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The night of the living drunks (pt2)

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"Honestly, we've been here for two hours, and he's already wasted."

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Chapter 28-The night of the living drunks (pt2)

Authors note
hey just to let you guys know this is just another short chapter I did quickly this morning to get it uploaded as soon as. I will be posting another chapter up soon, this is just to get me back into the writing game so yeah expect a chapter by the end of the week. ^_^. So please read and review and let me know what cha think. :)

Gee's pov

I sighed deeply before taking a long gulp of my beer, shivering slightly as the coldness of it hit me.
"Why do I put myself through this again?" I muttered peering at my brother through one eye.
Mikey shrugged, taking a drink before slamming his glass down on the table,"Because you're an idiot maybe?" he suggested smirking.
I frowned, actually thinking it through, "You, you just might have a point." I said thoughtfully, pointing at him.
Mikey looked at me as if I was insane, "How many beers have you had?" he asked, peering into my empty glass.
"Just two, why?"
"Cause I thought you must be drunk if you're actually agreeing with me on something."
I glared at him, "Funny." I said sarcastically as Mikey laughed, "Wonder where the pervert is anyway?" I asked thoughtfully, kind of annoyed; it was his idea to bring us here in the first place anyway.
Suddenly i felt someone grab my ass too tightly for my liking and, knowing that it wasn't boyfriend, I whipped round and all but sucker punched the prick.
"WHAT THE HOLY FUCK SHIT WAS THAT FOR!" the guy cried out in agony as Mikey burst out laughing.
"Never mind, I found him." I sighed, leaning on the table, "Wish I never asked now."
"Ya know if thats how you say hi to your friends, god forbid what you do to your enemies." Bert groaned glaring at me half heartedly.
"You'll find out if you keep being a leech to me." I warned him.
"Ohh ouch. Harsh much?" Bert asked wounded, hand on his chest, before rolling his eyes, "C'mon Gee loosen up a bit, you're acting more tight then a nun's snatch on Sunday prayers day."
"Yeah cause that totally makes sense." Mikey laughed, "Well am getting more drinks. see ya." he waved as he walked away.
"Mikey!" I whined, "Don't leave me with a complete pervert with a drink tolerance of a two year old!"
"Too late!" he called back.
I huffed moodily as Bert laughed, "So where's the other two?" he asked curiously, glancing around the room.
"To be honest? I have no idea,somewhere though." I shrugged.
Speaking of the devil...
"Gerrraaaarrrddddd!" I squealed as I was suddenly knocked off my feet by what looked like six feet of entire fluff.
"What the fuck?" I exclaimed in shock as Ray burst out laughing.
Frank, ran up to us, avoiding a couple of drunks dancing, laughing, "Hey Gee gee, I see you found Ray."
"Found him? More like attacked."I replied in shock as Ray got up stumbling, laughing like an idiot,"He okay?" I asked, already knowing the answer as Bert helped Ray stand up straight.
"Course he is-just a little wasted." Frank said giggling as Ray latched on Bert laughing like an idiot while Bert sighed and downed another beer.
"A little?" I asked unconvinced.
"Yeah, a little." Frank confirmed; I looked at him, "Okay maybe he had one too many shots but it is hilarious to watch though." he admitted giggling.
I sighed then looked at Ray who was trying to hide Bert's bottle of beer in his fro-only he was too drunk to actually do it and kept stumbling.
"Okay I guess you're right." I grinned then, noticing Mikey coming back over, I laughed, "Hey Ray look who it is." I smirked evilly, nudging Ray and pointing at Mikey who looked oblivious to my plan.
Ray's eyes all but lit up a thousand times over as he looked at Mikey. Then, jumping a coupe of times on the spot, he laughed then bolted it over, "MIIIIKKKKKEEEYYYY!" he screamed, earning a few weird looks before jumping into Mikey's arms, causing Mikey to yell out and drop the drinks, before falling on his ass, Ray still laughing.
The three of us burst out laughing, me and Bert hi-fived while Frankie shook his head in amusement,"You are evil." he said to me.
"Why thank you my darling, I take that as a very highly appreciated compliment." I said in a rather snooty voice, making them both laugh harder.
I took the drink Bert handed me as Mikey came over, dragging Ray who was giggling,"Ohh look at all the pretty colors, ooh pretty, ooh sparkling." he sang almost dazed.
Frank spat out his drink, laughing as Bert and I laughed behind our glasses while Mikey promptly dropped Ray on to the floor next to us, "Honestly, we've been here for two hours, and he's already wasted." he exclaimed, before grabbing Bert's beer bottle from him, making him frown, and necking almost the full thing down the back of his throat, before slamming it down on the table. Sweeping his hair out of his face, he said, "How many drinks has he had Frank?"
"Why you asking me for?" Frank asked, hiccuping slightly.
"Cause I know you've been with him the entire time, the first thing you guys did when you came in here and had a drink you both bolted it over to the pac man arcade machine across the room." Mikey said flatly.
"Oh." Frankie blinked in realization,"Um probably, one, two, three...." Frankie trailed off, looking at the ceiling and counting on his fingers as me and Bert caught each others eyes, and snickered while Mikey rolled his eyes and sighed, " I don't know I lost count after seven." Frankie admitted, shrugging sheepishly at my brother who slapped himself across the forehead.
Ray stumbled as he stood up and leaned on the table hiccuping, "Itss all lokay baby." He slurred grinning, "I'mma lil drunk, no harmsh." he giggled.
"what he say?" Frankie asked in my ear.
"I think he said it's all okay baby, I'm a little drunk, no harm." I clarified grinning before I took a drink.
"Ohhhhh." Frank and Bert said in realization before laughing.
Mikey sighed, though he grinned and ruffled his boyfriends' fro, mmaking him meow like a cat, "Good kitty, now do me a favor and calm down on the drink."he laughed.
"MM okay!" Ray exclaimed happily before planting a huge wet kiss on his boyfriends cheek, "Can I play PAC man again?!" he asked suddenly, wide eyed.
"Yeah sure, knock yourself out." Mikey said; Ray grinned and ran towards the machine, "NOT LITERALLY!" Mikey called after him realizing what he said.
Suddenly there was a loud bang and thud and we all burst out laughing.
"AM OKAY!" Ray called shooting up, "ME GOOD!"
"I better go keep an eye on him." Mikey admitted laughing slightly.
"Good luck with that." I said grinning, holding my glass up to him.
Mikey just smirked, grabbed my drink, downed it then gave me the empty glass back, "Thanks bro." he said happily patting m e on the back as i glared at him before he ran over to Ray who was walking around dazed.
"Ass." I grumbled annoyed, grabbing another bottle and opening it with my teeth, spitting the cap out my mouth and downing some.
"So what cha wanna do? I mean Ray and Mikey seem to be having fun." Bert laughed.
we looked over to see Mikey and Ray playing PAC man, only for Ray to run away from the machine every time the little ghosts turn blue and Mikey having to run back and drag him back over.
Me and Frank looked at one another, "If you can't beat them." Frank shrugged.
"Join them." I finished and we chinked our bottles together before downing them.
"This is gonna be one hell of a night." Bert laughed before joining in on our toast.

Indeed it was.
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