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Night of the Living Drunks

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Small teaser for you guys XD hope you like.

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Chapter 28:

Frank’s POV

I sighed as we finally arrived at the place of the party, eager to get out the car. Trust me as much as I love my boyfriend, listening to him and his brother argue about who was better out of Metallica and Anthrax, was really starting to grind my gears.
“Freedom! How I missed you so!” I cried out over dramatically as I stepped out into the fresh air-or it would’ve been if the smell of alcohol and hash wasn’t contaminating it in the first place.
Gerard frowned and Mikey just rolled his eyes and kicked me out of the truck, making me yell out in shock and drop to the ground.
“Ow.” I groaned a few seconds later.
Mikey just groaned in annoyance and rolled his eyes before stepping over me, “You deserved it.”
He stated simply.
“DA_HOW DA!” I yelled indignantly as I shot up, “ FUCK DID I DESERVE-DA-OW FUCK YOU AND YOU AND YOUR FUCKED UP LOGIC!” I shouted throwing my arms up in defeat.
I frowned and shot Ray and Gerard a glare as they both snickered uncontrollably. When they noticed my glare however, they both froze then started whistling innocently, though they were both trying not to grin.
I made a low growling noise in the back of my throat trying to sound threatening, “Something funny guys?” I growled.
Gerard and Ray looked at me then burst out into uncontrollable laughter
“Assholes.” I muttered pouting.
“I would say idiots is the best term to use.” Mikey muttered, taking out his cigarettes and lighter, “For the three of you.” he added, making me frown at him, “What? Just being truthful.” he shrugged, cigarette to his lips.
I was about to reply when I was cut off by a loud scream.
“What the-” we all exclaimed only to shut up as a kid looking completely wasted and what looked like a charred onsie, ran across the lawn, ripping off the rest of the onsie laughing crazily.
“WOOOOOO PARTY LIKE ITS NINTY NINETY MINE MOTHERDUCKERS!” he all but screeched as he ran past us, throwing the remaining onsie on to Ray’s fro, “NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” he laughed manically before promptly decking it over the hedge, “AM OKAY!” he yelled doing the devil horns much to a lot of cheers from the porch, “WOOOOOOO!” he yelled before all but streaking it down the street.
“Did, did he just say mother duckers?” I asked dumbstruck as Mikey blinked rapidly, lit cigarette in his mouth.
“I, I think so.” Gerard clarified as Ray, frowning in annoyance, picked the remaining onsie off his fro and promptly dropped it on to the ground.
“Well,.” Mikey stated suddenly, coming out of shock, “That was unexpected. A guys dick was the last thing I thought I’d see when arriving to a party.”
“Got an impressive package though.” I noted jokingly making Gerard pout at me.
“Whatever, package or no package that’s the last thing you expect to see.” Mikey stated.
“Am more shocked at the onsie to be honest, who would waste that.” Gerard asked in disbelief, making us all look at him as if he lost it, “What? Those fuckers are expensive these days and totally comfy.”
“How would you know that? You got one to justify that?” Ray asked, nudging the burnt material away with his foot-only to get it stuck.
“Yeah I do actually.” Gerard said brightly, oblivious to Ray who was now hopping on one foot trying to shake the clothing off, “I got a skeleton one in my draw!” he said smiling brightly only to jump as there was a loud thud from behind him.
We turned to see that Ray had fallen, “Am okay!” he yelled giving out the devils horns.
We all rolled our eyes.
“Whatever, packages, stupidities and skeleton onsies aside.” Mikey sighed before inhaling then exhaling and putting out his cigarette, “Lets get this started.,.”
We nodded, and made our way over to the house.
“Hey, the guy did have a nice package but um he wasn’t as big as me right?” Gerard asked in fake casualness.
“Course not.” I laughed,, “Hey are we forgetting something?” I asked suddenly.
We looked at each other, “Don’t think so.” Gerard and Mikey shrugged.
“HEY! YOU FUCKERS WAIT FOR ME ASSHOLES!” a yell came from outside.
We looked then at each other, “Oh.” Gerard and Mikey said suddenly realizing.
“Yeah we did.” I sighed, trying not to laugh. As Ray stumbled in over the steps through the door, glaring at us in annoyance, “Mikes how the fuck did you forget your own boyfriend?”
“Yeah I mean with that fro, he’s not that hard to forget.” Gerard laughed.
“Oh shut up you guys forgot him too!” Mikey snapped indignantly as Ray made his way over to us and promptly grabbed a beer.
“It’s the truck stop situation all over again.” he muttered before taking a drink of it.
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