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Not Because I'm Jealous

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"And I still say that you should forget about him- NOT because I am jealous, but becauseā€¦ well, he's probably straight or something!"

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Dear Anthony,

Really, you know who I'm talking about? What's his last name? Where does he live? Can you talk to him or something, find out some stuff about him?

At the moment I'm in Chemistry class, where Frank, unfortunately, is not. Yes, I like him, alright? Gah. There's someone else I'm looking at right now, but not because I think he's hot. It's Kyle Simmond. Remember I told you about him before? The boyfriend of that trashy Evelyn who was hitting on you?

I'm wondering what exactly makes him tick. He hasn't talked to me for awhile, ever since the incident in History class, but I have a feeling he might pull something soon and I really don't want to put up with it this time.




Dear Gerard,

Did you even read my last letter past the third sentence? I'm not going to help you get to some boy you like! I told you to forget about him because he's a waste of time!

About Kyle… well, you're going to roll your eyes at me when I say this, but I don't think you should do anything right now. You said he hasn't spoken to you for awhile, shouldn't that be a good sign? Maybe he's backing off. You never know.

And it's not like you can just walk up to him and ask him what ticks him off. It takes experimentation. I really don't think you should experiment, because you'll just get into trouble again, so it's not even important to know that Kyle's real name is Wilfred and that he would die if his girlfriend found out.

Nor is it important to know that his mother makes him take tap-dancing lessons every week. Really not important at all.




Dear Anthony,

You're awesome, buddy. I'll say no more.

Listen, I need your help. Are you sure you won't talk to Frank? Just bump into him sometime and steal his schedule. Or just lean over next to him in whatever-class-you're-with-him-in and whisper my name. Tell me exactly what he says.

Yes, I did read your entire letter past the third sentence. I seriously don't know what your problem is. Are you jealous or something? Why are you so determined that I shouldn't get to Frank? Are we even talking about the same Frank? Dark hair, hazely eyes, really good-looking, always knows the answer in class? That Frank?

I'll mail this off right away so I can get your answer today.




Dear Gerard,

NO. I'm NOT jealous. Don't be stupid, I don't even know you. I mean, not really, not exactly. Why should I be jealous? I swear, I am not. Please don't suggest that again.

It seems that we are, in fact, talking about the same Frank. And I still say that you should forget about him- NOT because I am jealous, but because… well, he's probably straight or something! You don't have time to waste over crushes!

And I don't have time to do something as dumb as whispering "Gerard Way" into random people's ears. Are you insane? Be reasonable.

Best regards,



Dear Anthony, 

In the morning I stand as far away from the crowd as I can to take in the silence while it lasts. They always watch me anyway, like I'll try to pull something if they turn their backs on me. What the hell would I do to them? Toss nukes into their back pockets? Maybe they have something against a couple of piercings? Idiots.

So sometimes I'll just stare right back at them, telling them without talking that I hate their asses and that if they even approach me I will reconsider the nuke idea. I've been doing that a lot lately, just looking, hoping that I'll be able to pick out which one of the crowd you are. I know you've got to be one of the gawkers, just one of the faces, and maybe if I look hard enough I'll find out, and I'll discover what you're hiding.

You are hiding something. Don't try to deny it, I know it's true. But it's okay. You don't have to tell me. I guess it isn't even really any of my business.

But I will find out what it is, eventually. Count on it.



ohmygodohmygod, have I ever said I love you all? I have no idea what to talk about right now, but yeah. Chapter any good? Lemme know. C:


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