. They ain't got a thing on me, I'm running wild, I'm running free. I 'm running free yeah, I'm running free. I'm running free yeah, Oh I'm running free. Get out my way!” we all sang dead loudly, me flipping off a random guy who was glaring at us as he drove past with his window down before Frank and Mikey broke out in air guitar, Frank flailing around as much as he could in the truck, making us laugh, as I tapped and head banged to the drum beat, “
I 'm running free yeah, I'm running free. I'm running free yeah, Oh I'm running free. Right!”
We did the same again, me and Ray tapping and head banging as the other two did air guitar, “Puller here at the Bottle Top, whiskey, dancing, disco hop. Now all the boys are after me, and that's the way it's gonna be! I 'm running free yeah, I'm running free. I'm running free yeah, Oh I'm running free. Oh!”
I kept on singing the main vocal points as Mikey, Ray and Frank did the backing vocals.
We kept on like this, singing-and at some points giggling-our way through the album until we pulled up outside Frank’s place. He lived at 989 Sand Rose Avenue while me and Mikey lived at 69 Salter Place which was quite a distance apart -and his address was pretty far from the school-hence why either me or Ray picked him up, saving him from getting the bus. Both his mom and Frank appreciated it greatly.
“Holy shit Gee, you are like, the only guy I know that can sing fuckin’ Iron Maiden as good as that.” Frank exclaimed as we clambered out the truck.
“Hey Metallica did a pretty good cover of Remember tomorrow, ya know.” Mikey pointed out frowning slightly-very slightly as he was tempted to grin.
“Well yeah, but I don’t know ‘em do I?” Frank asked rolling his eyes as he lit up a cigarette; exhaling he grinned at me, “But seriously dude, you should sing more often.”
“I do sing often!” I said indignantly, “You’ve heard me sing before!”
“Oh yeah when I met you at work.” Frank clicked his fingers in realization as the rest of us shook our heads in exasperation.
“He is right though. Ray grinned, “Killer vocals Gee.” he patted me on the back.
“Thanks.” I mumbled, smiling softly as I blushed.

“Hey is your mom home Frankie?” Mikey asked as we made way up to his room.
“Nah, she’s at work.” Frank shook his head, “Works at the local hair dressers for most of the day, sometimes does waitress work at the local diner.” he shrugged before opening the door to his room and bowing comically, “Ladies first s'il vous plaît?” Frank grinned cheekily at us.
I swatted him on the head making the other two giggle as he winced, giggling with the others as I stalked past him, flicking my hair back, hand on my hip, nose up in the air and put on a strut, “Watch it Iero, I ain’t no fuckin’ lady.” I said tartly making them giggle insanely.
“Oh, oh really?” Mikey hiccupped.
I grinned and took out a bracelet from my pocket, put it on my wrist and held it out, “I’m a fuckin’ princess!” I yelled.
Yeah, I gotta feelin’ it’s gonna be on of those nights. The three of them collapsed into a giggling fit, Frank slumping on his bed hiccupping as I strutted around the room, “Hell ya I’m the motherfuckin’ princess!” I sang.
“Oh hell no did you just quote an Avril Lavigne song?” Ray laughed.
“Fuck yeah! Bet your denim clad ass I did.” I grinned flipping him off making them laugh harder.
“Where’d ya get that anyway?” Mike hiccupped insanely , pointing at the bracelet I had on my wrist.
“Gracie gave me it.” I said brightly, “At break; while you, Ray, Frankie and Steve were too busy arguing over whether Black-flag was better than the Bouncing Souls for like twenty minutes.”
“Cool.” Frank grinned, “Can I see it?” he asked.
I nodded and handed the bracelet over; it was pretty awesome. It was made of thin black rope with fake fangs, batman charm, and a couple of skulls. There was also a small chain style padlock which opened up and showed a small photo of us all. It was a good luck charm she called it; it was actually really sweet.
“Wow that is actually pretty cool.” Mikey said looking over Frank’s shoulder, Ray looking over the other.
“She said it was a good luck charm.” I said, sitting on the bed also, “To help me get through some of my tough days as she called ’em.”
“Aww, that is so sweet!” Frank squealed, making us all look at him in amusement, “What? It is!” he yelped indignantly.
“I swear I think you should have been a girl Frank.” Mikey said exasperated as he shook his head.
Frank pouted and stuck his tongue out making us laugh.
Suddenly my cell started ringing, blasting out blood on the dance floor’s ‘sexting’, “What the fuck!” I yelped as the other three burst out laughing, “Who da hell put that as my ring tone!” I yelled indignantly.
They were too busy laughing and I flipped them off, huffing annoyed as I answered, “Hello, severely pissed off, on the mend vampire here, answer at your own risk.” I said in a slight sing song voice before clicking my tongue.
”Wow! Did the painkillers the docs give you make your mood swings go haywire or what?” it was Bert.
“No they haven’t if you must know.” I said tartly, “My mood swings are not going haywire.”
“No, they’re all over the place- worse than a girl PMSing.” Mikey muttered, grinning, making the other two collapse into a silent fit of giggles.
“They are not!” I yelped, annoyed.
“No more so then usual.” Mikey smirked.
“Fuck you Mikey.” I said flipping him off, “You two better shut up.” I said warningly to my boyfriend and Ray who’s laughter quickly became quiet sniggers.
“What cha want ya perverted, fucktarded motherfuckin’ asshole who’s main goal in life is to try and get in as many skinny jean clad asses as possible?” I asked oh so nicely.
Frank, Mikey and Ray laughed so loudly I barely heard Bert’s reply.
“…gay for you.”
I scoffed loudly though I was grinning, “Uh huh along for Mikey and Frank, the numbers are goin’ up dude.” I smirked.
”Not my fault I got the eye for good lookin’ guys.” Bert all but whined, ”And unfortunately a good gaydar…only time I don’t want a chick to be a lesbian and she is, lovely.”
I ignored the whole lesbian comment. Guy watched way too much porn, seriously. I rolled my eyes, “Think it must be broken.” I stated smirking, “Can’t even work out your own sexuality yet.”
The other three burst out laughing and I grinned.
”Real funny vamp boy, ya know am not gay.” Bert said sounding annoyed though I could still hear amusement in his voice, no doubt he was also grinning like a maniac.
“Awww not even for me?” I asked in mock sweetness, making the other three giggle insanely.
Mikey suddenly scoffed loudly, “Puh-lease, he is like, so gay for me.” He said in an over the top camp voice making us laugh, “Couldn’t keep his eyes off me.”
”Real funny, now enough of my sexuality fuckers.” Bert said and I knew he was probably flipping me off in his head, ”You guys busy tonight?”
I sighed heavily, “Bert for the millionth time, me and Mikey are not fulfillin’ your fantasy of a threesome.”
Ray and Frank burst out laughing as Mikey vocally retched,
”Damn okay so how about you and-“
“No me and Frank are not fulfillin’ your fantasy of a threesome either” I cut in flatly.
”Damn it! Don’t you do anything kinky?”
I smirked and Frank, catching my eye bit back a laugh while Ray laughed at Mikey who was hitting his head off Frank’s bedside table, obviously remembering that time he had caught me and Jeff getting a bit well physical in the back of his truck.
”Uh whatever, that wasn’t what I was calling about.” Bert replied to my silence, ”Ya know that guy Brian?”
I perked up slightly, “Brian? As in the Brian that Mikey had the hots for before realizing the guy was straight? And that was after he tried to make out with him at that Thursday concert we went to ?”
“Don’t remind me.” Mikey whined, now trying to smother himself with Frank’s pillow as the other two laughed.
Bert laughed, ”Yeah that Brian.” he confirmed, ”Anyway he’s throwing a party at his place.”
“On a Monday?” I said in mock excitement making the other three laugh, “Wow! Total rebel!” I said pretending to be impressed.
”Oh quit bein’ a sarcastic, badass Gee.” Bert laughed, ”Yeah a party on a Monday night cause he’s heading outta town this weekend.”
“And you’re tellin’ me this because….” I trailed off, before mouthing ‘Brian’s throwin’ a party tonight’ at the other three who looked up suddenly interested.
”He asked me to go when I was in Geography class with him today. And he also said that I was to ask you guys if you’re up for it. Says he really wants you guys there.” Bert replied sounding smug.
I felt my jaw drop. Brian was one of the more popular guys within our group of outcasts. He’s like the Louis of the preps and jocks clique-except he wasn’t an asshole and had a decent taste in music-and dress sense. He was the like the cool kid of the outcasts. Us? We didn’t even class as outcasts (we’re Misfits, remember?) So for us to get an invite to one of Brian’s parties (which were known as the sickest parties in town) was like getting a step up the social ladder. Looks like we came up under his radar.
“Really?” I asked trying to suppress my excitement-and epically failing at it.
”Yeah his exact words were ‘Hey Bert, when you see ‘em, wanna ask those Way brothers and their boyfriends if they can come too? And ask ‘em to bring the rest of their crew. They seem pretty badass.’” Bert replied,”When were you thinking of telling me you started a crew up? And without me!” he asked sounding outraged.
“There ain’t a crew dumbass.” I said flatly, rolling my eyes, “So what time is this party at?” I asked casually.
“Eight o’clock no earlier, no later. Rumors are, there is a local band playing-whether they’re good or not is not known, but hey hopefully we’ll all be wasted before they come on if they aren't. So you in?”
“Dude, it’s Brian. As in Brian Shechter. His parties are wild of course we’re gonna be there.”
I said as if it was obvious.
”Awesome, Lyn-Z, Stevie, Gracie and her cute friend Alice-“
“Alicia.” I corrected him.
”Yeah that’s what I said dumbass.” I rolled my eyes; he so did not, ”But yeah they’re all set to go too. I’m picking them up so all you have to do is get your sexy bodies all dressed up and your tight asses down here for eight-though considering you four have been labelled as ‘badasses’ I’d advice you guys to show up ‘fashionably late’ if you got me.” Bert said.
“Yeah I got you.” I grinned, “Alright, we’ll meet y’all there-fashionably late of course.”
”Awesome, see ya there then if i ain’t ‘busy’ if you got me.” Bert replied.
“Yeah, yeah you wish.” I laughed, “Alright Imma hang up now if we’ve to get our sexy bodies all dressed up.” I smirked.
Bert laughed then we both hung up.
“Gee.” Mikey said, a look of excitement on his face, “”What just happened?”
“We just got invited to one of the sickest and wildest parties ever!” I all but shrieked.
We all cheered and hi fived, “Hey Frankie, ever been to a high school party baby?” I asked, grinning widely.
Frankie shook his head, looking excited, eyes lit and grinning adorably.
“Well you better be ready baby cause you are gonna get the best experience ever.”
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