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Chapter Two

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A little insight into Brendon's past, and present.

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Brendon Urie's eyes roamed the streets as he walked along the sidewalk, keeping an eye out for any potential danger. At his sides he had two other Dandies, but they were nowhere near his rank in the coven, they were hunters. They were only there because their coven leader knew he couldn't afford to lose him if he were attacked; they were the disposable ones as far as William was concerned. They were on their way to one of William's trackers, someone he used many times before when he needed to at least keep an eye on an enemy, even if he didn't plan on attacking. Even Brendon thought it was a good idea for William to keep his on the female, Lily, as she had called herself. The thought of her made Brendon nervous because the only thing he knew of her was that his master was actually afraid of her.

Brendon had first joined the coven over a hundred years ago when William had rescued him from the flimsy jail he had been put in for murder. The murder itself had been an accident, he hadn't meant for his wife to fall from the carriage. She had been hitting him when he pushed her away, too hard apparently because she fell from the carriage top where they sat only to be run over by the back wheels of the carriage. It was deemed murder because he had no remorse for her death. But how could he miss someone whom he had never loved? Someone who had always mistreated him and had only chased his coattails because his pockets were deep all the way back to his ancestors.

He still remembered the lanky man that had come to stand before his cell doors, dressed to show his status, with a servant on either side and a smile on his thin lips. He had been attracted to the town to see the cold-blooded man he had stories of in towns away as news of the impending trail spread like wild fire. One of the servants unlocked the cell and William walked him out of the jail after explaining he had relieved Brendon of his problems.

Looking back, he was grateful William had saved him from death, but the poor police man who had been guarding him had been killed by William to ensure they got away before the sun rose. He had never held a grudge that someone had to die for his freedom, since he was to be killed for a simple accident that couldn't have been prevented; but if he had known he would live to see the 21st century he might not have gone with him. By now he was tired of living, not suicidal, just bored with it all. Yes, new gadgets and events came and went, adding some momentary spice to his life, but he knew he shouldn't have lived this long.

He would have preferred to have died in the 19th century, where he belonged, but he did like the life he lived to a degree; enough to not seek out hunters to risk death. He was surrounded by others like him, he had respect, he had others fearing him by name, and he was second-in-command to one of the most powerful covens on the Eastern sea board.

"Master Urie..."

Brendon was withdrawn from his deep thought by Spencer, who was looking at him with slight concern. "Hmm?"

"You've been quiet, are you all right?" He questioned as the other hunter, Kane, stared ahead as they all continued walking.

"Yes, Spencer," Brendon answered, looking ahead again. "I was pondering this woman William wants a closer eye on. I'm trying to figure out how she could have wings, by nature, when I've never heard of such a thing aside from the Greek stories of Icarus."

"Do you think it's something you get from being ancient?" Kane asked as he dared a glance at Brendon before he looked ahead.

Brendon shook his head as he remembered what William had said about her the night she had shown up. "No, she's not even a vampire from what Beckett said. He said she was something much worse, whatever that could mean."

"Well my boys," echoed a voice from above, making the three stop and look up as they tensed, ready for a fight. "There are only two things stronger than a vampire." A figure leapt from the rooftop and landed a few feet away from them, making them relax as they recognize the man before them. "An incubus and a succubus," he elaborated as he flashed a wide teeth-showing smile.

Brendon glowered at Ryland Blackinton who was obviously amused he had caught the three off guard. "Just who we were looking for," he grumbled, hating himself for letting his guard down to speak with Spencer and Kane; he knew better. "Care to take us inside?"

Ryland shook his head. "Not tonight little man," he replied, leaning up against the building. "I've got company tonight and I don't feel like sharing. I will talk with you elsewhere though if you'll join me on the roof.''

Brendon gave Ryland an irritated look before he and his two companions followed Ryland into the dark alleyway by his building and scaled the side in the darkness. Once all four were up on the roof, Ryland moved to the ledge and looked out at the lights of the town.

``So, you're here about something `more dangerous than a vampire' and female?'' Ryland asked with his back to the three males. ``With wings I heard you say?''

``Yes,'' Brendon answered as his companions took their own vantage points to give the two older makes time to converse. ``She killed a Dandy and severely frightened 2 others before waltzing into William's home and threatening him.'' When Ryland turned to face him, he was no longer smiling, but instead wore a look of thought. ``Do you know who she is, or know what she might be?''

``Well, my dear Urie, I've already told you what I thought she was, but no I don't know her,'' Ryland answered as he closed some of the distance between him and Brendon. ``She's a succubus, which is a form a demon; the wings gave it away. She could be young, could be old, but I can tell you if she's threatening William in person, he's offended her. Why did she kill?''

``From what she said the Dandy advanced on her, not thinking she could handle herself, even though she warned him.''

``She gave a warning before attacking? She's not young then… A young succubus looks for any reason to fight, and him even threatening wouldn't have received a warning. She's old enough to have control over herself, but the question is… How much control?''

``William stepped at her back, and she didn't even look at him to warn him off,'' Kane answered quickly, wanting to help draw more information from the man before them. ``When she warned him not to make the same mistake, he backed off and made sure no one went after her.''

Ryland raised a brow at Brendon, who clenched his jaw at his cohort's insolence. ``Then if he backed off without charging, why would he send you to me if he's well aware of the threat?''

``He wants you to find out who she is,'' Brendon answered as he held his hat when the wind picked up. ``He wants to know who he is up against, not what. He just hadn't shared the information you had with as of yet.''

``Well, tell him it'll be the usual cost for information,'' Ryland said with a shrug of his shoulders as he walked back to the edge of the rooftop and stood on the ledge. ``But if anything dangerous rises, so will my price.''

Brendon glared after Ryland, who had disappeared over the edge of the building. Turning to his comrades, he leveled a look at Kane, who shrank back in fear as he realized he had pissed off Brendon. ``I'll deal with you when we return home…''
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