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In regards to his own life, Pete Wentz had stopped having moments of fear when he was turned by Willim Beckett, leader of the Dandies. But, right now, as he stared up at the creature who had withst...

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William Beckett had heard the rumors over the past 300 years, but none of them could compare to what stood before him. A woman, whose head came up just to his chin, with steel gray eyes and black hair cut short to her head stared at him with contempt as she discarded the body of a Dandy at his feet. She had no marks on her, and only a few specks of blood littered her designer shirt, but by the scent, they belonged tot he dead vampire. His own eyes looked her person over, trying to discreetly gauge the threat she might pose to him. She didn't look like much, but due to his own tricks he knew that looks could be deceiving. For now, he decided, he would be safe.

"Might I ask the reason behind this...intrusion?" He asked as he moved his eyes down to the body and then to her.

"Is this thing yours, sir?" She queried in return.

William arched a brow as he moved to sit, crossing one leg over the other. "What made you believe it is, my lady?

"I merely followed the rats that fled here when I disposed of him," she replied as she regarded him with a cold smile. "Unless you make it a hobby to allow rogues who all dress in the same attire as yourself to take refuge in your home?" Her smile fell. "I ask again, sir, is this yours?"

"Yes, he was mine," William answered, getting the point that games weren't a good idea. "But, why is he dead?"

"He thought it wise to not heed my warning when I threatened his life when he and the two others tried to attack me. I gave him fair, verbal warning but he was cocky and chose to move in for an attack."

William met her eyes and chuckled. "Then I commend you for ridding me of a potential problem further down the line. I apologize for the attack, but I thank you for your unintentional services. Hopefully we can smooth out our rocky start?"

"Should it happen again, sir, my presence won't be as pleasant."

The underlying threat destroyed what pleasantries William had been displaying to the newcomer, whose large leathery wings were tucked neatly behind her back. "And who, may I ask, should I fear?" He questioned, his smile gone.

"You may call me Lily, and what might I call you?"

"You may call me Master William," he answered as he drew himself up from his seat.

"I call no one 'Master', but I will call you William, should we meet again." She turned on her heel and headed towards the door. As he took a step towards Lily, her voice rang out, stern. "Don't make the same mistake as your pet," she warned without glancing back at him. "I'm not really hungry after feeding off of him, your body would merely go to waste."

William watched as she walked out of his home, past the Dandies who had seen the encounter and now turned surprised eyes to their Master, waiting for a command. He watched for a moment before he shook his head. "Let her go, I want to play this move carefully until I know better who we're dealing with."

Brendon Urie was the first to step forward, his eyes barely glancing off of his dead "brother" as he moved to William. "I've never seen a vampire with wings William, how old could she be to have those?"

William turned to the co-leader of his coven, the only one allowed to refer to him on first name basis. "She wasn't a vampire," he answered. "She was something worse, more powerful..."

[A/N: Okay, so first time I'm posting in a while and this is actually a special story. You guys are going to help write it. I'm only making my next chapter decisions based on what you suggest. So, with that being said, start suggesting! ^_^]
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