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If I had to sum up my day in one word...
It would be 'Fucking Shit'.
Here are the reasons why..

Firstly,my stepdad called my music stupid.Okay,let's set the scene.I just got up and put SWS on (a little bit too loud..) so I could listen to it while I got dressed.As Roger Rabbit came on,my stepdad burst into the room and said,I remember the whole thing:

"What the hell Sade! No one wants to hear your stupid music at this time in the morning! Everyone's in bed!"

Well,it was 7am when I got up,but the nicest thing he could have asked was to turn it down.I ignored my stepdad until he left for work,which was around 8am.

Second,someone called my issue of Kerrang! with Gerard on the cover "Emo." at school.Oh,how I hate that word.Here's how it went down.

Me:(Goes to Main Hall at school with SWS on through my headphones.Sits on stool and begins to read Kerrang! with the front cover shown)

Person:(Walks up to me) You reading an Emo magazine?

Me:(Looks at said person,headphones still in) No.It's not Emo.

Person:(Shows me front cover and taps the word Emo that is on there) Yes it does! Right there.

Me:(Looks at person until they leave me alone)

a few mins later

Me:(Goes back to magazine,until 3 more people come over and sit by me)

Person 1:What ya reading?

Person 2:What ya listening to?

Me:Sleeping With Sirens

Person 2:What's the artist name?

Me:That is the artist,Sleeping With Sirens.

Person 3:What's the song called?

Me:It's a hard name to say (I get mixed up sometimes with the song I say it's Ears to hear and eyes to see,instead of Eyes to hear and ears to see..)

(Person 4 joins us)

Person 4:Chatting up my boyfriend are ya?


Person 4:I'm joking.

Me:(rolls eyes,before leaving the group..)

See? This is why I hate Populars..


I don't have a third,just two reasons.

So,all day at school,I've been listening to SWS.Except lunch,then I listened to King For A Day,Helena and I'm Not Okay.

So,that was my day.

Now,today I'd be starting my Bandslam fic,yet I dunno how to begin with it.So,I'll give it a bit,until I get some ideas,then I'll start typing it up :)

Also,I got a nice idea for the next chapter of Would You Please Stay And Please Be Mine.I sorted out how it'll go and stuff.

WARNING:there is really adorable romance-y stuff with me and Kellin.You will all be fangirling when you read it.

I'm also going to write my next poem,all inspired by myself,and how one is judged for who they are.I'll try and make it rhyme,like normal poems should,but I'm too badass for that..

So,did you guys have a good day??

:) xx Sadie
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