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Well so far Umbreon is winning for Ash’s 6th Pokemon…mostly because I have only one vote total. So just throwing it out there Umbreon may be the winner by default if I need the pokemon in the next chapter or two.

Chapter 3 – Petalburg Hustle

Route 101 – in between Littleroot and Oldale
Ash surveyed the dead Houndoom that littered the area one last time that rested across the path. Anyone that came across this mess would think a slaughter occurred and in a way one had. Finally he turned to May who seemed to come across the same conclusion.
“So…not to get too personal but do you normally run into strangers with a pack of Pokemon on their heels trying to rip their throat out?” Ash tried to diffuse the situation by sending the girl a disarming grin and putting his hands behind his head. Pikachu just sighed at his trainer’s less than swift attempt to change the mood.
May shook herself out of her thoughts before looking at the young man that saved her. She forced a smile onto her face before reaching down and petting Glaceon after the Eevee evolution rubbed against its trainer. “Well…I ran into some people that did not take kindly to my intrusion on their activities…really weird too they had a whole bunch of rock types just digging into the ground.” May finished speaking with a shrug.
Nodding once Ash took a look towards the tree lines where May had come from. His face became serious as he debated going in to investigate further. If he had been alone he would have investigated without a doubt. The dark haired trainer glanced at the girl ‘Two tired pokemon and a girl of unknown quality in a real battle.’ He thought silently not daring to voice his thoughts to the girl. After a moment longer he decided it would be best to press on to Oldale and rest up before making the remainder of the journey to Petalburg. “Well…we should probably get moving to Oldale if we want to make it there by dinner. That and I rather get out of here before the owners show up.” Ash Pointed at the dead Houndoom with a jerk of his hand in their general direction.
May nodded before she started heading back towards Oldale…on the main road this time! She carefully skirted around the dead bodies. They may not be moving any longer but that did not mean they had not just tried to kill her. She glanced back to make sure Ash was following her. Luckily the trainer was dutifully following her and did not show any sign of taking off leaving her alone.
After a few minutes of travel further down the road the battle scene was no longer in view. May noted that Ash seemed completely comfortable with the silence but that did not mean she was. In fact she hated silence the most. Even worse that Glaceon had taken it upon herself to take point leaving her alone with the strange trainer and his Pikachu. “So…” May started out awkwardly, noticing Ash’s head jerked up. She had probably startled him out of thought but she did not particularly care she just wanted conversation to fill the dead space. “What brings you to Kanto? And how exactly do you know Professor Birch he just doesn’t give packages to a random guy going to Petalburg! On top of that where did you get those Pokemon I don’t recognize any of them! And…” She was cut off by laughter which caused her to glare at the trainer. She was disappointed it just caused him to laugh harder.
Grinning at the girl he shook himself out of his thoughts before laughing again at all her questions. “Calm down May. I will answer all your questions…just give me a minute.” He waved his arms in a downwards motion attempting to placate the energetic girl. “I am from Kanto, I am here to challenge the Hoenn league so I need to visit the gyms, I have traveled across all the regions so all my pokemon are from different areas, and I am friends with Professor Birch on a professional level.”
May nodded slightly as she listened to his answers. All and all they made sense to her…then she paused for a moment in her thoughts. A smile slide across her face causing Ash to look at Pikachu…slightly worried about what this may mean and what it has to do with his answers.
“Uh…May….” The dark haired trainer ventured hoping against hope he did not provide some kind of offensive answer.
“Hmm…so Ash…since you are planning on getting all the gym badges, you will be traveling right…..” She left the sentence hanging for a moment awaiting his confirmation.

Nodding a little, Ash turned to Pikachu who simply shrugged before going back to sentry duty. “Well yeah…”
“Then you can travel with me!” May practically yelled in excitement before flashing a million watt smile at the young man.
“Er…” “Pikaaaaaaa” Ash and Pikachu did a double take at her before Ash spoke up. “Don’t you mean you traveling with me?” He said questioned while jerking his thumb at himself and Pikachu.
May laughed slightly at her slight mix up in wording before getting back on task. ‘If I get him to agree perhaps Dad will finally let me travel away from the area.’ She practically jumped up and down with excitement. There was no way her Dad could deny her a chance to travel outside the area now that she was traveling with such a strong trainer. “Yes! Exactly! If you let me travel with you not only do you get all the inside tips on the gym leaders but I will even throw in the chance to see me compete in Pokemon competitions!”
He could have sworn he saw her eyes go all starry by the time she finished her rambling proposal. He glanced again at Pikachu but Pikachu continued to stand straight on his shoulder not even acknowledging the conversation. “Traitor.” He muttered so only Pikachu could hear him. The little electric rodent only twitched his one ear in acknowledgement.
Sighing Ash turned to May who seemed to be watching his every move awaiting his answer. He mulled it over for a moment in his head. ‘On one hand it may throw off the people I am investigating and provide a more plausible cover. On the other hand I am putting this girl in danger and seriously…how are Pokemon competitions a plus.’ He shook his head before looking at the expectant May.
“No.” Ash said before resolutely staring ahead and not in any way looking towards May.
May looked at Ash in shock for a moment. ‘No? No? That can’t be right! I need him or else I can’t travel to the cities and the competitions. If I can’t get to the real competitions then I will rot away in Petalburg…or worse take over the gym from Dad!’ The last thought was followed by a shudder.
Ash noticed that May’s eyes hardened when he took a quick glance over. ‘Oh yeah that is not good.’ He thought while trying to ignore the girl. Up ahead he thought he could just see the outskirts of Oldale and make out the Pokemon Center’s red roof on the edge of town.
Unfortunately for Ash looking ahead did not assist him. “Ash…I need to travel with you! My dad will not let me travel without a companion and the only person available is Drew and he is kinda an asshole. Do you want to leave me traveling with an asshole?” May questioned Ash with a dangerous glare…just daring him to contradict her statement.
“Well…no…” He ventured mostly against his will.
May flashed him a smile. “See I knew you would see it my way! It is settled when we get into Petalburg you will come meet my father and tell him that you will personally see to my safety during my travels. He is a little overprotective is all, I won’t be a burden at all.” Her smile turned in a slightly frightening grin as she looked towards Ash. “If you don’t agree I will just follow you and if I get hurt my father will not be happy.”
Ash scratched the back of his head while laughing off May’s threatening tone at the end. ‘How do I get myself into these situations…if Lance knew half the shit I got myself into I would never hear the end of it.’ He could not really think of a way out of this that would not end up with either an angry May or her father trying to kill him.
“Well…I guess welcome aboard May.” He said in a tentative voice.
“Pika! Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu was much more enthusiastic with his acceptance. Finally coming out of his practically stone state the little yellow traitor jumped from Ash’s shoulder into May’s arms.
“Traitor.” Ash muttered under his breath for the second time today. Thank goodness they were coming up on the pokemon center. Glaceon was running back to their position now that they were out of the wild.
May smiled before hugging the small yellow pokemon to her chest. “Well Pikachu I am glad you are with me on this!” She smiled at Ash before following him into the Pokemon center.
Ten minutes later Ash had left Arcanine, Lucario, and Gardevoir with Nurse Joy to rest up. They also got a double room that had two mini bedrooms and shared a small living room area. Mostly on account of there were few trainers in the area and Ash was not exactly thrifty with his wages from Kanto.
Route 101 – Team Magma
The leader growled slightly as he surveyed the battle. “What the fuck happened here and where the fuck is that girl!” He questioned to no one in particular as he looked upon the dead Houndoom.
“There is no way she could have killed this many Houndoom without getting injured.” He paused for a moment while thinking. From this road the girl would have most likely gone to either Littleroot or Oldale. ‘Most likely the little bitch would go to Oldale and report this to the Police…wait a second.’ His face lit up with realization.
“You two.” He pointed to two of his weaker trainers under his command. “Head to Littleroot see if you can find the little whore and make sure she doesn’t speak.” The two nodded before turning towards Littleroot and jogging off.
The commander grinned as he addressed his remaining command. “That little bitch is the Petalburg City’s gym leader’s daughter. I don’t know how she managed to get out of this trap but we won’t under estimate her next time. If we travel through the night we can intercept her in between Oldale and Petalburg. “With a nod his command headed out towards route 102 hoping for a good place to ambush her. She would learn the power of Team Magma In more ways than just through their Pokemon.

Oldale Town – Pokemon Center

“Night Ash!” May smiled before she headed towards her small room. She giggled slightly the moment she closed the door. If her Dad only knew that she was technically sharing a room with a cute boy he would probably have an aneurism over it. She quickly changed into her pajamas before slipping in under her covers and falling into a blissful sleep.
Ash nodded towards May’s departing figure before he went into his own room. Pikachu was already curled up on his pillow. He smiled slightly before stripping down to his boxers and also falling into his bed. The last few days had been kind of exhausting even with the full nights rest at Littleroot.
The moment he fell asleep Ash was tormented by his dreams of the past. He started to toss and turn slightly in his bed.
Ash looked around the area. The buildings were half torn down from the battles going on around him. Anything that was not already turned into rubble was on fire. In fact nothing left over on the streets was left untouched in some way. He could not believe a week ago he had landed on Cinnabar Island with Lance, his cousin, a few gym leaders, and a squadron of elite trainers from the Kanto/Johto league.
Blaine had sent out an emergency S.O.S. requesting back up. He had informed the league that an entire Rocket operation and base had appeared on his island seemingly overnight. The semi crazy fire type loving scientist had not taken kindly to the intrusion. Blaine and his gym members were holding the line for now but he had informed the league Cinnabar would fall without heavy reinforcements. The last thing the league wanted was Cinnabar Island fully under Rocket control. So they had rushed out the trainers they could spare headed by Lance. A few gym leaders on friendly terms with Blaine that were not otherwise occupied with Red’s campaign in Neon Town.
Ash and Leaf were two of the Elite Rangers selected to go in with the troops. Now Leaf was lost somewhere in this fire fight and he had to find her.
Breathing was already becoming difficult…probably in part due to Blaine’s overzealous defense when Team Rocket launched a surprise attack from their secret Cinnabar base. Blaine apparently subscribed to the theory of burn baby burn. Coughing slightly Ash wiped away some of the soot from the corners of his mouth as he advanced further into the burned out urban landscape. Just as he reached another intersection he heard a cry from his side. “Choke…” The Machoke glared at Ash before it started to charge him. Ash grunted as he prepared himself for hand to hand combat.
Luckily Gardevoir appeared next to Ash and used psychic to slam the Machoke into the ground before his neck suddenly twisted of it’s own accord leaving the Machoke completely still. Ash did not even have a chance to thank his pokemon before she teleported back into the battle against Team Rocket’s numerous fighting types. ‘Where the fuck are they’ Ash thought as he looked around. Those bastards had Leaf and to hell if he would lose her to Rocket after they took his mother.
Ash had made it 10 city blocks before two Rocket Dragonites rose above some of the buildings. The two Dragonites started to decimate the surrounding Kanto Trainers and Ash knew that Lance was otherwise engaged or he would leave it to Lance. With a growl at any kind of delay he threw forth two pokeballs. “Salamence! Charizard! Go! Destroy the Dragonites!”
He continued to move forward looking for any sign of Leaf. He heard the roar of acknowledgment from his two dragons in the back ground. The sounds of the dragons battling faded as he continued onwards. The streets were abnormally quiet despite the obvious signs of ongoing battles.
After what felt like hours of travel but was probably less than 15 minutes he came upon a square. Within the square stood Leaf…bound in chains in front of a Rocket operative. By Leaf also bound in what appeared to be black chains was a pokemon he had never seen before. It stood at about human height but had a purple tail and oddly shaped joints. He could not identify the pokemon due to the black armor it wore. He could only assume the pokemon was captive as well. Surrounding the armored Pokemon he noted that there were four Absol one in each direction keeping it hemmed in.
He started to hurry towards the group as he reached out to Lucario and Gardevoir over his link. “Quickly I need you both to me, I found Leaf! Oh God LUCARIO GARDEVOIR!” Ash could only cry out across his mental link as he watched the lead Rocket operative jab a large hunting knife into her back before pushing it up further into her body. The man grinned at Ash when he saw the Ranger running into the square. “And the hero fails.” He yelled out to the Ranger with a laugh.
“LEAF!” Ash screamed as he forwent all pretenses of his own safety running towards the Rocket members and the pack of Absol completely alone. “LEAF!”
Leaf’s eyes locked onto Ash’s for a moment. Her eyes shining with unshed tears as she coughed attempting to speak. Only blood came out of her mouth. Small flecks spitting forth before blood started to run down the corners of her mouth. She tried to smile at Ash…he always came in time…always.
She felt her eyes becoming heavy as felt conscience start to slip away. She wanted to stay awake for Ash for when he beat the Rocket scum…but she was just so tired. ‘Just close your eyes for a moment…just a little you will wake up and Ash will save you just like always.’ She knew even as she thought it that she was lying to herself. She knew she was near the end but she was so tired.
Ash watched helplessly as Leaf collapsed to the ground. Her skin was already becoming pale and he could see a pool of blood slowly leaking out from around her. Just a little too late Lucario and Gardevoir appeared. ”Kill them…kill them all!” His order was barely a whisper but the two pokemon started in on attack. Lucario kept three of the Absol busy while Gardevoir used her psychic powers to turn the Rocket operatives brain’s to mush since the dark types were indisposed. Ash could only see red…he had tackled the remaining Absol that was still guarding the armored pokemon heedless of the pokemon attempting to stab him with its bladed head.
“Fucking die you piece of shit!” He screamed as his hands wrapped around the Absol’s neck. It continued to struggle scrabbling at him with its claws even trying to beat at him with its tail but Ash continued on. Bearing down on the Absol he felt the vertebrae in the Absol’s neck start to crack.
Finally the Absol stopped struggling. Ash only let up when he felt another link touch his mind that was not Lucario’s or Gardevoir’s. He glanced up noticing the Lucario was finishing up with the last Absol and Gardevoir was currently attempting to stop Leaf’s bleeding.
“She is gone young Ash…” The unfamiliar voice spoke slowly as the armored pokemon slowly walked over to Leaf’s prone body. It regarded the human for a moment…curious before slowly kneeling down and gently closing blank unseeing her eyes. “She tried to save me.”
It spoke more as a question than a statement. Ash just nodded slightly as he moved over to Leaf’s body and knelt down by her. Despite what the armored pokemon just did he shook her slightly…hoping somehow he would get a response. Just looking at the blood pooling around the girl he knew she would never wake again. He just sat there for a moment staring at her dead body. The blood continued to leak out from the knife still in her back from when they rushed Team Rocket.
After a few moments of silence he felt the pokemon speak again. “I am Mewtwo…I was created from Mew. Team Rocket planned on using me to awaken Moltres to end the resistance on this island. Your friend attempted to rescue me when I tired of their use of my powers.” The psychic pokemon finished through the link before staring down at the dead girl. “Her pokemon were killed and they captured her…she was a brave soul I am sorry Ash Ketchum.” It spoke relevantly of the dead girl.
For a moment Ash was silent as he finally looked up to Cinnabar Mountain. “Can you do it?”
Mewtwo understood what the trainer desired…he wanted revenge and the utter destruction of Team Rocket. It was written across the Ranger’s face and it did not even require him to dig below the surface thoughts. “Of course…for a little while but I will lose control when Moltres fully wakes up. As you know a legendary cannot control another legendary.”
The black haired man nodded a little before staring at Mewtwo with rage and the thirst for revenge. “Do it…burn them all…make them feel my pain.” Ash glanced at Mewtwo and then took in the broken looks of Lucario and Gardevoir both had been found of Leaf. “Our pain.” He amended quietly.
Mewtwo nodded. “Keep me protected and I will grant your wish. Once Rocket is wiped off the island though I plan on disappearing before too many questions are asked about how Moltres appeared. I would like to live out a life…of solitude.”
Nodding Ash turned to Gardevoir and Lucario. “Keep him protected while he controls Moltres you two.” Looking over to Mewtwo he shot the armored pokemon a smirk despite the fact he was crumbling on the inside. “Just have Moltres follow me from above. I will call out the targets as I see them.” His eyes slowly drifted back to Leaf as he attempted to hold in his grief which was slowly replaced by even more rage.
“I won’t tell them anything…no worries Mewtwo…” Ash said quietly before he turned to Mewtwo. “I never saw you.” With that Ash slowly pushed himself off the ground looking down upon Leaf’s body before turning towards Rocket’s line. “Burn them all…Pokemon, Trainers, Women, Children, Rocket’s labors, and anyone else aligned with Rocket. There are no innocents only bodies that do not realize they are dead yet. Mewtwo’s eyes glowed a bright blue and in the distance the Cinnabar volcano erupted in a slew of lava and ashes. Out of the ashes rose Moltres a legendary fire bird. Enraged at its forced awakening the bird flew high into the atmosphere before Mewtwo subjected it’s will upon the legendary bird. Ash started walking towards the main base of Rocket operations.
Above Ash, Moltres hovered…it’s eyes glowing a brilliant blue. Ash pointed towards Rocket members and their pokemon as they appeared. “Burn them alive Moltres!” The giant fire bird complied sending out flame throwers that instantly incinerated some while leaving others to riving in pain from the burns that would not stop eating away at their flesh. Ash sentenced many to a slow death of watching their body literally flake away into blackened ashes.

Oldale Pokemon Center – 3AM Apx in the morning.

May woke up with a start. She glanced around momentarily disoriented before she heard a scream coming from the other room. Thinking Ash was in trouble May flew into his room looking for any signs of trouble. The only thing she found was Ash lying in the small double bed tossing and turning. Every now and again he let out a whimper but the screaming had stopped momentarily.
“Oh Ash…” May murmured as she sat down on the bed next to his sleeping form. She gently started to rub his back. This seemed to calm him down slightly. “What could cause such terrible nightmares.” She wondered aloud before looking around the room to look for any causes. The only thing she could see was Pikachu in sitting up on the desk staring at his trainer in concern.
Gently she pulled her arms away from Ash but the moment she broke contact he started to shiver uncontrollably before he started to toss and turn. Sweat breaking across his brow. “Ok ok…guess it wouldn’t hurt to lie down for a minute.” She spoke mostly to herself but she convinced herself that she was speaking to Pikachu.
Oldale Pokemon Center – 8 AM
Ash woke up with yawn. He was amazed how refreshed he felt and how warm he felt. Normally he woke up cold and shaking if he slept more than 4 hours uninterrupted by nightmares it was a miracle. He was about to get up when he felt something wrapped around his middle. He glanced down and saw a pair of feminine arms wrapped around his abdomen.
He slowly glanced over to the table to see Pikachu sitting there smiling at him. “Pika!” It gave Ash a thumbs up.
On one hand he knew exactly who would be there when he turned his head to the side and caught sight of May’s face peeking out behind the curtain of her brunette locks. ’Once again if Lance knew half the shit I got myself into.’ He thought with a slight groan.
“Ga…” May grumbled as she rolled off of Ash with a hiccup before she woke herself up with a start. She glanced around confused for a moment before a red blush spread across her face. “Ash…?”
Ash stared back at May completely deadpanned before posing the same question to her. “May…?”
May laughed nervously before she slowly detangled herself from the sheets. “Sorry…I came in when I heard you screaming…and well umm…you seemed to quiet down when I held you.” She finished quickly…the blush rising to her cheeks again.
At this Ash blushed as well…he thought he had managed to stop the screaming in his sleep. He was slightly embarrassed by the fact that May had been woken up by his nightmares. He was also equally confused by May’s admission that he had calmed down after she had lain down next to him.
“Umm…well anyway…we should probably get going if we want to get to Petalburg.” Ash muttered as he slowly pulled himself out of the bed.
May nodded blushing red as a tomato when she caught sight of Ash standing in his boxers only. “Well I better get back to my room!” With that May practically disappeared from the room leaving a confused Ash behind.

Route 102 – Afternoon

After the awkward morning wake up the two had quickly packed up and left the room. They just managed to stop by to grab Ash’s pokemon on their way out. In awkward silence they had departed Oldale Town and headed down Route 102 towards Petalburg City. They had been walking along at a steady pace but neither one of the two wanted to really bridge the silence or acknowledge what had occurred last night. It was easier to ignore it and continue towards Petalburg City.
The only sound came from the sound of their shoes hitting the packed dirt road and Pikachu twitching now and again. At some point during the walk May had ended up at point with Ash trailing slightly behind. Pikachu ever vigilant on his shoulder looking for danger from both other trainers and wild pokemon. Once again the road seemed to be abandoned with no one else in sight.
Ash sighed…well at least the journey was nice and relaxing. The moment the thought crossed his mind he noticed Pikachu’s ears start to twitch wildly. ‘Shit…’ He groaned someone or something was ahead and whatever it was probably was a threat if Pikachu was picking it up from here. He quickly jogged up to May before tapping her arm nonchalantly. “Hey…get ready to battle...Pikachu is picking something up. The moment I send Pikachu out for an attack I need you to send out two of your strongest to play defense. I will take care of the rest.”
May nodded slightly indicating her understanding. Her one hand slipping back to the pokeballs for Venusaur and Glaceon that were attached to her belt. She attempted to look like she was just stretching her arm.
Not a moment later four members of the group May had run into earlier appeared out of the tree line on either side of the path. Their leader grinned before he threw out his pokeball. A Magmar appeared in front of him. “Well well well…just like I thought the bitch is going to Petalburg.” He leered at May for a moment before turning to Ash with a dismissive wave.
“You are free to go we only want the girl.” He smirked as the other three members of his command threw their pokeballs forth. Two Slugmas appeared in a blast of light from one of the trainers. Another brought forth three more Houndoom, and the final trainer left sent out a Torkoal.
Ash and May studied the pokemon for a moment while Ash was debating who to use other than Pikachu who was itching for a fight. He momentarily debated Pidgeot but if they needed to fly the rest of the way to Petalburg he did not want the bird injured or worse. Lucario was similarly out due to the partial steel type disadvantage. With only three of the opponents being Houndoom he could risk Gardevoir and probably use Arcanine to clean up the mess.
The leader of the Magma expeditionary team sent to investigate the missing Houndoom from the excavation site smiled as he mistook Ash’s silence as intimidation. “That is right you are dealing with Team Magma…the real deal and we are not to be trifled with! Now step back and leave the girl to us.”
Ash laughed suddenly before he nodded to Pikachu. “So Team Magma…I will remember that name. Unfortunately you all need to die now…I can’t have you pursing this poor girl all across Hoenn.” With a grin he threw out his two pokeballs as May threw out hers. “Go Arcanine! There are more Houndoom for you to clean up! Gardevoir I want you take keep the Slugma and Torkoal busy. Pikachu! Burn a fucking hole through that Magmar!”
“Venusaur back them up with razor leaf attacks and earthquake when you can. Glaceon just like last time target anything that gets too close!” May yelled as her pokemon appeared from their pokeballs.
Team Magma did not seem to have any concern at first until Ash mentioned more Houndoom to clean up. The leader realized exactly what happened to their pack of Houndoom as Arcanine charged in.
With a vicious thunder fang Arcanine tore into one of the Houndoom before the trainer could respond. The dark dog Pokemon whimpered from the giant gaping hole left in its side. The two other Houndoom responded with crunch attacks that dug into Arcanine’s hide. The giant lion dog pokemon growled in pain but other than the blood flowing from its coat it did not flinch away. Ash growled in anger that anyone dared touch Arcanine…despite the bound he had with Pikachu, Arcanine was his first capture as a Growlithe. “Light’um up Arcanine fires spin!”
With a growl the giant lion dog jumped back before releasing a torrent of fire that slowly formed into a tornado of fire around the three Houndoom hemming the three in.
Meanwhile Gardevoir was using her psychic power to divert the flame thrower attacks from the Torkoal in the pair of Slugma. Unfortunately they were not affected by the fire attacks and if anything only seemed to incite the Torkoal. It started to blow steam out of its snout. Of the three she was battling she knew the Torkoal needed to be taken out. Ash also came to the same realization and glanced at Gardevoir for a moment connecting with her telepathically. “Gardevoir hit them all with confusion…then I want you to use psychic to drop that Torkoal on the Slugma. That should at least bring you down to one opponent.”
“Of course Ash.” She responded in a calm voice before following through with her trainer’s orders. She quickly hit the surface of the minds of the Slugma which luckily were simple creatures and she was able to confuse them easily. In fact it went so well that they started fighting each other. The Torkoal was having none of it though…the bastard may be dumb as a box of rocks but it was stubborn. Gardevoir flinched back as she took a direct hit from a flame thrower.
She glared at the giant turtle before her eyes grew bright blue and she lifted the giant turtle into the air. Before the trainer could respond she let the giant turtle drop…directly onto the pair of battling Slugma who mercifully died on impact.
Ash glanced away figuring it would be handled as he turned his attention to Pikachu. The electric rodent was already hit by a glancing blow from a fire punch. Even with Pikachu’s raw power he needed to end it before Pikachu became seriously injured…or worse.
“Alright Pikachu play time is over agility…into volt tackle…right into Magmar’s chest. Drill right through that fucker with iron tail.” Magmar sensing danger let loose a torrent of flames at the little rodent as his trainer screamed at him to stop the rodent and barbeque the little fucker.
Unfortunately for the Magmar, Pikachu dove under the flames as it ran towards Magmar enveloping itself in a sheen of electricity. Just as Magmar switched over from flame throw and attempted to hit Pikachu with a fire punch, Pikachu hit. The volt tackle blasted the Magmar to the ground and sent Pikachu sky high.
“Magmar flamethrower! Roast it while it’s in the air!” Magmar complied by spewing forth a gout of fire at the airborne Pikachu.
“Now Pikachu…Iron Tail! Spin counter clockwise to the flames!” Just as the flames were about to reach Pikachu his tail turned into a javelin and he twisted himself quickly in the air around and around. The counter clockwise motion dispelled the flames and Pikachu’s iron tail struck Magmar through the chest with such force that Magmar’s flame sac erupted. This blew Pikachu high into the air again.
Ash dove and managed to catch the small rodent. Pikachu looked up at Ash for a moment with weary eyes as he gave his trainer a thumbs up. Most of his coat was blackened now but luckily not much of the flames had reached the skin.
Sighing slightly he turned back to the other two fights. Arcanine was bleeding slightly from a few bite marks but appeared no worse for the wear. May’s Venusaur had finished the Houndoom trapped in the fire spin with a powerful earthquake attack if the jagged rocks pushed up into the bodies of the Houndoom was anything to go by.
Gardevoir was having a tougher time of it. The Torkoal had managed a few good hits and she was visibly tired. Just as he was about to inform Arcanine to assist in the fight, May’s Glaceon stepped in. The Ice type stepped in with a mighty aqua tail and before the Torkoal could recover May’s Glaceon speared it through the neck with an ice beam attack.
Ash grinned at May for a moment before looking at Arcanine…the giant lion dog looked too pleased with itself. It had already killed the owner of the Houndoom…probably because it felt angered that someone would use a lesser dog like fire pokemon than he. “Arcanine!” The Lion Dog cocked it’s head to the side a cute puppy look coming across its face…if you could ignore the blood running down his jaws and the fact half the Magma trainer’s arm was hanging loosely out of his teeth.
“Go hunting.” He grinned as Arcanine chased after the leader who had tried to run the moment the battle did not go his way.
Ash grinned as he heard a pained scream and a snap a few seconds later. “Gardevoir…you know what to do…no survivors.” He hated making Gardevoir kill if he could…his pokemon was sensitive and never enjoyed killing humans or pokemon. She mainly did so to protect her trainer and his other pokemon. Perhaps since she was a psychic and more mature she had just defaulted to the mother role of the group or perhaps it was just her nature.
Within a moment after the command the two remaining Magma members started to glow blue before their necks snapped of their own accord. Gardevoir may have to kill sometimes but she did not like dragging it out. A quick and painless snap of the neck and the two men would never wake again.
Ash and May quickly set about recalling their pokemon after they were sure that they had no further surprises. “Thanks for the assist.” Ash said as he took out Pidegot’s pokeball. It looked like he would need the bird pokemon after all. He wanted to get Pikachu to a center right away and Gardevoir was not looking much better.
May just nodded a little pale from all the bloodshed. Living on the frontier side of Hoenn she was a little more used to having to fight to survive but never to this level. She numbly followed Ash’s nudging as she got onto Pidgeot and she felt him slide in behind her.
A moment later they were in the air heading towards Petalburg City. Ash surveying the land below as they passed overhead to keep a look out since Pikachu was in no condition to do more than lay in Ash’s back pack. “I’m sorry May…if I left them alive they would have come after you again and again. They also identified you…your family would have been in danger as well.”
May nodded slightly as she stared dead ahead. Currently she was unsure what to think but in a way she was glad they would be arriving at Petalburg City. She just wanted to crawl into bed and cry. She knew he was right…the way the lead man had leered at her. She shuddered just thinking of what would occur if Ash had not been there. In fact she knew what would have happened and it was none too pretty of a sight.
Ash stayed silent…he figured if anything May would be done now. After two life or death events in two days he would not blame her if she wanted to just go home and never leave again. Sometimes he really wished he had that luxury but ever since Rocket had wiped Pallet Town off the map in the final days before Red had really rallied Indigo to wiping out Rocket he did not have a town to go home to. Hell he did not even have a mom to go home to really. It was just dumb luck that he had decided to go with Red that day to help him convince the Elite Four.
Shaking his head away he tried to concentrate again as he heard May speaking again. “Sorry…I drifted off for a moment. What did you say?”
May smirked slightly…despite only knowing this boy for less than two days she got the distinct impression that his mind would drift to other places on a regular basis. “I said I am still coming with you!” Her resolve hardened as she glanced back…just daring the young man to try to talk her out of it.
He laughed at the girls look. “You are a stubborn one aren’t you?” He shot her a wide smile.
Right before they could continue their conversation Pidgeot screeched out a general warning. Ash knew it meant that the destination was within Pidgeot’s sight. “Alright Pidgeot! Take us right over to the pokemon center. I need to get Pikachu, Arcanine and Gardevoir looked over right away.”
Pidgeot squawked in acknowledgement before slowly circling in towards the Pokemon Center. Other trainers cleared out of the way as the giant bird set down right by the front entrance. The bird’s giant wings sending off mini dust devils.
A moment later Ash and May had hopped off Pidgeot and had rushed into the center.
“So…once your pokemon are back how about we head over to the Petalburg gym! I bet my mom will cook dinner tonight and I think I can even convince her to let you stay in the guest room rather than at the pokemon center.” May finished with a smile as she rocked back and forth on her heels hoping that he would say yes. How else would she convince her father she would be safe with Ash if he did not meet him.
Ash nodded slightly taking note that she only mentioned her mother in any kind of welcoming way. He felt May left it unspoken that her father would be less than pleased about the surprise guest. “Umm well a home cooked meal sounds good and a bed not at a pokemon center also sounds great.”
“Then it’s settled! We will head to the gym right after Pikachu and the others are returned.” May jumped up and down in victory before she started watching the doors that went back into the Center’s main care area. She did not want to be held up one second if she could help it.
Ash just stood by and smiled at the girl’s impatience over the wait. He was used to the waits and found he was no longer bothered by them anymore. Or at least that is what he told himself as he found his own foot tapping. ‘My first gym battle and a warm homemade meal…nothing could make it better.’ He thought for a moment before glancing at the cute brunette who was rocking on her heels impatiently. ‘Well perhaps one thing…’ His thoughts drifted off.

Alright hope you liked the chapter. Next chapter we introduce the Maple family. Norman may be less than pleased with Ash, Caroline will love him and I haven’t decided where Max will fall mostly because I don’t know if he will be added to the traveling party. Drew will also make an appearance I am flip-flopping between making him just a pretentious ass hole or a borderline abusive asshole. So many options but so long for now. I will continue trying to post every week but it will probably be closer to every other it just depends on my schedule and inspiration.
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