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Lucky Stars

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Karen and Max have a falling out.

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It was always like this.

They'd have a case, and Max would drink just about the entire time. When it was over, she'd go out to some bar, get drunk, sleep with someone, and then come back. After she came back, they'd gather their things and leave in the sleek red '58 Cadillac. Then, the argument would start.

Karen stared out the passenger window, fumbling with the edge of her brown jacket. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard blared loudly through the old stereo of the Cadillac, and Max was silently singing along, drumming the steering wheel as she listened. Karen could only think about what she had done less than ten hours ago.

"Rock of ages! Rock of ages! Still a rollin', keep a-rolling, rock and rollin'!" Max finally broke out, and Karen flinched instantly. Max had a fairly "okay" singing voice, but it still really, really sucked. Karen listened as Max continued to sing the song, finishing it up with a loud laugh just like the singer did. Just as Comin' Under Fire come on, Karen quickly flipped it off.

"Pull over." She said in a demanding tone. Max frowned, annoyed that she had turned off her music. Nevertheless, she quickly pulled the car to the side of the highway. The moment she could, Karen shoved open the door and got out, Max watching her as she did. Only when she popped the trunk open did Max get out and walk up to her. Karen removed her backpacks and slung them over her shoulder. Turning towards the way they were headed, she began to walk. Max kicked up dirt as she walked over to the hood and sat down, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

"Where are you going to get walking?" Max asked before sticking the cigarette in her mouth.

"Sioux Falls!" Karen yelled back. Max laughed.

"We're in Nebraska." Max replied. Karen paused and turned.

"So?" She asked.

"That's a four-hour drive." Max said pointedly.

"And a seventy-six hour walk. Yes, I know." Karen told her dryly.

"Google Maps?"

"Google Maps." Karen confirmed.

"Well fine, you wanna walk, go ahead." Max got back in the car and started the engine. Karen watched as she drove by, Comin' Under Fire back on the stereo. Karen stood there for a few minutes, watching as the red Cadillac faded into the distance. She then adjusted her back-pack and began her walk again.

It was six 'o clock and the sun had already set. Karen walked along the dark interstate quietly, her jacket now fully zipped up and her backpack held around her waist by a belt. It hit the back of her leg with every step and she tried her best to ignore the nagging hunger and thirst she had. Fewer cars were passing by and a part of her hated it. Another part of her was glad, since she could make more progress getting to Sioux Falls without having to tell people she was fine and didn't need a ride, not that many people stopped anyway. She was surprised she had walked eight hours, but nevertheless smiled a bit at the accomplishment. This smile quickly faded as her sprained ankle began to hurt again. Sometimes, wearing dirty old sneakers was bad. A couple of miles back (maybe), she had sprained her ankle when she tripped. Of course, this only slowed her down, but she was determined to reach Sioux Falls.

She was dehydrated, hungry, hurt, and aching. She so badly wished there was a hotel somewhere around here, but a sign less than two feet back said the nearest hotel was twenty miles. She only had five dollars and fake credit cards, which made her ponder what she could really afford at a hotel. Probably food from the dumpster and a night in the broom closet. She adjusted her bag again and continued limping down the road. A familiar car, sleek black and a 1967 Chevy Impala pulled up beside her and she paused, looking through the window. She smiled into the faces of her favorite hunters: Sam and Dean Winchester. Dean turned the music down and looked over at her as Sam did.

"Karen?" He asked as a confirmation. She smiled.

"Dean. Sammy." She greeted.

"Where you headed?" Dean asked.

"Bobby's." She replied simply.

"Well, why are you walking? Isn't Max with you?" Dean questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"No. We…" She scratched her head. "Spilt up."

"Well we can give you a ride. We were going to stop at a hotel for the night, but we can get you there in the morning." Sam offered, giving me a sweet smile. Karen sighed.

"Well, I guess." She shrugged and Sammy smiled back at her, getting out to let her in.

"Thanks for helping me, you guys. You didn't have to." Karen finished her hamburger and grabbed a napkin, wiping the ketchup from the edge of her mouth. Dean just grinned.

"Glad to help a fellow hunter, right, Sammy?" Dean looked to his brother, who just rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, but my question is: what made you guys split up?" Sam sat down on the edge of the bed. "I mean you guys are like inseparable."

Karen sighed and leaned back in the chair, ruffling her wet blonde hair.

"It was just a tough, kind-of touchy case."

"So she left you on the side of the road in Aurora, Nebraska just because of a case?" Sam asked, sounding like he didn't like her partner already.

"Yeah." Karen shrugged. "It's not too big of a deal."

She looked to Dean. "Thanks for rescuing me though, you two."

Dean smiled.

"Not a problem, Kare."

"Don't call me that!" She said with a loud laugh and a wide-spread smile.
"Dean, I swear to god, you touch me while I am sleeping and I will shoot you." Karen said quietly, adjusting herself on the couch.

"Good night to you too, Karen." Dean said with a smirk.

"Sweet dreams." He added.

"Yeah…you too."

Karen drifted off into sleep.
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