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Chapter 29: Drunken uprising

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unicorns, elves, leprechaun juice army?

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Chapter 29

Gerards point of view

"No don't go that way, no not that way the other way" Ray all but screeched, arms flailing, "The baddies are gonna get you!"
Me and Frank watched on in slight drunkenness amusement as Mikey all but button mashed the controls.
"So let me get this straight." I said, leaning on the sofa behind me, beer bottle in hand, "We get invited to one of the best party hosts'party and we decide to get wasted and play pac man?" I looked at Frank, eyebrows raised.
"Apparantly." Frank grinned,before taking a swallow of his beer, "Why the hell not? I mean." he shrugged, "He has an arcade machine, he has what seems to be unlimited beer, so why not?"
"I guess." I muttered as he took another swallow, "But kinda shows we're not usually invited to these sort of things though" I gazed around the room full of other drunken teenagers, some that didn't even go to our school, some that didn't even look high school age or even from this town.
Frsnkie just shrugged, "Doesn't matter." he said, "As long as we're having fun. And besides, everyone else here is just like us by the looks of it." he grinned.
I grinned back, he did have a point. Despite not knowing a lot of people here, they were roughly from the same crowd: you had your goth kids, who were all hanging out at the back of the room, chain smoking, all in black leather clad gear and spiked chokers with the over done hair to match. Then there was the emo kids, tight skiny jean clad, emo band shirts and stripy wrist bands being there chosen attire, sitting on the couches talking about some emo band that was coming to town next week. There was even some skaters chilling not too far from the arcade bit, and even some punks and scene kids in there neon clad, hair sprayed to the max glory.
The fact was, we had no reason to worry about having any bother here. There was no jocks, no preppy douchebags, no one threatening to beat us up.
"True." I grinned.
"Im trying Ray! Dont't pressure me!" Mikey yelled back, "Ahh why are you running into the wall!" he wailed.
Frankie burst out laughing as we looked at the screen. The little Pac-man dude was indeed just bouncing off the same wall over and over again. No doubt Mikey had one too many beers and forgot you had to actually move the control stick in different ways to get him to actually move.
"Mikey its pac man." I stated bluntly, "There is no pressure."
"Hey you try escaping these little fuckers." Mikey challenged, pointing at the now flashing Game Over screen, "They're bloody quick."
I laughed then looked over as Frankie nudged me, "Whats up?" I asked.
He pointed over at the skater kids who were looking over at us, muttering and pointing directly, not bothering to hide it.
"What you think they're looking at us for?" Frankie asked confused.
"Your guess is as good as mine." I said, perplexed,"Im pretty sure we haven't done anything to piss off the skaters I mean." I took a drink of my beer, "They're usually too stoned to even realise where they are."
"Well we must have done something." Frankie said,"Hey isn't the one who's staring at us the most the guy who was talking to Mikey earlier?" he asked suddenly.
"Yeah." I realised,"Josh or something i think his name was."
"Wonder what his deal is." Frank muttered, slightly annoyed, "Whatever it is he better spit it out. Getting openly stared and spoke about is kinda a buzz kill."
I had to agree on that one. It was kind of unnerving. I stared back at the skaters and they must have realized we had clicked to them because they suddenly looked away.
"And we're the weird ones." I said in disbelief.
"I think he worked out the controls." Frankie muttered laughing.
"Yep." I laughed.

Frankie's point of view
After having successfully beating pac man, Mikey decided it was a good idea to now drink as many beers possible-and prove that unicorns exist.
"Im telling you they do exist Frankie boy." he slurred, "I saw one." he whispered loudly.
I shook my head in amusement as Ray listened to his boyfriend with a look of amazement on his face. Gerard was still looking over at the skaters, eyebrows furrowed as he sipped his beer, obviously not paying attention to the drunken conversation going on.
"Was it fluffy?" Ray asked in awe.
Mikey looked at him with the face of someone who has witnessed the greatest things in life, "It was the most fluffiest thing in existence Ray ray." he said dramatically, "I saw it in all its fluffy glory." he held his arms out wide, "It was beautiful."
I tried to hide my laughter by hiding my mouth behind my beer as Ray looked so intrigued by this. I glanced about and noticed a few other severely intoxicated scene kids and even some of the emos and goths came over to hear this oh so amazing moment in Mikeys life. Some were even sitting cross-legged on the floor as if it was story time at a camp fire and leaning in to hear more.
"Tell us Mikey, please where did you see it?" A girl with bright blue hair asked in amazement.
A few others nodded and there was pleas and cries to hear this adventure. I shook my head, giggling like a maniac as Mikey held his arms up to silence them.
"It was a warm summer eve of August last year." he said dramatically as everyone in his newly found fan group looked at him awe, "I was out in the garden, having just ran away from the evil vampire that lurked in my own basement." he cried out causing everyone to gasp in horror.
Gerard turned round sharply at this, glaring at his brother as i burst out laughing.
"I knew vampires existed" one of the gothic boys said proudly, "I knew it!"
"What did you do man" A scene boy asked in awe.
"I ran as fast as i could, I ran into the woods, yet he still hunted me, deternimed to get his thirst quenched."Mikey said darkly; some of the scene girls were hiding behind some of the gothic boys, their faces in horror.
Gerard looked at me questionly as if to ask what the fuck was happening. I shrugged still laughing as Mikey continued to tell his tale.
"I delved deep into the forest, soon getting lost in its woody depths." Mikey continued, "I was lost, fearing for my life, soon getting trapped into a dead end, the vampire had cornered me, ready to feast on my blood. I knew my life could be over" Queue more gasps of horror and even a shriek of fright frmo one of the girls, "But then!" he cried suddenly, "It appeared!Beneath the warm summer sunlight and rainbow that somehow appeared from its glorious ass!" he stood up in a heroic pose as I burst out laughing. Gerard just put his head in his hands in embarrassment, obviously wondering why life had did this to him.
"The unicorn my friends!" he cried triumphantly, "In all its four legged, fluffy white glory appeared to save me from the ravenous blood thirsty vampire!"
"What happened!" his little followers cried.
"The vampire cringed in horror as the unicorn's bright white light burned the evil vampire! Blinding him into submission!" Mikey leapt down off the sofa into a crouch amongst his followers and spoke in a loud dramatic whisper, "The unicor used its horn to produce a glistening white stake and nudged me to grab it!"
"lord of the rings eat your heart out." Gerard muttered sarcastically.
"I took the blinding white stake into these bare hands you see before you!" Mikey cried showing his bare hands to the group who looked in awe.
"Don't touch it." Ray whispered, holding back a girl who leaned in to touch Mikey's hand, "They are the blessed hands touched by a magical unicorn." he exclaimed in amazement.
"Ohhhh." they all gasped.
Mikey looked on smugly, taking a drink, "I then swooped on to the vampire, stake in hand,, unicorn by my side and I staked the vampire right in his heart!" Mikey cried triumphantly to cheers, "The vampire let out an awful shriek! Like um..." Mikey frowned, obviously trying to think of a noise a dying vampire would make, "Oh i got it!" He smirked then, "Like this!" he stood up then did an overdramatic death by clutching at his heart, "AAAAAAGHHHHH GLLOOO GAH CURSE YOU AND UICORN POWERS!" he then crumpled onto the ground in silence.
Everyone gasped.
"Fucking idiot."Gerard muttered, slapping himself.
"He died." Mikey said brightly suddenly jumping up, "Then the unicorn dissappeared into the bright sunlight, having helped me defeat the evil vampire who had turned into nothing but ash."
There was cheers and applause as Mikey concluded his tale.
"Thank you, thank you." Mikey bowed.
The group dispersed as Mikey sat down beside me, beer in hand and grinning from ear to ear.
"You proud of yourself." Gerard asked him.
Mikey just grinned as i hiccuped.
"Did that actual happen?" I giggled.
"Nooo Mikey here had tried Lsd for the first time during school break and thought it was a good idea to piss me off." Gerard stated.
I burst out laughing.
"You, you mean he hallucinated the whole thing?!" I choked out.
"Yep little Mikey here hallucinated a whole little adventure of him finding a unicorn." Gerard laughed, "Here, look I got a picture." He gave me his phone.
I looked at the photo and almost fell off the chair in hysterics. The so called unicorn was actually a mop with a stick taped to it and Mikey was apparently riding this unicorn, a white feather in hand.
Mikey glared at him, "Hey! It totally did happen!" he exclaimed stubbornly, "I saw it!"
Ray patted him sympathetically, "You believe me Ray ray right?" he asked looking at his boyfriend with drunk puppy dog eyes.
"Course I do baby," Ray reassured him, "They just jealous cause they didn't see the majestic creature." he glared at us, "Shame on you." He scolded us.
This was just too much. I collapsed into a heap of laughter as Gerard just looked at the pair of them in disbelief.
"I need another drink." Gerard walked away apparently giving up.
"Yeah you walk away you non believer!" Ray called out.
I stood up shakily to follow my boyfriend, staggering a little as i was still laughing.

Gerard's point of view.

"Bloody idiot." I shook my head though I was chuckling to myself, "He always comes out with that story when he's had a few beers." I told Frankie who was still laughing.
"Aww man." he giggled, wiping away tears of laughter, "That was amazing."
I laughed and was about to reply when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned round, confused to see one of the skater dudes behind me looking rather sheepish hand behind his head.
"Umm hey can I help you?" I asked, rather confused as Frankie looked him suspiciously.
"Um yeah hey my names Drew." The guy said sheepishly, "Um i'm in your brothers' tech class." he pointed over to Mikey who looked like he was in the middle of telling another tale, no doubt inspired by another Lsd trip.
I looked over and sighed heavily, "Yeah that guy unfortunatelyis my brother yeah." I said resigned.
Drew looked over to where he was pointing then looked back, "Um yeah that guy." he laughed, "Listen, um I just want to say you're a pretty cool dude and that um me and the guys were talking earlier and-"
"We noticed." Frankie and I cut in.
Drew went red, "Yeah sorry." he grinned sheepishly, "We just thought that y'know Louis is pretty much a major dick, I mean of course you know that, but like we all think he's a dick." he stated, gesturing to room, "Pretty much why we avoid him."
Me and Frankie looked at each other perplexed, wondering why this guywas pretty much pointing out the obvious to us. Drew seemed to realise we were wondering where this was going as he quickly got to the point.
"Look all I'm saying is, is that Louis and his whole group are just assholes,and y'know if you want to really start a war with him, then we completely have your back dude." he said rapidly, "I mean we're all kind of getting sick of his shit and you know, you guys seem to be leading this fight against him so-"
"Wow wow wow, let me stop ya there buddy." I cut in quickly, "I appreciate that and all but dude there is no leading a war thing goin on"
"Oh I thought" Drew looked rather rejected at this.
"Hey hold on a sec Gee." Frank said, big grin on his face, "I mean you did say you wanted to start a war with this guy."
I looked at him, "Umm can you excuse me for a second?" I asked Drew nicely.
"Um sure." Drew shrugged.
"Thanks." I smiled then dragged Frankie over a bit, "What are you doing!" I hissed at him, "Are you insane!"
Frank just grinned, "What? Aw come on Gee, you said it yourself you want to take these fuckers down and these guys want to help." he shrugged, "I say we let them"
"What! ok you probably need to stop drinking like now, cause it's obviously going to your head." I said.
"I don't see why you're saying no to these guys." Frankie said gesturing over to Drew who was peeping over curiously; I smiled at him then glared at my boyfriend who just grinned, "Aww come on we need the back up, I mean Louis and his crew pretty much control the entire school." he argued.
I frowned, "Look I know I spoke about us taking them down, but i never said anything about other people getting involved." I exclaimed, "I mean yeah sure we get the skater dudes to hang out with us and take them on, then we're gonna have the emo kids ask, then the nerds will ask cause they'll want us to protect them, then the goths and scene kids-"
"Yeah so." Frankie said obviously confused to why I think this is a bad idea, "What's up with that? The more the merrier i say." He held up his bottle as if to toast with a big grin.
"No not more the merrier." I said, bringing his arm down; he pouted at me, "I'm not starting a whole fucking rebel army here."
"Aww come on these guys get crap too." Frankie said, "Let them group up with us please." he begged.
I looked at him, "Don't you dare give me the puppy dog eyes!" I warned him, "You know i hate that."
Frankie grinned almost evily then he used his ultimate weapon.
"Come on Gee pleaaasssseee!" he begged.
"No I will not." I said firmly; I took a drink of my beer then almost choked on it as I saw Drew do the same, "Awww no no no no!" I said.

Mikey Point of view

I went up to go grab another beer, then i saw a scene that almost made me sober up. Almost.
"Uh Ray." I tapped my boyfriend on the shoulder.
"Yeah?" he hiccupped dragging his eyes away from the giant tv screen that a bunch of punks were playing guitar hero on.
"Um why does Gerard have Frank and another dude stuck on his leg and currently dragging them around?" I asked amused as I watched Gerard continuously try and fail to shake the two guys off.
Ray turned round confused then spat out his beer, "What the fuck?!" he exclaimed.
"I said no for the hundreth time! I am not building an army to take on those fuckers!" Gerard yelled.
I gasped, "An army!" I exclaimed loudly, "I must gather the troops! Ray assemble the hobbitses and elves!" I commanded; Everyone nearby looked at me in confusion, including my brother and the two guys who stopped clinging to his leg to look at me, "Tonight we toast in celebration of a new army! WE SHALL DRINK MEAD AND LEPRECHAUN JUICES UNTIL THE SUN COMES UP! THEN WE SHALL BATTLE!"
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