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Hunter, Hunted

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Max and Karen are unlikely partners. Max loves to drink and have one-night stands. Karen is a book-worm and is still looking for love, even though she feels she'll never find it with her life as a ...

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"See you tomorrow, Dan."

The blonde woman exited the bar, glad that she was finally off her shift. It was late, as always, and she was tired after her long shift, wanting to get home and go to bed. She fumbled for her keys, walking down the sidewalk with her seven-inch heels clicking as she did. Searching through her purse full of lipstick, credit cards, and receipts, she finally found her keys as she walked up to her small car, or rather junk pile, a Mazda Demio.

Inserting the key into the keyhole, she began the futile attempt to unlock the car she called hers.

"Come on, you piece of junk!" She growled with annoyance and turned the key the other way. Still, it didn't unlock. She whined loudly and stomped her foot, even though her heels made her feet ache. Her focus on unlocking her car made her unaware of the man slowly creeping up behind her. It was only when she went searching through her keys to find the right one, and hands roughly grabbed her throat that she became aware. She was turned and slammed into the car with enough force to form a bruise on her lower back. She stared, eyes wide and mouth open in mid-scream as the "man" revealed strange, extra sharp teeth. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. Her heart thumped loudly against her chest as she gazed into the eyes of her killer, who was obviously not of this world. Just as he tilted her head to the side to view her neck, his head suddenly went flying and she screamed loudly as blood splattered across her face. She stared with wide eyes into the face of her savior, who was smirking and holding a bloody machete.

"They are so unoriginal, right? I mean honestly, the neck? Seriously?"
"So, that…" She searched for the right word. "Thing was a vampire? I thought they were pale and wore like dark clothing."

Her savior, who sat across from her, casually drinking beer, shook her head. She sighed and leaned forward, and Danielle took a glance at the mostly empty beer bottle. It was her tenth so far and she had only started drinking ten minutes ago.

"Look, that whole dark clothing and pale shit is a complete myth. They are only identifiable by their retractable sharp teeth."

"Exactly. By the way, all of what we're telling you cannot be repeated, alright? You probably think we're crazy, but it's true." The second one, her partner spoke.

"No." She glanced at them both. "I believe you."

Her savior seems surprised, but nevertheless smirked and leaned back in her chair.

"How about a drinking contest, eh Karen?" She asked randomly, glancing at her partner. Danielle looked to the blonde who had just spoke, now known as Karen. Her hair was a dirty blonde, and cut short about her neck, some of which were in crisp ringlets. Her eyes were green-blue color and her eyebrows were rather angular about her eyes. Danielle could tell the only make-up she wore was eye-liner and a thin layer of sweet cherry lip gloss. She was wearing a white blouse-like shirt which had a lace-up design over her chest, underneath a soft brown jacket which was fashionably unzipped. Her bottoms were fairly dirty skinny blue jeans, and Danielle quickly took notice of the casual, dirty blue sneakers she wore. She has a lot of style not to wear heels.

Karen's partner, who was also Danielle's savior was almost a complete polar opposite of Karen. Her hair was a dark black color and fell out about her shoulders in an unkempt, lazy style. Her eyes were a dark chocolate-brown, almost black color and her eyebrows were smoother than Karen's. She was wearing a heavy layer of hooker red lipstick, and dark black eye-liner, the latter giving her Marilyn Monroe bedroom eyes. Her clothing style was severely different from Karen's. She wore a dark black tank-top which hung low to show off her chest, underneath a dark blue utility-like jacket which was unbuttoned. Her pants were leather and had "Sexy" printed across the lower part of her butt. Her boots were platform combat boots and looked oddly military for being platforms. Danielle began to doubt, from her appearance and how bad her drinking problem was starting to look, that this "savior" really was a savior.

"No, thank you." Karen replied, snapping Danielle out of her thoughts. "We really don't need you drunk, Max."

Her savior was now identified as Max.

Max stood, polishing off her beer as she did. "Forget you then. I'm going to get drunk, find a man, and screw him. Goooodbye!"

Danielle watched as Max went into the kitchen, grabbed a beer, and then left, shutting the door to the hotel room with an annoyed slam. Danielle flinched at the noise. Karen shifted, and sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry about her, she's a little…insensitive."

Danielle looked down.

"I can tell. Drinking problem?"

"Yeah." Karen looked down too, biting her lip.

Awkward silence filled the motel room and the both of them felt like they were suffocating. There was nothing more to say right? Danielle just needed to leave and get on her with her life; forget that she ever met hunters and a vampire.

"Let me get you something to drink. What are you in the mood for?" Karen stood, brushing her jeans and knocking some dirt onto the creaky wood floor.

"Definitely not beer."

Karen laughed and Danielle smiled at its sound.

"We have orange juice." Karen offered.

"Yeah, sure."

Karen smiled back and walked into the kitchen. Danielle listened as she opened the old fridge, which creaked and groaned as it was, and pulled the orange juice out.

"Karen?" Danielle asked, slipping her hand underneath the ugly pillow of the orange couch.

"Yeah?" Was the reply.

Danielle stood, walking to stand in the doorway of the kitchen. A knife flashed underneath the light as she revealed it at her side. She watched as Karen poured the orange juice, remaining unknowing of the deadly intent of the female behind her.

"Do you hunt for like a living? Or it a here and there thing?"

She walked closer to Karen, adjusting the handle of the knife in her hand. She could feel the heart of the woman in front of her beating, pumping that tasty liquid through her veins. She placed herself behind Karen, and went to slam the knife into—.

Karen abruptly turned around, roughly slamming something into her abdomen. Her eyes immediately went wide as pain racked her body. She looked down at the knife in her abdomen then at the blonde holding the hilt. She looked angry, her soft features twisted in an ugly fashion.

"You would know, Danielle."

Danielle's eyes quickly darkened as death took her life and she fell to the ground as Karen pulled the knife out. She dropped, bleeding heavily and lifeless. Her eyes had already become glassy, and were reminiscent of marbles.

"I never wanted to kill you, Danielle, but you killed those innocent people."

Karen sighed, dropping the knife and listening as it clanked loudly to the ground, smearing blood across the hardwood floor. She walked into the living room, quickly finding one of Max's "hidden" beers and sitting down on the back of the couch, taking a long drink as she looked down on the body of the hunter she had just killed. She needed to get drunk now.
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