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Misheard Lyrics.

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A few lyrics in songs which i have misheard.. some rude,some not..

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Right now,I'd be on skyrim,or updating MHAIBHD but i'mma ignore that,cuz i'm a fucking rebelious bitch.

So,we all know my music taste.
Now,in some songs I listen to,I think the lyrics are what I heard,then flat out laugh.I then check the lyrics and facepalm mmyself..
here's a list of misheard lyrics (some really fucking dirty btw..) from songs.

1) 'This is sandpit turtle' from Shadow moses by is actually 'This is sempiternal'.Don't lie,we have all heard it as sandpit turtle..

2)'Talk about the pasta' from Sing by MCR. it is actually 'talk about the past sir.'

3)'This ain't a scene it's a god damn arse face' from FOB This ain't a scene.Am I the only one who heard it as this. it's actually 'god damn arms race' but the joke is fun.

4) 'why would we wanna make you masturbate' from SWS-Do it now,remember it words there.. it was really 'why would we want to make you bastards wait'.

5)'the bunnies in the street' from WTTBP.Bunnies? really mcr,bunnies? it was actually 'the bodies in the street'.

That's it..

If you have any misheard lyrics,tell me.
I'm in the mood for some comedy.

xx Sadie
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