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The Party Fic (When We Walked In On Gay McLovin)

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Another Sash oneshot. Crazy partyness awaits you!

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The Party Fic (When We Walked In On Gay McLovin) (Sash / Jalex)

"Guys!"Ash all but screamed in excitement as she ran up to us at lunch on Friday.As she ran,waving four bits of card,she tripped over her own feet,making Jack and Alex burst out laughing,and caused me to hit them over the head.

"What?"Jack still laughed.

"You're laughing at my girlfriend,Mr.Barakat."I say,all serious.

"Sorry for my boyfriend's behavoiur,Sam."Alex apologized fakely.I could tell he was faking,as he was smiling.

"You were laughing too,Mr.Gaskarth."

"Don't be fuckin' posh around us!"Jack got all sassy,as he always did.

"Did you guys even hear me?!"Ash caught up with us,dropping the pieces of card on the table."WE GOT INVITED TO A PARTY THROWN BY PETE FUCKING WENTZ!"

"What?"Alex got suprised by the announcement."The Pete Wentz,the dude with the hunk of cash and throws killer parties?!"

"No,the pizza delivery guy..OF COURSE THAT PETE WENTZ."Ash screamed,and went fucking nuts.

"When is this party then?"I ask,and an invite is placed in my hands.I quickly read through the invite."Cool,it's tonight!"

"Yeah,it's a-party time!"Jack got excited aswell,just as the bell went for end of lunch period.


Later that evening,we arrived at Pete Wentz's mansion,where the party was being held.It was very exclusive,there were paparazzi and shit everywhere.Well,Pete was famous,so what would we expect?
We got to the door,showed our passes and slipped inside.Inside,it was fucking rad.There were strobe lights everywhere,loud music,they even had Gabe fucking Saporta licking Vodka off the fucking counter.This was the shit.As soon as we got in,Jack and Alex ran off towards the bedrooms,they looked like.

"Have fun fucking,homos!"I called to them,laughing my head off,earning a middle finger from the two of them,which made both me and Sam crack up.We then took in the smoky surroundings,and then we found Pete.He was sat,with his feet on the coffee table,playing Skyrim.

"Hey Pete!"I shout in greeting over the noise,making Pete jump,and making his naked,male character fall off the cliff and die.

"Aw man!"He grumbled in frustration."Look what you made me fucking do Sam!"

"Oh yeah,I killed your hard-on,I'm sorry."I fake apologized,earning my third middle finger of the night,I was on a fucking roll.

"I'mma go get some snacks and drinks,okay?"Ash shouted to me,over the sound of the party.I nodded,quickly hugging her,before she ran to the bar.I then sat down in the sofa opposite Pete,who had resumed his game,and his boner returned..


"Sam! Guess what I just heard from the bedrooms!"Ash laughed,when she returned from the toilets.

"What d'ya hear?"I smiled,this was gonna be good!

"Alex and Jack are fucking goin' at it like a couple of horny teens!"

"Well,that's cuz they are horny teens."I point out.

"Thank you,Captain-Fucking-Obvious."Ash replied sarcastically,before Pete handed me a video camera.

"What's this for?"

"We gotta have some footage of what went down tonight,it can go on Youtube!"Pete smiled,and I then followed Ash to the bedroom,where we heard the many moans of our horny homos.We stiffled our laughter as I entered the room,where I videoed the whole thing.They never even saw me,they were too busy sucking eachother off,which we both found halarious.


After a while,we returned to Pete with the camera filled with all the dirty footage.We were laughing as we approached him,and when Pete saw the video,it was quickly uploaded.We then called the other party guests over to watch,and they all cracked up with laughter.Gabe,who was still tongue-deep in vodka,even fell off the counter from laughing too much.Then,Jack and Alex returned,fully clothed,and we tried to stop laughing.

"What?"Alex asked,confused."What's everyone laughing about?"

"Show 'em."I giggled to Pete,who replays the video.The whole room was filled with the moans of our two friends,who flashed red with embarassment.

"You saw us?"

"Ash heard you."I say,pointing at Ash.

"Well,Sam filmed it!"

"And Pete put it online!"We both say,pointing at Pete,who had hidden his face in embarrasment.

"PETE WENTZ,YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"Jack shouted,and began to chase Pete from the house,which made the whole room except Alex laugh.

"What?"I ask Alex,who flashed a smile.

"SAM AND ASH YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!"He screamed,in a war-like tone,and began chasing us out of the house and down the street,as me and Ash laughed our heads off.

Well,that seemed like some party!Oh god this must've been shit..
Sorry if it was,I tried!

xx Sadie
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