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IDEK anymore..

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I don't even know anymore guys.

First,I just got some rough CC for MHAIBHD.
They said I copied Twilight.

Okay,maybe I copied some bits but not loads,some stuff I made up.
I call it 'inspiration.' not copying.

Second,I'm trying to write a SWS fic,yet when I read it through,it doesn't sound right..

Am I losing my mojo? I dunno..

That person even critisied how I type my sentences,saying they are too close and shit.
It's not my fault,I see sentences typed like that in books,and I think it's how they are typed.

I don't even know anymore,I'm losing my mind and it's bad guys.

I bet all my fucking fics'll be rated down because I'm a fucking rubbish writer.

huddles in a corner and cries
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