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holy shit am actually updating

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Hey what's up motherfucking drag queens and motor babis? All right listn up!

I know I haven't updated since like a decade ago, but I've had a few technical problems, a few mental problems (AKA the dreaded writers block-bitch) and I got into a relationship back in June last year (GOd i love that boy to death-yes we're still going out)plus I started college and going to gogs and shiz like that yadayadayada blah blah blah yeah no one really gives a shit about your new found social and sexual love life mate get over it.

Anyway my point is, I AM working on an update for this story as, after re-reading it, I thought it was too good to bury into the soul abyss of the internet. So hopefully, by maybe say, the start of or near the end of March I SHALL have a new chapter up if anyone is stilll interested in this.

The story will probably be more comedy fuelled with more stupider shit and random crap and pretty much just sticking to the plotline about a groupof teens goin through shiz in high school as was the original plotline in the first place.
So yeah i'll be using examples of what me, my boyfriend, and best mates have done to give m ideas for the chapters. Example the next chapter is gonna involve, a broken couch, a boy streaking it after his onsie was set on fire, drunken tickle fights, hug wars and skittle and vodka shots-and possibly random shit about selling 2 camels for coffee in really bad indian impersonations (no racism is intended) and 5am ramblings.

So yeah there's your teaser and i'll be nice and saythe chapter after that i gonna involve microwave explosions, kettles, sugar, and somehow Gerard acting like a kitty cat wanting coffee.

So yeah hopefully i'll have all this written and up by th end of March and you guys are looking forward to it. XD So watch this space!
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