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I'm gonna tell you about my day,plus some other things :)

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Heyy you people!
How's yous?


So,here I shall tell you about my school.I will be using the real names of real kids at my school by the way :)

So,I set off for school at about 10 past 8 in the morning.It was cold,but I had Sleeping With Sirens on.I got to the bridge,by the train station,where I saw the populars (Whitney,Summer,Oakley and another dude.) They took the piss outta me,called me Sadester.I don't like that name,I prefer Sadie or Cupcake.I got to school just as my tutor was leading everyone in,and had to turn off Kellin's voice.

First,I had French.We did a little work,then watched the rest of the film we were watching.I then turned in my homework,which I copied from Google translate because I'm fucking badass.

After that was Science.We have a test tomorrow,wish me luck? We did something called 'Revision Musical Chairs' where we all have to copy out a revision sheet,then when the music plays we move around,then when the music stops,we go to the seat we are closest to,then write something on that.They played a country song,or was it Punk,I don't know.They then played Rhianna,ugh.They played Muse too!

At break,I found that Ellie wasn't in school,so I had no one to talk to.I just read Kerrang! magazine,last week's issue,while listening to,yes,Sleeping With Sirens.Emily and Taylor wanted to know where she was,but I didn't know.

After break,I had History.We did slavery.We did some work,then we watched a slave show called Roots.You ever heard of that? It's an old film-thing..

At lunch,I sat alone,listening to..
You know what I was listening to.
Anyway,it was raining,hard.

After lunch was English,we did Merlin.I'm kinda getting into Merlin now,too bad the show's over.Is it,is it over? Well,I think it ended on Arthur dying.Or was it Merlin who died?

My final lesson was Maths.We did pie charts.I can't do the angles,because I can't read protracters.Too hard.Anyone else got the same problem,so I have someone to wallow in my sadness with.In my head,Kellin was singing If I'm James Dean,You're Audrey Hepburn,whilst I was trying to work,which was cool.

Guess what I listened to on the way home? Sleeping With Sirens.I'm addicted to their acoustic album,I don't know why.Well,I had a rock version of If I'm James Dean on my phone,which I found a louder version from mp3skull.On my way home,I figured out the next chapter of Would You Please Stay and Please Be Mine.I decided,in my POV,it'd be where my band,starring me,Becca,Mia,Sam and Ash (um,because Sash.) would be recording a song,which I'll just make up,and Kellin hears it.Then it goes like really awkward with him and my band,so they're like 'I guess we'll leave you alone then..' or something like that,then we get to me and Kellin's chat,where he asks me out or something,I don't know.Is that good?

I'm listening to Sleeping With Sirens.
God,it's like a drug to me now..

PS:Which one of you wanna talk to me on Facebook tonight? Mia? Jazzy? anyone?

Did you guys have a good dayy!

xx Cupcake
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