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Why Sadie Loves Liz (Obsessive_Fangirl)

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my contribution to Axel's idea..

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So,here is my contribution to Axel's idea.
Here y'are.

How you 'met' Liz (you read one of her stories, she reviewed one of yours, etc.):Well.I reviewed her Panic! fic called Why High School Sucks.I dunno if she replied.Then,when I started my song cover/singing thing,she was the first reviewer.

What your first impression of her was:I thought,and still do think,she is one of the most awesomest people ever.

Which one of her stories is your favourite and why:Why High School Sucks,because it is really funny,and it got me into Panic! fics.

Have you ever spoken to Liz personally (via email, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.):No,but I want to.

Exactly why you love her:Where do I begin? She has a really good music taste,she's an awesome writer.Dude,there are many reasons why I love her,yet I've only just met her.

What you think would happen if you met her for real (or, if you have met her for real, what happened):If I met her for real,I'd tell her to never,ever think about suicide ever again.It hurts dude,really hurts.

Was that okay Axel?
Hope it was.

Keep me posted on her,okay?

xx Sadie
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