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Chapter One

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An unexpected visitor drops in on the guys.

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A line of sweat trailed down the side of Andy Hurley's temple as he ducked and dodged blows from the pissed off vampire he was up against. The vampire's eyes were pitch black and his mouth was twisted in a sadistic smile as he made his advances which were aimed to kill the man in front of him. With a flick of his wrist Andy delivered a solid thwack to the rib cage of the vampire along with a high voltage shock of electricity from the modified taser point at the end of his collapsible rod. Andy smirked to himself as the man crumpled and twitched on the ground.

His smirk disappeared when a second vampire got a hold of him from behind, grasping him tight. His survival instincts kicked in and he kicked his heel back, catching the other vampire in the shin with the quarter-inch blade he had implanted there. The other vampire cried out but still held firm until Andy delivered a second blow with his heel. Once freed from the hold Andy spun around to face the black-eyed enemy and reached into his holster and brought out his second rod, flicking it to make it extend and got ready for the next move.

This new vampire circled him, running his tongue over his fangs as he watched him with a hungry stare. "Shouldn't have let your guard down," he chided with a chuckle that showed he was enjoying toying with his prey.

"You're not strong enough to beat me, you're weak," Andy spat out with his own smile as he watched the vampire's smile falter and then turn to a frown. As he moved back he saw the other vampire starting to stir and attempt to rise only to fall back down. "Both of you are."

In a flash the vampire who was still standing rushed at him, but received two thwacks as Andy dodged the advance with just barely enough time to avoid the hand that had lashed out at him first. His newly torn shirt collar showed the vampire has been aiming for his throat.

Joe laughed from the corner of the room as Patrick hit the ground not too far away from Pete, suffering from the electric shock delivered by Andy's rods. "Christ man, you're almost as fast as they are!" He came over with a towel for Andy to wipe his face with.

"Voltage..." Pete groaned with a slight slur. "Too...high..."

Andy checked the rod he had hit Pete with and winced when he noticed it was up pretty high. "Shit man, I'm sorry about that," he apologized as he went over and helped Pete rise to his feet, letting him lean on him while Pete shook his head to clear it. "I forgot the turn it down when we got from the raid."

", ugh," Patrick groaned as Joe helped him to his feet. He leaned heavily on his friend, who kept him steadied with an arm around his waist. "Kill you..."

Andy, who no longer had Pete leaning on him, looked at Patrick. "Want to take a free shot?" He offered, referring to his jaw.

"No... Next time, yes. Need to feed..."

Pete moved to the other side of Patrick and let Joe transfer him over to his aiding side. "I'll take him to his room and get him some food," he said as he gave Joe a small smile. "Would you mind helping Andy pick up the training room?"

Joe shook his head and watched the two as they left the room before he turned his attention to Andy who was already well into picking up the numerous discarded weapons that had been used and lost during the nightly practice session. "Think he'll ever adjust to being a vampire?"

Andy shrugged and shook his head before he bent over and grabbed up a pair of nun chucks that had been knocked out of his hand during an attack on Patrick. "I remember how upset Pete had been when we found him after those girls got a hold of him," he said as he put them on their rack. "It damn near broke the guy to have to choose between killing Patrick to avoid him being a monster, or let him suffer as he died."

Joe nodded and started to help Andy clean up. "And even though he's here still, he barely feeds. I worry that one day he'll lose control and do something that'll always haunt him, you know?"

Andy's face darkened as his features shifted to a grim expression. "I worry about that too... If he doesn't stop pushing his limits, I'm worried what actions I'll have to take on my own friend."

"At least Pete's finally feeding more," Joe mentioned as he and Andy finished cleaning the room.

"Only to show Patrick how often it needs to actually happen," Andy countered. "We both know if he didn't have to feed, if he could still be on his old serum, he would be. He never wanted to start feeding, but now the poor guy has to make a habit of it."

"And the bonus is that he's stopped having his mood swings caused by starving himself," mused Joe as he left the training room with Andy and headed to the kitchen area to get something to hydrate the sweat-covered vegan.

Andy chuckled as he opened the fridge and took out their Brita pitcher, filling a glass with the water. "Pete's no longer PMSing, now it's turned to P.M.S being the one PMSing."

A knock at the large metal double-doors made both men tense as Andy set the glass down and checked to make sure he had the mercury gun tucked into the waistband of his pants. He moved to the door and glanced up at the camera to see who was at their warehouse. Upon seeing it was just Gabe Saporta, one of their allies, Andy unlocked one of the doors and let the vampire into the warehouse.

Gabe smiled wide as he walked into the building and pulled Andy into a guy hug, patting him soundly on the back before moving on to Joe, who returned the hug as best as his mortal body could. Gabe's eyes danced with his usual mischief as he looked around for he other two. "Practicing?"

"Feeding," Joe answered, to which Gabe nodded in understanding and plopped on the couch of the living area. Joe glanced at Andy, who shrugged and motioned to the living area before he himself followed after Gabe.

When both Andy and Joe had sat down near him, Gabe crossed his legs and leaned back against the cushions that basically swallowed his tall, lanky form. "So, has anyone heard the news about the other night?" He questioned, looking like he had one hell of story just waiting to burst his seams.

Andy and Joe shared the same confused look before their eyes went to Gabe and both men shook their heads. "What happened the other night?" Andy asked as he waved at Pete and Patrick who walked into the room and sat in their own places.

"Hey late comers," Gabe chirped, smiling wide at the two vampires. "I was just about to tell the big news, you're just in time."
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