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This Ain’t A Party, Get Off The Dancefloor.

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“True right.” Gee smirked smugly, “See ya down in hell motherfuckers.” He smirked before dropping.

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Chapter 27: This Ain’t A Party, Get Off The Dancefloor.
Summary:“True right.” Gee smirked smugly, “See ya down in hell motherfuckers.” He smirked before dropping.

Mikey’s point of view

I sighed loudly, not bothering to hide the boredom that I was feeling as I sat on Frankie’s bed, hands under my chin and elbows on my thighs; the position I decided to take up half an hour ago-and regretting. I was getting a slight numb feeling in my arms. Ray on the other hand, was acting as if he was trying to suffocate himself with the pillow-I couldn’t blame him. The temptation to take the pillow that was currently on his face as his arms sprawled out at either side of him, was rapidly growing while Ray’s groans of annoyance were getting louder by the minute the longer Gerard and Frank took to rifle through Frankie’s clothes, the knock backs getting sent flying across the room, occasionally landing on the bed (due to my idea of ducking every five seconds or so after getting hit in the face by a boot not so long ago-though now I was getting a severe cramp in my neck) so now Ray’s legs were pretty much buried.
Well I say the both of them, but it was more like it was Gerard who was being extremely picky when it came to his boyfriends’ clothing. Even pickier then he was with his own clothes when it came to getting ready for a night out. Trust me, through experiences of waiting on him on countless occasions-cinema, concert and once the local Starbucks when they had hired a pretty hot guy to work the till- that that is saying something.
Though to be honest, I couldn’t really blame him; considering Frank’s first outfit he picked was a pair of slightly baggy grey skinny jeans that were so ready for the trash, well faded out Bouncing Souls shirt that had rips on the sleeves he wore it that much, battered vans and a hoodie that had probably seen better days maybe it was a good idea to let Gerard pick an outfit. I and Gee had practically retched in horror and even Ray-who, let’s face it, wasn’t exactly the first guy you’d turn to for fashion advice when he himself admitted he threw on the first thing to hand even to a concert-showed his horror by telling Frank that the outfit he chose was more fitting for when Gerard decided to paint. That earned a hit with a converse, because according to Gerard, even his old clothes he kept for painting were A) more stylish and B) In a better state. Needless to say Frank took offence and refused to talk to us-for like ten seconds when Gerard, smirking slightly, said he was going to buy a starbucks on our way to the party and he didn’t know what Frank would want so couldn’t buy him one since Frank was going all mute like on him.
Though that was over an hour ago. Kind of wish we just went with the first option now. Note to self for future references: If we ever get invited to a party again, lock Gee up in the basement. Be a lot less hassle that way.
“How bout this?” Frankie asked frowning curiously, not at all bothered by his boyfriends’ fussiness, as he held up a pretty nice looking checked red and black shirt you usually see the skater dudes wearing.
Gerard looked up, then wrinkled his nose, “Pft, yeah, if you’re goin’ to the local golf course with your Grandparents maybe.” He scoffed.
“Okay, ouch.” Frank said, pretending to be hurt, hand to his chest as if wounded though he was grinning.
“You want something with a bit of an attitude babe.” Gee said distractedly as he frowned in scrutiny while continuing to rifle through his boyfriends’ clothes, “Bit edgy and punk lookin...”
Frank frowned then his face brightened as he held up a pair of light wash blue jeans with major rips, one even going all the way up the side of the thigh part, “These look pretty punk lookin’” he said quite pleased with his choice.
Gerard looked like he could plead the fifth on that, “I beg to differ; they look pretty wrecked and suitable to give to the huddle of hobos we see on the streets every day.”
Frank rolled his eyes then laughed as I groaned loudly in exasperated weariness, flopping down on to my boyfriends’ stomach.
“Gotta be something that ain’t falling apart at the seams here babe.” Gerard sighed, exasperated, running a hand through his hair, “When was the last time you went-AH HA!” he cried out suddenly ecstatic, bringing out a pair of severely tight looking Dead Threads black jeans with numerous D-rings, key chains, chunky buckles and straps on both legs, “Now these are what I call retro punk style!” He smirked at his boyfriend who bit his tongue thoughtfully, eyes scrutinizing the jeans wearily.
“I don’t know Gee...they look a bit on the tight side...” he muttered, not sounding convinced.
Fearing another hour of closet searching, I let out another yell of exasperation, “Frank, honey, I don’t know if you realized this yet, but uh let’s just say...oh yeah but nearly all your jeans are freakin’ tight!” I cried out, sitting up running a hand through my hair which is starting to resemble the time I electrocuted myself, “Sorry to break it to ya!” I finished exasperated as Ray chuckled oh so helpfully in the background.
Frank frowned at me, “Yeah but...” he bit down on his lip ring as I snatched the pillow off Ray and whacked his face with it, making Ray yell out indignation, “Those are like ya know.” He shrugged, “Tight. As in tight tight. Not your usual every day skinny jean tight, but tight
I rolled my eyes, flopping back down on the bed as Gerard shook his head, grinning, “Frankie if you haven’t noticed yet, everything Gee has picked, is fuckin’ tight.” I said impatiently, “All because he thinks he can slip into jeans tighter then a fuckin’ gay virgin’s ass hole, and are meant for girls, no problem, he think we all can!” I cried out exasperated, throwing an arm up in the air-only for Ray to throw the pillow at my face.
Gerard flipped me off, “Hey in my defence, it’s not my fault I got a feminine figure thanks, but you don’t need to let the whole area hear about it.” He said tartly as I sat up, dragging the pillow off my face and readjusted my glasses while glaring at my boyfriend who just shrugged innocently.
“You asked for it.” He said simply making me scoff before I threw the pillow at Gerard who yelped in indignation as Frank laughed. Gerard ignored that and glared at me instead as I pouted in annoyance.
“What the hell was that for four eyes!?”
“Quit your bitchin’. So you got a body of a teenage girl goin’ through puberty, fuckin’ deal with it.” I said exasperated, flopping back down on the bed, “Oh and less of the four eyes part.” I said pointedly, pointing at him.
Gerard ignored that last part and huffed loudly, “Yeah whatever four eyes, I got no choice but to deal with it do I? Doesn’t mean I gotta like it!” he shot back then, frowning, threw the pillow at Frank who was giggling like a school girl at him though it was cut off as the pillow made contact and sent him to the floor.
“Why not Gee?” he asked, voice muffled slightly by the pillow before he took it off his face as he sat up grinning widely and sweeping his hair back, “You got a figure chicks would kill for babe,”
“Yeah like I should really be proud of that.” Gerard muttered sarcastically.
“Ray back us up will ya?” Frank asked grinning.
“Sayin’ nothin’” Ray grinned, shaking his head.
I and Frankie rolled our eyes though we grinned as Gee got up, legs cracking in the process before he went to rummage around in Frankie’s closet which looked more like a back store room of Hot Topic. Thinking this was going to take awhile, I gestured at Frank’s hi fi which had just finished playing a Pissed Jeans CD. Frank gestured at his CDs, “Pick ‘n’ mix dude.” He grinned and I grinned back before flicking through his CD collection as he lit up a cigarette.
“Fuck man, you plannin’ on openin’ your own music store in your room or what?” I asked laughing in disbelief; the guy had a major shit load of CDs here.
Frank shrugged grinning as he threw a cigarette, pulling his fist back and letting out a small exclamation of ‘yes!’ as it hit Gee on the ass before he replied, “I might, need the extra cash.” He joked.
“Better not!” came Gerard’s reply as we laughed, “Do that and I‘ll be outta of a job!” that made us laugh even harder, remembering that Gerard worked at a music store.
“You can always work for me.” Frank grinned, flicking his lighter to light up, “You can be my assistant!”
“They advice you not to have relationships in the workplace babe.” Gerard replied thickly, no doubt because he had the cigarette in his mouth, “And besides, I don’t think I’d appreciate working for a guy who throws cigarettes at my ass thank you very much.”
“Yeah dude, sexual harassment and all that.” Ray grinned as I picked out a Ramones CD and slipped it into the CD player.
“Can’t be. Am not actually touchin’ ‘im am I?”
“Knowin’ you two, you’ll be fuckin in the closet the whole entire shift.” I muttered before lighting up the cigarette Frank passed me.
“So you wearin’ those jeans Frankie?” Ray asked as I exhaled.
Frank nodded, cigarette in his mouth as he picked up the jeans, “Yeah, they look pretty cool right?” we nodded, “Kinda forgot I had ‘em to be honest.”
“Oh yeah? No fuckin’ wonder!” came Gerard’s voice from the closet, “Ya got that many clothes in here, it’s like the storage room in Hot Topic! And trust me, I’ve been there plenty of times!” we giggled uncontrollably, “Hell, if I dig deep enough, I could find motherfuckin’ Narnia!”
We burst out laughing, “Hey Gee!” I called as I exhaled.
“What!?” He yelled, voice breaking as his head popped out over the closet door.
“Nice to see you’ve officially came out the closet this time.” I grinned, making the other two laugh even harder.
“Ha ha real fuckin’ funny four eyes. I was outta the closet before you were even born.” Gerard replied smirking before going back to looking through the closet again.
The three of us glanced at one another in confusion.
“Dude that doesn’t even make any-“ I began, only to cut off as Gerard yelled and face planted it on the floor.
Frank and Ray burst out laughing as I slapped myself and sighed in exasperation, “What’s up guys? I’m back from Narnia!” he called loudly.
“Nice one Gee, nice one.” I smirked as both Ray and Frank continued to laugh, “Real classic that was.”
“Oh piss off.” Gerard snapped tartly at me as I continued to smirk, both me and Frank putting out our cigarettes.
He stood up, hand on his hip, using the other to flick his hair aside as he sniffed, making a small ‘huh’ sound as the other two giggled uncontrollably, me shaking my head and grinning, “So immature.” He muttered pouting before picking up the shirt he dropped, “How about this?” he asked, holding up a ‘My Rules’ Black Flag shirt that was frayed and torn yet still looked pretty fucking badass., “Pair this and those jeans, maybe those leather docs you got kicked in that corner over there, that misfits belt you got and a leather jacket then the chances are I’ll be fuckin’ you against a wall in the back with the sound of some local punk band playin’ to a crowd of sweaty drunkin teenagers.” He smirked wolfishly at Frank.
“Ewww! Hello! Brother in the room! Keep it PG will ya!? No dirty talk within MY hearing range!” I yelled, disgusted, clamping my hands over ears as I screwed my eyes shut while Ray and Frankie burst out laughing.
Gerard just smirked even wider, before winking cheekily at Frankie, before taking another drag of his cigarette and putting it out in the ash tray.
“Gerard!” I whined, dragging his name out, “Stop tryin’ to give your boyfriend a fuckin’ boner while am in the room for cryin’ out loud!”
Gerard laughed while Ray was all but hanging off the bed with laughter as Frank, fresh cigarette in his mouth, as he glared at me reproachfully before smacking me across the thigh.
“Fuck Frank!” I yelled, my leg jerking away before he could slap me again.
“Hey! Only I get to say that-if ya know what I mean.” Gee smirked teasingly at Frank who bit back a laugh, a faint tinge of pink on his cheeks though he was smirking.
“Yeah, you bet your tight skinny jean clad ass babe.” He smirked at Gerard, “Speakin’ of which, I might just rip those off at the party tonight.”
Gerard smirked then both he and Frank burst out laughing at my expression which was probably close to the expression I wore after I woke up the day after our Scream-athon
“AHHHH!” I all but screamed in a mixture of horror and disgust as I flopped back down on the bed, “AHHHH! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! YOU KNOW I GOT A VISUAL IMAGINATION SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Gerard and Frank just laughed harder at this while Ray, biting back his own laughter, patted me sympathetically on the shoulder, “RAY! MAKE ‘EM STOP! THEY’RE MENTALLY SCARRING ME WITH THERE TOTALLY DELIBERATE SEXUAL CONVERSATION! MAKE IT STOP! I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!”

Frank’s point of view
“Yeah babe?”
“Umm.” I puffed out my cheeks, letting out a small breath, “Is this really necessary?”
“Definitely.” Gerard said firmly, frowning slightly as Mikey let out a string of profanities.
“Oh...kay then.” I said slowly as Ray sighed and slapped himself, “How bout hidin’ behind the bushes as your dad pulled out the driveway?”
“What about it?” Mikey asked, eyes narrowed in concentration as he tried to pick the lock, “Damn it Gee why you got a damn lock on this thing?”
“Was that really necessary?” I sighed, slumping against the wall of the Ways house, arms folded as the Way brothers bitched at each other.
Both brothers cut off their-let’s face it, pretty stupid and pathetic-argument about how Gerard had put a lock on his window that had quickly escalated from keeping out burglars to stopping the ‘unfortunate happenings of a zombie apocalypse that is just bound to happen at some point’ as Gerard had put it with an extra emphasise and sass to match. Yeah right, it’ll happen-in like the year 2019 maybe.
“Definitely necessary .” they both replied in freaky unison. Seriously sometimes, that is just plain creepy. In a sort of cool way. Like those demonic siblings you get in those fucked up horror movies based on demonic possessions kinda cool.
I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts otherwise I would start going on about horror movies all night. I glanced at Ray who shrugged at me in a way that said ‘Iso get dragged into this shit way too often for my liking’ Yeah, thanks for the backup buddy. Not.
“Okay how about the whole James Bond theme song thing? Was that necessary at all?” I asked with raised eyebrows as my shoulders slumped in resignation.
I sighed as Ray sniggered while Gerard pouted at his brother who was still messing around with that damn lock. Jesus Christ we’ve been here for half an hour already!
“Hey, it was so necessary!” Gerard said defensively in a quiet whisper, a childish pout on his lips.
“Yeah, when you’re like five...” Mikey muttered, rolling his eyes causing Gerard to glare at him.
I rolled my eyes, biting back a grin as Ray sniggered behind his hands.
“Got it!” Mikey cried out in quiet triumph as he took the lock off, “Kay, Gee hold the window up while I try to jam it.”
Suddenly both me and Ray winced as we heard a smack sound, “Oh, ouch.” I muttered, flinching as Mikey’s hand quickly recoiled in pain.
“Damn it Gee!”
“Oh quit you’re bitchin will ya.”
“Bitchin? You dropped the fuckin window latch on my damn hand you insane mother fucker!”
“Yeah so?”
“What cha mean so?”
“Guys!” I called in a quiet hiss of impatience, “Wanna hurry it up a little bit? Not got time to hang around ya know...”
“Right, okay, fuck jamming it. Mikes, hold this up while I climb in.” Gerard said firmly.
“What? Why do I gotta hold it up?”
“Cause it’s my room dumbass.”
“I picked the stupid lock on it.”
“It ain’t a stupid lock.”
“Yeah it is!” Mikey persisted earnestly.
“No it’s not.” Gerard replied defensively.
“Pft, yeah like a lock is really gonna keep out a hoard of zombies.” Mikey scoffed, tossing his head back.
“What’s cha point?”
“As entertaining as this oh so lovely conversation is.” I said, cutting straight across Mikey who had opened his mouth no doubt to say yet another smart ass reply, “I’m sorry to break it up now. You can continue your oh so sweet lovely conversation later once we’re at the party.” I smiled sweetly only to frown in annoyance instantly making Gerard and Mikey’s backs stiffen in fear and Ray to snigger uncontrollably, “Now will you hurry the fuck up and climb through the fuckin window already?! God may the Lord give me patience and you guys common sense to stop actin’ like kids or so God help me I will kick both your asses!” I hissed.
Both Mikey and Gerard glanced at each other, my boyfriend raising his eyebrows at Mikey who stared back at him stubbornly. I sighed. Great, now they were having a stare down. Like that’s the mature way to settle this.
Gerard was now starting to smirk and both me and Ray could tell Mikey was starting to weaken.
“Ugh fine.” Mikey groaned resigned, shoulders slumping and a childish pout on his lips, “I’ll hold the freakin’ window up, you fuckin...” Mikey continued to mutter insults under his breath as he held the window up.
Ray shook his head, grinning while I sighed in exasperation as Gerard just smirked, gripping the wall as he slid his slender legs in the window first.
“Anytime now....” I said impatiently tapping my leather doc marten clad boot.
“Yeah alright babe I’m movin’” Gerard said rolling his eyes though he smirked, “God they weren’t jokin’ when they said short people have short tempers to match...”
I felt a nerve beginning to throb above my right eye as Mikey sniggered uncontrollably while Gerard lowered himself through the window.
“You better get you’re tight ass down there.” I growled.
“Yeah and try not to land on anything.” Mikey advised half heartedly. I couldn’t blame him, it was Gerard we were talking about.
“Hey I got perfect coordination.” Gerard said defensively as he frowned at us.
“Uh huh sure you do.” Ray said sarcastically, rolling his eyes, “Me think not.”
“Only perfect coordination you got is how to hit the floor directly face first.” Mikey said making us laugh.
“Real funny. You watch, I’ll land on my feet so good, cats will be jealous.”
“Unlike you though they got four legs.” I muttered, “You on the other hand only got two so have a percentage of exactly zilch to pull that off.”
“Dude even if he had four legs, he would be lucky to walk two steps without walkin’ into somthin’-or trippin’ over ‘his own feet -which he does already might I add.” Mikey smirked.
“You guys finished yet? Cause if not, you’re gonna miss the chance to eat your words.” Gerard said smugly as he smirked.
“Oh trust me, we would never miss that, especially as the only conclusion to this scenario is that we get to see you eat the floor beneath your feet when you-inevitably- make an ass of yourself.”
Gerard huffed childishly, “Some boyfriend you are.” He muttered as I smirked; he pouted then stuck his tongue at me making us all roll our eyes.
“Real mature.” Ray muttered.
“True right.” Gee smirked smugly, “See ya down in hell motherfuckers.” He smirked before dropping.
The three of us winced at the crashing sound from below though I couldn’t help but smirk.
“Yo Gee!” I called through the window, “Y’all right?” I asked.
“Just peachy.” Was the sarcastic reply, making us giggle, “See told ya! I totally nailed that landin’!.”
The three of us shared a look and rolled our eyes, “You crashed into your desk didn’t cha?” I asked knowingly.
“Yep.” We sighed though we grinned, “Crashed and burned.”
“Knew it.” We said in unison.
“Oh Whadda expect!? It’s like a ten feet drop! Plus it’s like, pitch black in here! What am I? A magician!? God!”
We sniggered,“Wanna go next Frankie?” Mikey asked me innocently.
“No way man! I ain’t jumpin down ten feet! That moment is all yours man.”
“Nice.” Mikey said sarcastically rolling his eyes.
“Fuckin’ pansy.” Gerard muttered.
“What did cha call me!?” I yelled sharply, leaning over the window-only to get kicked through it, “AH FUCK!” I screeched as I landed directly on the floor. Well at least I did better than Gerard...,
“Woops sorry! Foot slipped!” Mikey called innocently from above us while Ray laughed.
I growled in annoyance, feeling a nerve beginning to throb again as I got up-only to walk into the desk, “Ah fuck! Gerard!”
“Quit giggling like a fuckin five year old and turn the damn light on!” I hissed, rubbing my shin which was now aching rather painfully.
“Okay, okay gimmie a minute.” Gee hiccupped as the other two laughed above us, “Aw shit.” He groaned suddenly.
“What’s wrong now?” I asked exasperated.
“I can’t find the fucking switch.”
“Ain’t it next to the door bro?” Mikey called down in a hiss as I groaned in annoyance.
It was silent as Gerard took this in, “Fuck.” He stated bluntly.
The switch was next to the door-which was up stairs. And Gerard doesn’t have the best coordination in the world. That was proven not even five minutes ago.
After stumbling around, crashing into a couple things and enough profanities to make a catholic nun blush, Gerard let out a small cry of triumph and flicked the switch-though there was a loud crashing sound and a yell of ‘FUCK’ before the room was filled with a dim light which revealed Gerard lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, looking annoyed.
I bit back a laugh as Mikey dropped down from the window, landing perfectly on his feet in a slight crouch. Oh nice, he waits until the lights are on. Smart ass.
“Thank fuck this room is sound proofed Gee.” Mikey said standing up straight and running a hand through his hair as he readjusted his glasses.
Gerard muttered something underneath his breath as he swept his hair out of his face, huffing loudly before he flipped his brother off who just smirked smugly.
“Oi! Ray,you comin down here or is you’re fro gonna be a problem?” Mikey called up-only to receive a stone to the head, “Ow.” He muttered wincing, rubbing his head as he frowned up at his boyfriend while me and Gee giggled.
“Real funny.” Ray said tartly.
“Whatever,ya comin down or not?” Mikey asked exasperated.
“Um...yeah just give me a minute.” Ray trailed off rather nervously.
Me and Gerard glanced at one another with raised eyebrows, “It ain’t gonna fit.” We said in unison, before gigging uncontrollably.
Mikey just looked at us in exasperation.
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