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Chapter Three

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How did a rogue vampire manage to reach the compound?

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Andy stirred his cup of coffee as he watched footage from different security cameras around the area where the Dandy had been killed. He was wired into the cameras system and was watching the night Gabe had told them about, wanting to gather information if he could, but so far nothing had shown on the tapes. At 2:14 in the morning the footage one the camera he had been watching jumped to 2:30, and anyone watching it wouldn't have noticed since nothing changed in the frame, but Andy was watching the timestamp to take notes.

When he noticed the skip he rewound the video and hit play, watching the skip happen again with once more flawless jumping. Sixteen minutes were missing here, so he switched to the camera from the coffee shop and noticed the same flawless skip. The five other cameras in the area were all missing the same amount of time, with the same perfect jump, except for the last video he tapped into.

After watching it a second time, he noticed that for one moment it looked like headlights were starting to dance over the street, casting four shadows before the jump took the video to an empty street. He rewound and watched again, making note of it and downloading a computer to his laptop. Rubbing his tired eyes with one hand he closed his laptop with the other before he drained the last of his coffee and stretched out on the couch where he had been for the last four hours of his shift.

Joe came into the office with his hair a wild mess as he shuffled in his sleepy steps. "There an'more coffee?" He questioned, his voice thick with sleep as he rubbed his eyes.

"I'll make you a fresh pot while you start waking up," Andy said as he got up and headed to the coffee maker. Behind him, Joe shuffled to the couch and collapsed on it with a big yawn. Andy shook his head. "You didn't go right to sleep, did you Joe?"

Joe groaned as he snuggled into the cushions of his best friend's embrace. "I couldn't," he answered as he closed his eyes. "I keep thinkin' 'bout this person Gabe told us about. Kills a Dandy, tails other two to William's house. Not too long after, flies out."

"And somehow 16 minutes disappeared from the CCTV around the area of the attack," Andy said as he got the new pot started while listening to Joe's cut off sleep slurs.

Joe's eyes snapped open and he sat up, looking more awake now than a few moments ago. "Wait, what?" He questioned as he watched Andy lean against the counter by the coffee maker.

"Every camera in the area is seamless skipped 16 minutes from 2:14 to 2:30 am," Andy explained as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. "Someone got in the system and erased those 16 minutes of the attack, but one on camera it looks a little weird. I made notes of the frames to watch to you and the others can check it out, but there is no footage of the attack anywhere."

"Who could have erased it?"

"Someone with the same hacking skills as me," Andy answered with a shrug as he got Joe a cup of coffee with what bit had brewed during their conversation. Making the cup the way his friend liked, he walked it to him and handed it over, chuckling as Joe took a few gulps of the hot liquid, wincing at the burn but obviously not caring. "Or someone inside the network itself... I'll have to look further into it later when I wake up, but right now I need to get some sleep."

"Sure, do all the fun work and leave nothing for me to do when it's my turn to watch over things," Joe teased as he ran his fingers through his out of control curls.

"You'll survive," Andy chuckled as he walked out of the room and headed to his bedroom, leaving Joe on his own.

Being the only two humans, Andy and Joe were the daytime sentries, working in 2 shifts through the day light hours. Usually Joe started it and Andy finished when the other two woke up, but sometimes they did switch; which threw both of their sleep schedules off and made it difficult to get back into their routine. That happened the other day when Andy was exhausted and knew he couldn't make it through the first shift, so Joe went ahead and switched with him. Of course Joe was feeling the effects of it too, which is why he would be chugging as much coffee as he could.

When a shrill noise penetrated the silence of the room, save for the brewing coffee pot, Joe looked around until he realized it was the compound's phone. Getting up from the couch, he walked to the nearest cordless phone and answered it, killing it's annoying ring. "Hello?"

"H-Hi, which m-member of the com-comp-compound am I talking to?" Questioned a panicked voice on the other end.

Joe raised a brow. "What?"

A small panicked yelp erupted on the other end. "Which member of the compound am I talking to!?"

"Who is this?" Joe questioned as he hit record on the phone base.

"It's J-James, from the supply ring," answered the frightened man on the other line, "please for the love of God, who-"

Joe frowned, knowing who it was noe, but confused as to why James, who was normally calm, was panicking like he was. He dealt with vampires on a day to day basis, even though he was human, since he knew of vampires like Pete and Patrick, who weren't evil, and didn't have a hand in their turning. James, along with a few others ran a supply chain for the hunters on both sides of the fence, humans were hunted to kill, and vampires unwillingly turned. The vampires who wanted their existence weren't dealt with since they had their own suppliers. But no matter what happened in the shop James never got upset like this. And it worried Joe.

"James, it's Joe, calm down buddy, what's going on?"

"There's a man here, an associate of William Beckett's, who wants to talk to you, or someone there at the compound," James explained with a small whimper, "so will you please talk to him?"

"Why should I-"

"Because he's got me tied up Joe, and he's going to drain me if you don't! So please, if you won't talk to him, someone there needs to!"

"Tell him I'll talk to him James, it's going to be okay."

"He said he'll talk to you," James said quickly and a deep chuckle was heard as the phone moved away from James' whimpering.

"Thank you for speaking with me," spoke the new voice, "I appreciate your compliance, and as I promised the human he will be freed once we've spoken. Now, your name, what did he say it was?"

"Joe, my name's Joe, who am I speaking with?"

"Just a rogue, looking for a little extra cash to line his pockets," the man on the other end purred, "I just have a message for you and then I'll free your little friend here."

Joe frowned as he ran his fingers through his hair, knowing how dangerous a rogue vampire could be. With no Master to rein them in they could wreak havoc. It was worth if they had no self-control either, because then there was nothing to hold that rogue back from causing total destruction and chaos in a city. "The message, James said it was William?" Joe questioned, wanting to make sure it was what he had heard right.

"Yes, the message is from William," the rogue replied and Joe could hear James sniffling in the background. "He said there is a danger both to his coven and to your little group, so he wishes a mometary truce to be arranged so your group could work with his hunters. He wants to take care of the problem and then he'll let you out of the truce, and no one will be harmed. Unless of course while the problem is being handled."

"What problem is that?"

"He wants to discuss more details in person, face to face," the rogue chuckled, "apparently you all frighten him enough to know he needed a messenger to get to you before he showed his face and risked vulnerability. Good show to the hunters. If you and your friends are willing to have word with him then tonight he'll come, alone, to the woods outside the city to meet with you all."

"Is there anything else for you to tell me?"

"He did say that if you don't at least give him a chance to say his piece to you then he'll send someone after some boy named Andrew? He said Peter would know what he was talking about."

Joe frowned, wondering if William did have the address or if it was a bluff to push Pete into going. Either way, when Pete heard the recording he would insist on going. "Is there anything else?"

"Nope, I'll be sure to let your friend go when I hang up. Have a good day Mr. Joe."

The last thing Joe heard before the phone hung up was a chuckle followed by the click of the ended line. He hit the stop button and frowned at the recording dock, wondering how he was supposed to break this one to the others. He definitely wished he didn't have to wait until night time to do so, but if he woke either vampire up before it was night, they would be difficult to deal with temper wise.

[Author's Note: I could have sworn I posted chapter 2 before, but hey, you guys get a double treat of a double-chapter update! Lucky you! The other site I post on only got a one chap update since I made sure to put the last chap up. So, reviews are loved and I'm still looking for a name for this little diddy. I'm always open to suggestions and the person whose idea I pick, I'll write you a freebie one-shot ^_^]
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