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This Is A Blog :)

by Hozzie 4 reviews

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I've seen everyone doing blogs so I thought I'd start one 'cos me and my friends do some weird stuff ;L

For example, in PE (well technically 'free period' because we never do PE, we just go to the library and pretend to do work) I accidentally hi-fived my friend in the face. Sam asked us who knew the most out of me, Becca and Jess about Supernatural and I said "We all know the same amount because we share information." And Becca went "Yeah! Team work!" Then held her hand up for me to hi-five. So I looked away for some reason and went to hi-five her but Jess had held her hand up before me so Becca moved her hand away and I ended up hi-fiving her face because I wasn't looking... I think my nail dug her in the nose ;L At least she didn't moan at me about it :3

Also in Double English we were talking about bills to pay when we're adults and taxes and stuff like that. I'm not sure how but soon we ended up deciding that we were all going to live together in London and get a four-bedroom house if we can afford it? We were talking about house rules (for example, telling each other if we've borrowed something, no house parties etc.) and I asked "What would happen if one of us got pregnant?" and Becca said "Well they're being kicked out of the house because I'm not putting up with no screaming babies." I don't know but the conversation then turned into how me and Jess H would have to be surrogate mothers to earn some money if we were ever low on it? I for one do not plan to be a surrogate mother.

This is gonna sound weird but how many people on this website can play the saxophone!? Some of you might know I had the Telford & Wrekin Showcase last night (yaaaawn...) and SO many people were playing the saxophone. Or the flute. The only performance I was genuinelly really interested in was the Primary School one and only 'cos that little girl had to shout "What you SAY?" every so often and she sounded hilarious ;L

Anyway, I'm gonna finish this there because I'm gonna go to sleep even though it's only ten to ten because after that stupid three hour rehearsal I'm EXHAUSTED. Can I just rant a second? There's a song in the show called 'Ya Never Know' and we've been learning the dance to it since like December. On Monday, they decided it didn't fit the music so on Tuesday they changed it and I mean COMPLETELY changed it. They keep saying it hasn't changed that much but our entire section is brand new and we go on a different time. It is under less than a week until we perform. They yelled at us tonight because we hadn't picked the dance up. They spent 15 minutes teaching it us on Tuesday and expected us to be perfect tonight! Grr -.-

So yeah :3

Love Hozzie
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