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I’m back

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I’m back motherduckers

Don’t know if anyone is still on this site but I feel like I got my writing mojo back! I looked back on this story and to be honest it’s been on hiatus for nearly three years.
I put so much effort into this story and, don’t want to sound arrogant here (bullshit here) but i feel its really fucking good and too good to leave sitting collecting internet webs (see what I did there? Yeah still got bad puns) and even though I still don’t know the end to this story, I do have loads of good ideas left kicking to put in. It’ll probably be more hilarious and comedy like then drama but hey who doesn’t like a good comedy story?

So watch this space to anyone who still hopes I will one day post a new chapter cause today is that day. Once I drink probably enough coffee to put Starbucks outta business I’m going to be typing up like a mother trucker.
So new chapter coming today all you crash queens and motor babies so listen up.

Kisses and cyanide. Xxxx
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