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Chapter Four.

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Chapter Four.-Kellin's POV.

We sat in the church on Saturday afternoon.Sadie was sat on my left side,in a beautiful black dress with a red ribbon at the waist,as well as ballet shoes on her feet.On my right was Gabe.Justin and Jack were Jesse's best men,as well as a few of his brothers.Jesse was stood at the alter,dressed in a black suit,with a red shirt and a red tie.We were just in the wait for his bride,Alexis.I've met her before,she's cool.Jesse always talked about her,and it got on my nerves a little.Well,it used to,as I never had a girlfriend back then,now it don't bug me so much.

After some wait,the church door flew open,and in stepped Alexis,her father on her arm to give her away.She began taking her final steps of freedom down the aisle,her bridesmaids following behind her.They were all dressed in light colours ; baby pink,baby blue,cream,those sorts of colours.They all had veils too,the same colour as their dresses.I saw a smile flash on Alexis's face as she walked,taking a careful step down the marble tiling,as she reached Jesse.They both had a smile on their faces,as the wedding began.The minister started by his usual speech,then asked for objections to the marriage.No one had any,so the wedding drew on,slowly.Jesse began with his vows,soppy ones.They had some of the lyrics from some of our songs.Well,actually he used one of our songs in his vows,Stomach Tied In Knots.I didn't really care though,he could do what he wanted with it.The wedding soon ended with the kiss,and we all applauded,as it was the nice thing to do.After some congratualtions to the newly married couple,we all headed off for the wedding party.

Sadie's POV

We arrived at the wedding party at 7pm,well,I did.Kellin and the other's had gone on ahead to set up,whilst I went home to change into a wedding-style dress,yet ripped at the hem and had fake blood splattered on it.I just washed off the blood splatters,they came from last year's halloween party.Kellin picked me up,like the gentleman he was.We arrived at the after-party,all smiles.Jesse and Alexis came over to chat,after a while.

"Hey guys!"Jesse smiled,looking at the both of us,noting how close we were."So,this is Sadie?"

"Yeah,Jesse."Kellin smiled,pulling me just a little closer with his arm around my waist.

"Nice to meet you,Jesse."I smile too,and shake his hand.

"Oh,please! no shaking hands!"He laughed,as he pulled me into a quick hug,it was friendly though.

"You must be Alexis,I've heard about you."

"Have you?"The brown-haired woman smiled."Kellin let slip about me has he?"

"Yes."I laugh,then we heard slow music play.The MC then announced it was the couple's dance,and we watched as Jesse and Alexis move to the middle of the floor,wrapping their arms around eachother as they move to the rhythm of the song that was being played.

"I wish I had something like that.."I sigh,and Kellin takes my hand.

"But,you do."He smiled as he moved me to the floor too,and we wrapped our arms around eachother,entwinning our fingers together as we slowly danced.The stars aboved us twinkled in the black night,it was pretty.I rested my head on Kellin's chest,hearing the slow rhythm of his heartbeat,as it slowly tired me.I closed my eyes,still moving to the song,and concentrated on the heart as it slowly beated a smooth rhythm and I began to drift to sleep.I felt Kellin pick me up and he began to carry me home,then felt the soft fabric of my bed,and bare arms around me as I looked up to see Kellin fast asleep beside me.

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